Is Your Intranet Social Yet?


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It's 2013. The majority of internet users are familiar with social. But is your internal web keeping up? SharePoint 2013, Yammer and Microsoft Partners offer help.

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  • Raise your hand if I introduced myself to you before beginning this presentation. Do you know why I did that? I want to know my audience. I want to make a personal connection.
  • Technology is not social. The tools we use can enable us to do amazing things. Technological advances show the creativity of the human mind, but tools are not social.
  • In some ways, what we do with technology is up to us. But if we want to use technology to get to know other people – to make a personal connection, there are all kinds of options. Today, I’m going to concentrate on intranets, using SharePoint. But really, it’s just one example of the way people are using technology to make connections, meet new people and get work done in new ways.
  • I met some of you before the session. For those that don't know me, my name's Tom Resing. I'm a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in 4 areas related to SharePoint. I'm certified in configuring WSSv3, configuring MOSS, and application development for both of them.My first programming job was in high school in Washington, DC. I got my Computer Science Degree from Northwestern in Evanston, Illinois almost 12 years ago. I've been in the technology field my entire career.
  • Here’s the Agenda. We’ll start with an Overview of the BDCThen I’ll jump straight into demos. First we’ll look at the BDC in use, then we’ll look at how to set it up. I’ll show you where you can learn more and take questions at the end.
  • Social? Do Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter make business sense? Well in some ways they do, but really there’s more to it than what the consumer social networking tools provide
  • McKinsey did a study recently that shows 75% of businesses may be using social of some sort or another, but the same businesses could stand to gain 25% in productivity gains from better use of social. Do you spend a lot of time reading email, looking for information and communicating internally? Those are the biggest areas McKinsey identified as potential improvement areas buy effective use of social.
  • What are these social technologies that have so much potential? Here’s a non exhaustive list McKinsey makes of social technologies in the same study. I’m sure you recognize social networks, blogs, wikis and discussion forums. Social gaming. We’ll see that SharePoint provides some basic coverage of these through out of the box features and plans to augment that with Yammer in the future. SharePoint is only one of many workloads SharePoint supports in a limited way, so if you want deep coverage across all of these technologies you’ll most likely write custom additions or add 3rd party social software.
  • SharePoint 2010 My Sites provided limited social capabilities but Microsoft put a lot more effort into the social features in the latest release.
  • A set of capabilities in SharePoint 2010 and 2013 that help you integrate external data into your SharePoint websites and Office Clients.
  • The future outlook is good to know, but most companies don’t have SharePoint 2013 yet. What can you do now?
  • Profile pages exist in SharePoint 2010 and when used properly can help you connect to others in your organization. Tagging allows a collaborative approach to document retrieval, but doesn’t really reflect who did it or how to connect. The Yammer acquisition was post 2010, but there are some other social tool options that integrate well. Of those, I’m most familiar with Jive.
  • A set of capabilities in SharePoint 2010 and 2013 that help you integrate external data into your SharePoint websites and Office Clients.
  • Chapter 4 of New Features and Function is a 32 page summary of the new social features in SharePoint 2013
  • Find my email, blog, these slides with all the references at
  • A set of capabilities in SharePoint 2010 and 2013 that help you integrate external data into your SharePoint websites and Office Clients.
  • Is Your Intranet Social Yet?

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    7. 7. Agenda • • • • • • Why Social? SharePoint 2013 Social Yammer SharePoint 2010 Options Resources Questions
    8. 8. Social? For the workplace?
    9. 9. Raise productivity 25%
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    11. 11. SharePoint 2013 Social
    12. 12. New and Improved •Newsfeed •Microblogs •Hashtags and @mentions •Community Site •Voting •Improved Profile Pages
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    14. 14. Yammer
    15. 15. Integration •Office 365 Newsfeed Toggle •On-premises Whitepaper •Discuss Documents
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    17. 17. SharePoint 2010 Options
    18. 18. Build or Buy Additions •Use the SharePoint API to add social solutions with in house developers or outside help •Purchase a 3rd party social solution.
    19. 19. Demo • Jive for SharePoint 19 © Jive confidential
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