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Mapping Mashups in SharePoint 2010


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Slides presented to SharePoint Saturday Houston April 2012.

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Mapping Mashups in SharePoint 2010

  1. 1. Mapping Mashups inSharePoint 2010Tom ResingMicrosoft Certified Master - SharePointSharePoint DeveloperSharePoint911 - Rackspace Hosting
  2. 2. Agenda1. Overview2. SharePoint Designer Techniques3. Demonstrations4. Resources
  3. 3. What areMashups?
  4. 4. a mashup is aweb applicationthat combinesdata from morethan one sourceinto a singleintegrated tool
  5. 5. Mashups and SharePoint Data Form Web Part –Formats data from any data source for display in SharePoint –Connect to lists on other SharePoint Sites, RSS Feeds, Web Services or even your own Database Servers Business Connectivity Services –Allows for single sign-on access to data sources –More configuration required, but with that comes added flexibility Excel, Access and Reporting Services
  6. 6. SharePointDesignerTechniques
  7. 7. Why SharePoint Designer?Anyone can use itRapid PrototypingData View Web Part – Swiss Army KnifeReduces the Complexity of the SolutionTRADEOFF – Customization or Design?
  8. 8. Mashup Recipe1. Start with a web service –Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Ebay all provide Web Service APIs – has a directory of 3839 APIs2. Combine with a SharePoint List
  9. 9. Bing Maps + New ContactGoogle New Click to Maps Contact Address
  10. 10. Demo 1 New Contact with Reverse GeocodingGoogle Maps Key Required
  11. 11. XSLT Defined“Extensible Stylesheet LanguageTransformations (XSLT) is anXML-based language used for thetransformation of XML documentsinto other XML or "human-readable" documents.”
  12. 12. Demo 2Integrate Bing Maps withSharePoint Contact View
  13. 13. Demo 3Map All contactswith Address Geocoding
  14. 14. Offline Mapping Google Earth Enterprise – 2D and 3D mapping inside the firewall – Good solution for limited connectivity or confidential information Bing Maps Server –
  15. 15. ResourcesTom Resing’s SharePoint Blog – SharePoint Designer Team Blog – Mapping Section – Williams Google Maps API Tutorial – Developer Orientation - Part 4: AdvancedCustomization with Designer –
  16. 16. Connect with meTom Resing’s SharePoint Blogwww.tomresing.comEmailresingnet-website@yahoo.comTwitter@resing
  17. 17. Thanks to all our Sponsors 21