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Success of sms has made businesses to use it as promotional medium mm


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Success of sms has made businesses to use it as promotional medium mm

  1. 1. The first demonstration of mobile was done by Dr Martin Cooper ofMotorola organization in 1973 and the first commercially availablemobile phone was DynaTECH 8000x in the mid of 1983. Now mobileis the most commonly used device to communicate orally or inwritten. There are certain smart phones which provide other highlytechnical services like GPS (global positioning system), MMS,Camera, Internet and short range wireless communication like bluetooth and infra red. Estimated number of mobile users in the end of2010 was around a little more then four and half billion. Among theother popular services the most popular service any mobile offers isthe text messaging service or precisely sms.
  2. 2. Only because of the success of messaging service it is being used asbusiness promotion activity in the form of mass sms. This form ofbusiness promotion has many unique capabilities and advantageswhich any business can not afford to ignore. First of all the costeffectiveness of the promotional campaign by using mass smsservice make it ideal for newly launched of small scale businesses.While the large scale businesses use mass sms service ascommunication channel between employees and customers. Somebusinesses like banks have made their entire process based overthe text messages and are able to develop a business niche becauseof that only.To avail this amazing promotional service all you need to do is tofind any sms service provider in your nearby area and rest of thingthey will take care of. Any mass sms service provider is a person ora organisation capable of sending thousands of messages on behalf
  3. 3. of you to your target mobile contacts. this also possible to start your bulk message campaign onyour own but it is not advisable. Sending promotional text messagesis an art as most of the telecoms service provider allows only onehundred and sixty characters in a regular text message. Design andcontent of the message is very important to leave a impression overthe receiver of the message. While most of the business ownerwants maximum amount of returns from their promotionalcampaigns, accuracy of message is the area where one focuses theleast.Interestingly you do not even need a mobile device to sendmessages this can be done on sitting with your computer on line.That is why some people refer mass sms campaign as text fromcomputer campaign. To send text from computer you will requirefollowing things - sms gateway, messaging software, database tomobile numbers and off course a text to send. Now there arevariations in the type of message you wish to send like it can be oneway message or it can be two way message. In one way messageusers can not respond back to your message and this type ofmessages are useful when you just want to pass a piece ofinformation. In case you are seeking response from your customersor prospects you need to send them two way message somecommon areas where two way messages can be sent are in surveysand in polls.Here point to notice is that you can use two way messages for yourregular mass sms campaign but the cost for these type of messagesis quite high as compared to regular one way messages.
  4. 4. Success of mobiles and short messaging service havemade businesses to think about using them as promotionalchannels. No business can afford to ignore a communicationchannel with more then four and half billion users. There are manytypes of messages like one way message and two way message usedin any mass sms campaign. “