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Askdavetaylor - Recovery of data from an unmounted Mac drive


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Published in: Technology
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Askdavetaylor - Recovery of data from an unmounted Mac drive

  1. 1. Ask DaveTaylor: Recovered valuable data froman unmounted 32GB USB The facts of the presentation are sourced from
  2. 2. Dave’s Review of Stellar Phoenix Mac data recovery 5.0• Stellar Phoenix happily offers SPMDR5.0 key to Dave for an unbiased product review.• Dave agrees and receives the key. Installation is made and now Dave is ready to test the efficiency of the software.• To do so, Dave decided to unmount one of his drive with the help of disk utility.
  3. 3. How to unmount a drive on Mac?• Connect the USB, external drive, whatever.• Open Disk Utility, locate and select the connected media and hit the unmount button located in the top menu of disk utility.
  4. 4. Launched Stellar Phoenix Mac DataRecovery 5.0• The large blue button tells exactly what to do.• Time to hit the life-saving blue-button
  5. 5. Time to select an option from the listof four.• For an unmounted drive and its recovery, Drive Recovery seems to be the perfect option to select.• Curious to know what next step brings in.
  6. 6. Whats up with the ‘No Name’ drive? • My drive has a name, but wait, its currently unmounted on my Mac and being displayed as ‘No Name’. • Drive selected for scan and recovery of inaccessible data.
  7. 7. Unmounted drive going through rigorous scanThe process completes and time to jump to next step.Moving one step closer to the recovery.
  8. 8. Scan finishes and files from unmounted drive arepreviewed• Double-clicking each file opens to original.• This is truly a life saving-application.
  9. 9. The recovered files are previewedand finallysaved on Mac hard drive.
  10. 10. Sources•• _phoenix_mac_data_recovery_software.html• Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery 5.0• recovery.htm