Sms gateway


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Sms gateway

  1. 1. A SMS gateway is a website or a telecommunications network service that ispositioned between two SMSC’s. It allows the users to send and receive shortmessage service or SMS transmissions to or from a telecommunicationsnetwork that supports SMS. A SMS gateway can also serve as an internationalgateway for users with roaming facility and supports SMS communicationaway from the home network. It acts as a relay that translates one protocolinto another, i.e. media conversion from email and other formats. It solves thebasic problem of diverse wireless telephony suppliers using different orproprietary communication protocols. SMS gateway can be integratedthrough a number of API’s which offer a wide range of connection optionssuch as HTTP, SMPP, FTP, etcSMS software is a program thathelps in sending and receivinglarge numbers of SMS. It enables the users to send bulk SMS from yourcomputer to mobile handsets and wireless devices speedily. However, before
  2. 2. downloading SMS software you must ensure it suits your requirements.Firstly, before downloading you must ensure that it is compatible with yoursystem and that all SMS software does not support bulk messaging. Some ofthe key features of this software are ability to create and manage multiplelists, ability to send group text messages to people on your list, ability tocreate auto responses and bar codes, etc. Bulk SMS is the distribution of a largenumber of short messages for deliverance to cell phone terminals. It is thepractice of sending messages to a group of people that is the target audienceand customers through a single click. Bulk SMS is generally used for SMSmarketing by promotional companies, consumer brands and banks. There arevarious companies that provide the facility of bulk SMS for countries all overthe world. It is the most recent and innovative way of marketing. There arenumbers of software available that can help you send mass SMS from any PCto user’s mobile phones using windows OS compatible devices within a shortperiod of time. However, these days it is becoming a growing menace as theconsumers are inundated with unsolicited SMS from companies trying topromote their product or service through SMS marketing.SMS service, also known as short message service is a text messaging servicethat allows for short text messages to be sent from one mobile phone to
  3. 3. another or from the web to another cell phone. It is the most extensively usedand popular data application around the world. SMS service is quite likepaging. The only difference being that they do not require the mobile phone tobe active and the messages can be held for a number of days until the phoneis active or within range. The text messages conventionally cannot exceed160 characters which includes spaces as well. SMS was initially a part ofGSM, but it is now accessible on a number of networks, including 3Gnetworks. SMS service frequently uses T9 predictive technology that makestext messaging quicker and well-organised on QWERTY mobile phones, whichdo not have full keyboards.SUMMARY:- Thanks to the advent of hi-tech telecommunicationtechnology, SMS to promote your business or support your customers hascame out to be the latest and the cheapest way of doing business------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------VISIT OUR SITE: -