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Develop a SharePoint App in 45 Minutes


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Slides accompanying a presentation to SharePoint Users that also included a lot of demo not shown on slides.
The key to getting started quickly is to use a developer site on Office 365 and the Napa App. Get your free 30 day trial to Office 365 for Developers here: Also included with MSDN Subscriptions.

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Develop a SharePoint App in 45 Minutes

  1. 1. Tom Resing Microsoft, Senior Content Publisher 4/28/2016 Develop a SharePoint Add-In (nee App) in 45 Minutes
  2. 2. Upgrade
  3. 3. Page 5 Tom Resing Senior Content Publisher SharePoint End User Content Modern Assistance & support eXperience (MAX) Office, Microsoft
  4. 4. Page 6 •What are SharePoint Add-ins? •Napa Demo •Visual Studio 2015 Demo •Resources •Questions Agenda
  5. 5. Page 7 Are stand-alone applications that provide specific information or functionality to a SharePoint site. ADD-INS FOR SHAREPOINT
  6. 6. Page 8 Apps for SharePoint are easy for users to install, use, manage, upgrade, and remove. ADD-INS FOR SHAREPOINT
  7. 7. Page 9 Apps can be SharePoint- hosted (reside and execute in SharePoint) or cloud- hosted (Windows Azure or other systems), or both. ADD-INS FOR SHAREPOINT
  8. 8. Demos: First Napa Then Visual Studio App Tools
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Page 15 How to: Build a SharePoint-hosted Client Web Part in SharePoint 2013 w-to-build-a-sharepoint-hosted-client-web-part-in-sharepoint-2013.aspx SHAREPOINT 2013: APP OVERVIEW FOR IT PRO Set up a development environment for SharePoint Add-ins on Office 365 References
  11. 11. Page 16 • Creating a SharePoint 2013 App With Azure Web Sites, Kirk Evans[MSFT], 24 Feb 2014 • How to: Create a basic app for SharePoint by using Napa Office 365 Development Tools • SharePoint Add-ins, MSDN, April 2016 References – 2
  12. 12. Page 17 • Choose patterns for developing and hosting your SharePoint Add-in, MSDN, October 2015 • Create a SharePoint Add-in that contains a document template and a task pane add-in,, open editing • OData BCS Code Sample from TechEd 2014,, video walkthrough included References - 3
  13. 13. Page 18 Tom Resing’s Collaboration Blog Email Twitter @resing Connect with me
  14. 14. Questions