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Affordable Logo Design Firm-Company Logos Designer-Corporate Templates

  1. 1. Logos are very popular among the businesses as they give businesses avery high level of recognition there are many examples on how logos wereresponsible for a total turn on of the businesses. Any veteran economyexpert will always show consent over the importance of the business logo.There are many other similar stories on how a inappropriate business logowas rejected by the customers. Here the biggest mistake new businessowners do is to consider and corporate logo design like a magic trick tomake their businesses more visible and recognizable. Logo start workingwhen you already have sufficient amount of satisfied customer base andhence it will not be inappropriate to say that logo can make a good businessinto a great business but any non-competent business is not likely toexperience the same with same corporate logo design. Let’s understand thedifferent steps in to a business logo creation.Let us start with the some success stories of logo and hidden aspects of logocreation -
  2. 2. 1. A business logo was design by renowned logo designer Walter Landor ofGermany who died in 1995 and this logo creation makes us able tounderstand the need to change in the present business style and name.Federal Express Ltd. was looking for a good and creative corporate logodesign then Walter Landor suggested company to change its name to FedEx. as per the modern syllabic abbreviation and created a logo FedEx.Which is now the most popular logo in logistic world? The negative spacingbetween d and E worlds stimulates the feeling of continual moving of thecompany and now this logo is popular to a extent that people use to say " Iwill FedEx your documents to you ".2. Domino’s Pizza is something that wet our mouth even when we are justtalking about it this organisation was found by Tom Monaghan. Its logo isred and blue color and somehow incorporate the same color used inAmerican Flag with a sporting look and feel. Many few of us may know thatthree dots represent the first three stores of this pizza hut and Tom wantedto add one dot per store added in the organisation but this logo got famousso rapidly that is was not possible to do so. Today there are more then8500 stores in more then 55 countries. This example shows the importanceof your business culture in any corporate logo design.
  3. 3. 3. Earlier famous Apple was not as we see today it was Sir Isaac Newtonsitting under an apple tree, with a feel that Apple Company always thinks ofnew ways to implement technology this logo was designed by RonaldWayne. However this logo was soon replaced by Rob Janoff’s “Rainbowapple” the most expensive logo and even today it is the base for presentcorporate logo design of Apple Company. Some people think that a bite inthe apple shows the suicide of Alan Turning, The father of moderncomputing, who committed suicide after injecting cyanide into an apple.Logo creation must have creativity, reality and links to organisation inorder to make it successful. There is no need to have huge budgets bestcheap logos are also very successful. Best cheap logos are easily availableover the Internet. – Logos do not need to be very expensive and bestcheap logos are also successful. Logo creation involves a lot ofcreativity and innovative thinking to make it interesting. Differentexample of successful logos show amount of creativity and
  4. 4. presence of any historical and relevant event can give anycorporate logo design a real success.logo creation|Best Cheap Logos|Business Logos|corporatelogo designVisit Our Site:-