SharePoint for DBA's Part 2


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Slides from a presentation to the San Antonio League of SQL Server Administrators
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  • I’ll have all of these links and this presentation on my blog
  • SharePoint for DBA's Part 2

    1. 1. SHAREPOINT FORDBAS PART 2Tom ResingMicrosoft Certified Master - SharePointPrincipal Software EngineerApplied Information Sciences
    2. 2. Agenda• Review Part 1• Business Connectivity Services• Demo 1• List Scalability• Demo 2• Resources
    3. 3. SharePoint Database Maintenance• Review from Part 1 • Content Databases store all of the lists and libraries • Configuration Database stores SharePoint Configuration • Content Databases can be moved by detaching from current SharePoint Farm and attaching to a new Farm
    4. 4. SharePoint Database Maintenance• Question from Part 1 – How to setauto update statistics?• Update statistics handled by SharePoint • For 2007 it’s a SharePoint Timer Job see • For 2010 it’s the SharePoint Health Wizard
    5. 5. Database maintenance for SharePointServer 2010 – MS TechNetPublished: May 12, 2011Summary: Learn how to maintain thedatabases that host data and configurationsettings for Microsoft SharePoint 2010Products. Read guidelines and studyexamples of the recommended databasemaintenance strategies and tasks.Authors: Bill Baer and Bryan PorterTechnical Reviewer: Paul S. Randal
    6. 6. BUSINESS CONECTIVITYSERVICESConnect SharePoint to External Data– Read and Write in SharePoint 2010
    7. 7. Business Connectivity Services• Connect to Databases or Web Services similar to Native SharePoint Lists• Read Data from SQL Server• Write Back to SQL Server• Take Data Offline with SharePoint Workspace and synchronize back when Online
    8. 8. Demo 1• Microsoft’s Information Worker VMhas a Business ConnectivityServices External List built in
    9. 9. HOW MANY ITEMS IS TOOMANY ?Can you have to many items in your list ordocuments in your library?
    10. 10. Large Lists in SharePoint“if a read or write databaseoperation, such as a query, causesmore than 5,000 rows to be locked atthe same time, then it is more efficientfor SQL Server to escalate the lock tothe entire table until the databaseoperation is completed. When this lockescalation occurs, it prevents otherusers from accessing the table.”
    11. 11. Demo 2• Connect to the GeonamesDatabase as an External List
    12. 12. Resources…tasks that administrators can perform againstSharePoint databases (SharePoint 2007) maintenance for SharePoint Server 2010 large lists and maximizing list performance(SharePoint Server 2010) External Data
    13. 13. Remote Blob StorageSummary:• RBS is supported by SQL 2008 R2.• Enterprise is required for remote storage.• EBS is supported in 2010 but not in the future.Links• FAQ: SharePoint 2010 Remote BLOB Storage (RBS), 5/24/2010, Jie Lie (MSFT)• Overview of RBS (SharePoint Foundation 2010), Updated: June 9, 2011, Microsoft TechNet
    14. 14. Thanks! Please Connect with meTom Resing’s SharePoint Blogwww.tomresing.comEmailresingnet-website@yahoo.comTwitter@resing