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Quickly respond to relevant information in SharePoint Online


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Slides from my 1 hour 15 minute presentation at SharePoint Fest Seattle 2018

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Quickly respond to relevant information in SharePoint Online

  1. 1. BV103 - Quickly Respond to Relevant Information in SharePoint Online Tom Resing, Microsoft @resing
  2. 2. About Tom Content Developer for SharePoint @ Microsoft Former MVP in SharePoint, Microsoft Certified Master in SharePoint, co- author of SharePoint 2013 Inside Out oct 27 Looking for content collaborators for new and existing articles on and
  3. 3. Agenda Change 01 Forms 02 Pages 03 Teams 04 Flow 05 Scale 06
  4. 4. Demo: Collaboration powered by SharePoint; Microsoft Forms
  5. 5. Demo 2, Modern page management: Page creation Request sign-off Page approval flow
  6. 6. Flow review– if this, then that Connector adds Triggers + Actions SharePoint connector examples: • Check a list every day (polling) • Notify me when a new invoice is received (push) • Set content approval status (action) @MichellesUtopia
  7. 7. Demo 3, Microsoft Teams view in SharePoint add page tab
  8. 8. List and library scale and performance Page, filter and sort Page through 1 million documents in a library Sort and filter to find relevant information quickly Sync and keep files online Sync a document library without taking up any space on disk Keep files offline when you need to go on a trip Index for best results For advanced users, create indexes on the important columns
  9. 9. Demo 4, scalability: indexing for sorting
  10. 10. SharePoint Flow Forms Help center Relevant articles • How SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business interact with Microsoft Teams • Enrich your SharePoint Content with Intelligence and Automation • Request sign-off flow built into SharePoint • Create and test an approval workflow with Microsoft Flow Use the Microsoft Forms web part Community SharePoint Tech Community Microsoft Flow Community Microsoft Forms Community Resources
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