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Business Case for Drupal in Vietnam


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Presentation given at DrupalVietnam opening and BarCamp Hanoi 2012.

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Business Case for Drupal in Vietnam

  1. 1. The Business Casefor Drupalin Vietnam  Tomo Huynh  Twitter: @tomosaigon 
  2. 2. Supply and Demand Outsourcing clients Increasing demand Limited supply of Drupal guys  LinkedIn skills for Drupal growing 25% High demand + low supply = ?
  3. 3. Demand for developers
  4. 4. Target Audience A. Outsourcing houses - demand  How to attract customers  Addressing customers’ main concerns B. In-house development, independent devs  Choosing your web technology stack  Website quality  Supply + Technical reasons C. Others: Single brochure site, one-offs  Available resources vs. core competency
  5. 5. A. Overseas client concerns Security, Maturity, Scalability – Built into Drupal Be vendor agnostic Be there in the future, be ready for the future Drupal is a brand name Professional, enterprise services are available Acquia partners – trusted Drupal brand Murky source vs open source  *All Drupal modules are freely licensed, no worries about pirated modules
  6. 6. A. Outsource: Selling to clients Speak a language your customers understand and want – Drupal Never ever roll your own CMS (t.b.c.) Clients refer clients – or not Appear more competent to clients Drupal much more in-demand overseas  Don’t just think Vietnam’s market!  Stand out from the crowd Drupal projects are priced higher  Move up value chain  More money for your company
  7. 7. Learning curve
  8. 8. B. For in-house development Developer-friendly Free, open source, licensing Time-efficient Can build more sites, more quickly Easy to find LAMP developers More possibilities than WordPress Advantages over Joomla
  9. 9. Drupal Training Any developer can learn Drupal Drupal takes advantage of WAMP knowledge Well-documented code that makes sense Free online training material Books, blogs, forums, Drupal training finally available in Vietnam! On
  10. 10. Why a PHP framework? Nobody knows RoR Python is also hard to find Everyone knows .Net and/or PHP PHP runs on developer’s Windows laptop and Linux server Books in Vietnamese All 3 major CMSs are PHP
  11. 11. Why use a CMS (or CMF)? Why use a framework? Joomla knowledge is widespread More features, faster Re-inventing the wheel Community lacks enough knowledge to implement new technology alone: mobile, HTML5, REST, single sign-on
  12. 12. Why choose Drupal? Localization: Drupal is translated into Vietnamese already Local community – Tons of modules means features Tested for you Performance is well understood* Any good developer can learn Drupal Developers become more valuable
  13. 13. Never roll your own CMS No community No support No “free” updates and bug fixes Nearly no documentation Dependence on a few developers Developer turnover too high It’s crazy. Just don’t do it.
  14. 14. C. Drupal means business Web development is your core business If not, outsource to a web shop *Efficiency of your web developers is important Not (necessarily) for companies without a dedicated web developer If WordPress can build your site, use it WordPress community in Vietnam?
  15. 15. Conclusion Helps you get more overseas customers  Meet demand for Drupal  Addresses common client concerns  Get better, bigger projects Helps you build more sites, more features, faster  Get more out of developer time  Existing developers easily trained Focus on your strengths
  16. 16. Thanks! I am Tomo Huynh CTO at VEO Media ( Twitter: @tomosaigon Blog: