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The Brave New Brand World


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A view of brand trends as published in the 2010 Brands & Branding book

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The Brave New Brand World

  1. 1. xxxxx Dr Thomas Oosthuizen The brave new brand world: Are we ready? 4. Brand ‘talkability’ seems to transcend traditional attribute association or differentiation. 5. If you can, be the first-mover brand within any new market you enter. The nature of media has changed forever. 3. Brand integrity is central to the The importance of the relationship future of brands. of brands with society has increased dramatically. The importance of the environment, of caring about people Dr Thomas Oosthuizen is a and communities, of putting staff brand and communications on the same level as shareholders is strategist at The Brand Wealth crucial. Organisation, who has offices in Johannesburg and Dubai. The company works for companies like Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, AngloGold Ashanti, Media 24, 6. Change happens fast! This will MTN and Bidvest in South Africa, also make brands more volatile. Africa and The Middle East. Brand differentiation is low. It is also unlikely to ever become significant again, except for first mover brands. 2. We are moving from (largely visual) brand representation to brand engagement. Consumers, even in emerging economies, are gaining wide media access. Let us review some of these changes: How do we deal with these changes? Emerging economies have now overtaken developed economies 1. The context within which brands in GDP. The centre of gravity for are managed is changing from high brands has shifted. Consumers are more informed about control to low control (some may say brands than ever before, making “no control”). them more critical and quality conscious. 14 Brands & Branding Brands & Branding 15