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Rails Presenters


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A quick run down on the presenter pattern in rails, code for the talk is here

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Rails Presenters

  1. 1. PRESENTERS with a guest appearance from decorators
  2. 2. HI • • @tjridge •
  4. 4. VIEW RELATED LOGIC • welp
  6. 6. HELPERS AREN’T AWESOME • at least for this task • they share a global namespace • aren’t a very oo way of solving the problem • great for shared logic that doesn't relate to the object. Use sparingly
  7. 7. I KNOW MODELS! • also nope • All these if conditions relate to the display of data • Don’t overload your model with that level of responsibility
  8. 8. ENTER PRESENTERS • Presenters are a simple class with knowledge of the model and the view. • Not a stretch to call them a ViewModel
  9. 9. PURPOSE • Presenters help to achieve adherence to SRP • A Presenter’s purpose is a decorator who has the job of massaging the decorated object into a ui/ view friendly manner.
  10. 10. DECORATOR? • Taking one object and adding, replacing or extending its behaviour, whilst allowing access to the underlying objects methods.
  11. 11. PRESENTERS VS DECORATORS • A decorator isn’t always a presenter, but a presenter is always likely to be a decorator.
  12. 12. END RESULT • This is more in line with a decorator approach • We just delegate to the underlying object
  13. 13. MULTIPLE OBJECTS? • ensure you delegate methods to the underlying objects
  14. 14. MULTIPLE RECORDS? • Just create a wrap method to instantiate your presenter/decorator across multiple records.
  15. 15. OTHER OPTIONS? • Draper • Great for when things start getting more complex
  16. 16. OTHER VALUE POINTS • Easy-ish to test • less conditionals in your views • happier designers/front end developers
  17. 17. CONS • More objects == harder to learn the codebase • Don’t introduce them until you need to.
  18. 18. GREAT RESOURCES • Railscasts - draper and presenters from scratch (pro) • skinny-everything • delegators-rails/
  19. 19. QUESTIONS?