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Financial Advisor-Financial Planner Sydney-Financial Adviser-Financial Planning


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ITFS Financial Adviser, Financial Planning an authorised financial services planner Sydney for Retirement Planning, Investment Advice, financial advisor & Superannuation, Wealth Asset Protection, Social Security, Debt Management and Estate Planning

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Financial Advisor-Financial Planner Sydney-Financial Adviser-Financial Planning

  1. 1. Planning is required by us in order to make things happen in thefavourable way and this holds true for each and every aspect ofour life. Starting from our daily routine and up to long termplanning like planning for marriage of the kids and other importantpost job plans. There is a well said proverb in the English languagethat if you fail to plan then you plans to fail. We also know it verywell that each and every thing which we need to have requiressome money and with every plan there is a need to have aseparate plan for the financial obligation or liabilities arisingbecause of the root plan.When I was studying a task to prepare a balance sheet for the lifewas allocated to all the class. Any balance sheet have two sides leftside of any sheet compromises of assets that a person have andother side has the liabilities. While preparing a balance sheet forthe life time we were allowed to consider our future incomes witha surplus of ten percent per annum as our assets and all the futureliabilities were considered to be arrived with a fixed date. Thebiggest mistake all the students made was not to consideredunplanned events to occur in the futures and were helpless to findthe answers to any uncertain event that may happen in the future.Well purpose of stating this event here is to illustrate that life is auncertain event and any financial planning may include this
  2. 2. uncertainty in order to make this uncertain life a little bit certain.Although it is possible to do financial planning by yourself as youmight have an idea of what you are going to have in the future butproper optimisation of all the present resources you have is veryvery very important and for this you may need to consult anyfinancial advisor or financial planner. Any financial planner is aperson that suggests the best possible investment plans to yourassets in order to make them bigger. There are more than oneways to do so like investing money in different different ventureslike investment in shares and debentures, in various trade optionsand in many other government investment plans. Manygovernment investment plans allow certain amount of taxrelaxation and few financial investmentsacts like tax shield to many of theenterprises or individuals.Before asking consultation to any suchfinancial planner or advisor be sure of your financial obligationsyou might have in the near future or in the far future. Anysuccessful planning depends over the exact imagination of thefuture liabilities and obligations. Any financial advisor is very wellaware of the fact that there is need to have surplus funds in thelife as it is a highly uncertain venture and they often plan takingthis fact in to the account. One more thing I want to share which isabout a misconception there are primarily two basic reasons by
  3. 3. which any person may seek financial planning Sydney either toplan his or her future financial obligations or to Increase theamount of the financial assets by seeking returns on theinvestment and both of these need separate strategies. Whiletrying to secure the life it is important to invest in low risk ventureswhile neglecting the low return on investment values. – “There is a need for financial planning in order toaccomplish the future liabilities and obligations. Any good financial planneror financial advisor will take serious consideration over every financialresponsibility any person may have as it is the base of any good financialplan.”