Technology evalution 44


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Technology evalution 44

  1. 1. How did you use media technologies in theconstruction and research, planning and evaluation stages? Living with Leukemia
  2. 2. Photoshop• Photoshop was an important part of coursework production as I used the software to create my poster. I have had previous experience in this program as I used for the past few years of art A- Levels, so I know the correct tools to use which has helped a lot to during this process.• I was able to complete the poster fairly quickly as I knew my way around the program, the only tricky part I found was making sure the photo was the right resolution so it didnt’t look pixelated, but managed to get around that due to my past experiences with the program.
  3. 3. Final Cut Express• Once I finished capturing all the footage I needed for my documentary, I uploaded it all in to final cut express where I was able to edit and construct an aesthetically pleasing documentary.• I found to quite challenging to begin with as I haven’t used it before so it was all new to me. I read a couple of books and guides about it which helped me understand the different tools and what they did.•
  4. 4. YouTube• YouTube was very helpful during the construction of my documentary as I used it a lot for research and it helped me explore different documentaries and the ways they presented them.• I have had many years of using YouTube as I have a passion in finding new videos with unusual effects and techniques and with this experience I was able to find myself around the internet site very easily.• I also used YouTube to upload my documentary and radio trailer so that my target audience can view it and it also made it easier for me to put in on to my blog.• If I didn’t have access to YouTube it would have been a lot harder for myself to show my target audience as I wouldn’t be able to send it to people over the internet.
  5. 5. Apple• I used my own Apple MacBook Pro because I found it much easier to use as I have been working on MacBooks for a long period of time, and I was able to take my laptop home so I could do extra work on it.• Also another great aspect of the MacBooks is that they have programs and software which you are able to access which you can not on windows.
  6. 6. Equipment• To capture my footage for the documentary I used a Canon LEGRIA FS406with a professional Velbon tri pod which was sturdy and helped me capture shots that where totally still.• I have used a familiar with the camera to this Canon in the past for other media productions and also for my art A-Level.• I kept the number of props I used to a low number so that it make it look more realistic for the audience.