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  1. 1. Specified Non-profit Organization (SNPO) 石巻復興支援ネットワーク Ishinomaki Revival Support Network After the Great East Japan Earthquake, an uncomfortable atmosphere has prevailed our cities and towns. Yappesu-chan has come down to help our communities restore warmth and smiles. Yappesu Ishinomaki
  2. 2. Organization name Specified non-profit corporation Ishinomaki Reconstruction Support Network Establishment May 2011 (Incorporated in December 2011) Representative Director Yoshie Kaneko Number of staff 10 Vision Turning Ishinomaki into a hospitable and lively city, where each resident takes part in the reconstruction process and everyone can live happily. Mission To foster and support residents voluntarily working for reconstruction towards an improved Ishinomaki Revenue in FY2011 65,299,438 JPY (110,000,000 JPY: Estimate for FY2012) * Originally, the Association for the Consideration of the Environment and Children, which had been engaged in environmental education for children and in the support of parents raising children in Ishinomaki. After the earthquake, the network was established in collaboration with the Joint Project to Support Disaster Sufferers through Coordination with Nonprofits (Tsuna-Pro). It was incorporated in December 2011, and has been popular among residents under the nickname of Yappesu. «Activities overview» 1) Projects to foster leaders for reconstruction (Seminars for entrepreneurs for reconstruction / I’m in love with Ishinomaki♡/ Yappesu! Support fund for entrepreneurs) 2) Projects to support child-raising mums (Eyes for Future / Mums’cafe / Amanecer and other handcrafts / Yappesu! School for human resource development) 3) Projects to foster children/youth (play parks / newspaper for children, etc. / Ishinomaki reconstruction workcamps) 4) Projects to revive communities focusing on temporary housing (salon activities at meeting places / communal farms / construction of recreational fields) 5) Matching of external organizations / on-site coordination About the Ishinomaki Reconstruction Support Network (Yappesu)
  3. 3. [Support details] Offer financial support for 20 entrepreneurs intending to start social businesses. • Finding: 2,000,000 JPY to 2,500,000 JPY • Mentoring • Training camps in Kobe [Entrepreneurs engaged in voluntary work for reconstruction] • TEDIC: Mr. Monma – Study support business • Mediage: Ms. Oya – Support in reconstruction of the city through the use of media • Rera: Ms. Murashima – Transportation support business • Itonav: Mr. Furuyama – IT education, software development, offshore businesses × July 2nd, Kahoku Shimpo Seminars for entrepreneurs for reconstruction of Ishinomaki to be held as follow-up. Mr. Yamazaki was invited as guest lecturer on the 8th of July. The Yappesu! Fund for Entrepreneurs - For the Support of Challenging Youths and Women -
  4. 4. I’m in Love with Ishinomaki♡ (Ishikoi) supports small challenges! Project name: I’m in love with Ishinomaki♡ Project Overview: Residents with hobbies and/or special skills, or experts, hold small-scale programs for experiencing exchanges. In this event, those programs are held simultaneously over a short period of time to create exchanges. The event will continue to take place several times a year, for the purpose of discovering/fostering leaders for the revitalization of the area. * The event started in the Ishinomaki area on the basis of the hot-spring exposition strategy, which, as a local revitalization method, had achieved a number of results, and as part of METI’s Project to Support the Transfer of Know-how of Social Businesses after the Great East Japan Earthquake. It also imported know-how of Michikusa-komichi (a footpath for strolling) practiced in Soja City, Okayama, from which the support lasted until March 2013.  Overview of the first I’m in Love with Ishinomaki♡ festival Schedule for the first event: February 1-17, 2013 26 experts offered programs to let people know about the charms of Ishinomaki. «Examples of programs»  The Narrow Road to the North, Ishinomaki: Taking a walk through the port city with Basho  Mrs. Takeda’s original kimuchi in the Matsumae style  I’m Going to Cook it Today: Cooking class to make Ishinomaki fried noodles  Turning pieces of driftwood into a present for someone important  Debut of everybody: Live in ☆Ishinomski Website for reference: Please also refer to the attached guidebook.
  5. 5. Activities during the I’m in Love with Ishinomaki♡ festival Let’s become Sakana-kun (Mr. Fish) of Miyagi The sea off the shore of Miyagi is world-famous for its abundance of fish varieties, which makes you feel like going diving. Let’s make a cajon, Peruvian drum Mr. Aonuma, is quite a famous cajon maker. Participants made their own cajon drum, which they played later. Art on Ogatsu-ishi stone and fresh seafood dish Ogatsu-ishi stone seems to be famous nationwide. After finishing drawing on a piece of stone, participants enjoyed a fresh bowl of seafood and rice. Basics of Japanese cuisine: How to make a broth and cook rice Rice produced in Miyagi is exquisite. Participants learned the basics of Japanese cuisine from a handsome expert. Weaving spring flowers: Saori weaving experience Participating children and adults were conscientiously weaving textiles in colors of their choice. It was a day when they all experienced the charm of Saori weaving. Gift from the earth: making a bracelet of power stones Participants realized the mystery of power stones - true cultural exchange. Japanese wrapping cloth and (Japanese style) Neapolitan spaghetti Participants realized the many ways Japanese wrapping cloths can be used, and later enjoyed good-old (Japanese style) Neapolitan spaghetti - a very Japanese experience. Computer-aided ornament making A collaborative program by two experts, in which participants made ornaments by using PCs to operate embroidery machines
  6. 6. Concept illustration for I’m in Love with Ishinomaki♡ Participants  I’m surprised that Ishinomaki has so interesting things! Ishinomaki is an exciting place. (Rediscovering local charms)  I didn’t know that such cool people lived in Ishinmaki. I want to be a cool person like them. (Rediscovering local charms)  I shouldn’t be too nervous because of the small size. Maybe I will participate as an expert next time. (Offering challenges)  It’s fun to talk with someone new. We may share friends or maybe hobbies. Sometimes talking to new people may lead to a reunion. (Exchange)  I find the event a very precious opportunity for our grandmother to go out and stay healthy. (Measures for elderly people)  People seem to love the new cake we introduced recently. Is there any chance of commercializing it to make it a new specialty of Ishinomaki. (Development of specialties of Ishinomaki)  There are few places people can gather. How about opening a cafe once in a week. (Starting a community cafe)  There are a whole variety of hands-on programs and things that seem interesting. Why don’t we visit Ishinomaki to check them out. (Promotion of tourism)  We can learn a lot while talking with those people. Is there anything we can do together with them? (Collaboration)  We want to attract and please more participants. Let’s explore Ishinomaki more to find something interesting! (Rediscovering local resources)  This guidebook seems like a catalogue of the Ishinomaki local people. You can deal with all kinds of situations, including consultations, interviews and opinions. (Mass-circulation of a guidebook) Creation of community businesses / social businesses, and problem solving Exchange / mutual support in the community Challenge / problem-solving community Experts Challenges / knowledge about Ishinomaki New services
  7. 7. School for Human Resource Development & Eyes for the Future <Leading lecturers.> <Reskilling for employment> <Practical training> <Graduation ceremony> <Improve oneself from the inside>
  8. 8. Hand Craft Businesses
  9. 9. <Here comes the Yappesu!> <Construction of recreational fields / Play parks.> <Umakko Farm / Mizunuki Farm> <Kaisei/Minamizakai districts> Support for the creation of communities in temporary housing
  10. 10. • Business support: 20 people • Ishikoi: Total number of experts: 72 people • School for human resource development: 50 people → Ten of them still work for reconstruction support organizations • Eyes for the Future: 28 people • Total number of people we supported through our coordination (including participants in training sessions and study tours) – Private sector: More than 2,500 people , Student sector: More than 600 people – Matching: More than 200 cases • Support for hand craft businesses – Total number of people supported: 71 – Total amount of remuneration paid: 11,000,000 JPY – Amanecer gross sales: 14,000,000 JPY • Creation of communities: Total number of people supported – Support for setting up temporary housing: 423 cases, 4,589 (615) people  4 community circles created – Construction of recreational fields / play parks: 500 participants – Umakko/Mizunuki Farms: 31 participants <Projects to foster leaders for reconstruction> <Support for those who need it> Fostering leaders for reconstruction Women’s participation in society Major project achievements Reconstruction
  11. 11. There is still much more!
  12. 12. External supporters 2 Construction of the frameworks of organizations / organizational management Corporations/NPOs/ Foundations, etc. Administrative bodies, etc. External supporters 1 Business plan/Implementation/Support Mentoring Transfer of know-how Private supporters Leaders for reconstruction Mothers participating in various activities We hope more people will be interested in Ishinomaki. Expansion of woods Networks of local mothers O2 Dissemination of information / accountability (Reporting, contacting and consultation) Communication skills Expansion of forests Support for those who need it
  13. 13. Strengths of the core group • Founded by local housewives and external supporters with expertise. • Can easily identify sustainability/local needs. Can easily construct good relationships with the locals. • Can communicate with administrative bodies, local people, external support corporations / NPOs. Accumulation of project achievements • Handle jobs that need to be done with care and without making much fuss. • Attitude of trying to learn from other areas and previous cases. • Attitude of trying to look ahead. • Setting KPIs. • Evaluation and restructuring of projects using PDCA. Strengthening of management • Dissemination of information • Organizational management • Training camps/ Arrangement of meetings • Setting rules for the organization • Decision making • Judicial Affairs/ Accounting/Labor management • Compliance Expansion and deepening of networks • Construction of relationships and mutual trust with supporters. Having them understand the Yappesu philosophy, asking for continuous support and introduction of other supporters. • Have many personal connections with NPOs and reconstruction-supporting organizations. • Try to regard beneficiaries (those who need support) not as our clients, but as our collaborators who can contribute to our projects. • Coordinate with relevant organizations to solve local problems. Construction of Mutual Trust