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OMG ROI! How Social Media Can Improve Your Marketing ROI


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Discover the important role social media can play in increasing your ROI.

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OMG ROI! How Social Media Can Improve Your Marketing ROI

  1. 1. Howsocial mediacan improveyour marketing ROI
  3. 3. and those who already are, need to consider ways to take it to the next level in order to maximise their marketing ROI. ALL BUSINESSES SHOULD,
  4. 4. In today’s era of real time inbound marketing, social media has a central role to play as a marketing channel. It allows the communication of content and offers with customers and prospects.
  5. 5. A recent study by Hubspot shows that business to business companies that blog only one to two times a month generate than those who don’t blog. more leads
  6. 6. see improved sales from social media, according to Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Marketing Industry Report. o f m a r k e t e r s
  7. 7. Meanwhile, as little as six hours spent on social media per week can result in an increase in leads, the same study showed. ON
  8. 8. and provides a powerful platform for sharing content - as LEGO’s recent LEGO Movie strategy demonstrates. Social media enables organisations to
  9. 9. Social media also provides a powerful information gathering and research tool to better understand customers’ preferences and behaviour.
  10. 10. This is why a growing number of the world’s leading brands have put in place in- house social media ‘command centres.’
  11. 11. 10 Examples of Social Media Command Centers For example, Cisco.
  12. 12. And Dell.
  13. 13. has become the pillar of inbound marketing and as a result, social media has another important role to play providing organisations with critical insight into:
  14. 14. of content marketing has become the new imperative.
  15. 15. of businesses now invest in eBooks, videos, social media, blogging, content hubs and other channels.Yet less than half of these business know how to evaluate their efforts. The reason’s simple:
  16. 16. Others ways social media can improve any business’ marketing ROI include:
  17. 17. Acquisition of customer knowledge - social media can provide a powerful gauge of sentiment around your brand or products, identifying which features customers and prospects find most important.
  18. 18. Gaining a competitive advantage - social listening can generate powerful insight into your customers’ behaviours and their perceptions of your competitors.
  19. 19. Monitoring business influencers - though many understand the importance of listening to customers and competitors, it can be easy to overlook the value of another important group: influencers.To stay ahead of the curve, any business should also be listening to what the thought leaders in their sector are saying.
  20. 20. is that social media itself is now becoming increasingly accountable in its own right.
  21. 21. According to a study carried out by Social Media Explorer, companies reported an 11% year on year increase in their own ability to measure social media ROI. I N C R E A S E
  22. 22. Gain more insight into using social tools by downloading: How to use social tools to create content which converts Listening in: How to Use Social Tools to Create Content Which Converts Download your eGuide now