Project on alcohol!


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Project on alcohol!

  1. 1. A project on Alcohol
  2. 2. Contents Page 1: Welcome Page 2: What is Alcohol 3: Why do people drink Alcohol? 4: How long does it take for Alcohol for effect? 5: What age are you allowed to drink it? 6: Alcohol is a depressant. What does it do to your body? 7: Why is so dangerous to drive when you had alcohol? 8: What are the life of party affects of Alcohol? 9: What are the negative effects of Alcohol? 10: Why do heavy drinkers crave Alcohol? 11: What symptoms would someone have who was drunk? 12: What are the dangers of being drunk? 13: What are the long-term effects on the body? 14: Why is bing drinking so dangerous & Thank You Page
  3. 3. Welcome Page Welcome to my presentation on Alcohol and I want James, Oliver, Andrew and Callum to learn about Alcohol and what happens in life to it. I hope that you can learn about what Alcohol can do to your life. I hope that you will enjoy my lesson on Wednesday 14th Yours Sincerely Tom Oates xxx
  4. 4. What is Alcohol and why do people drink it?. Alcohol is a depressant drug and it can be very dangerous to you. Alcohol gives you a false sense of confidence and this is why people like to drink Alcohol. People drink to be sociable People like the taste of Alcohol Everyone does it and some people like to get drunk.
  5. 5. How long does it take for Alcohol to take effect It depends on who you are, how often you drink and what you have drunk and what you have eaten. If your not use to drinking you will get drunk very quickly but if you are used to drinking you can a drink a lot more before it takes effect.
  6. 6. What age do you have to be? Before the age of 18 you CANNOT drink Alcohol and If you are age 16 or 17 you can drink beer, wine and cider . You can only do this when a 18 years old/adult is around you when having a meal in a pub or Restaurant.
  7. 7. Alcohol is a depressant. What does it do to your body? Up to 40 per cent of people who drink really heavily will have a symptom that is a depressant illness. Alcohol can give you a pleasant and stated mind so that you can drink Alcohol.
  8. 8. Drinking & Driving Alcohol impairs judgement, making drivers over-confident and more likely to take risks. It slows their reactions, increases stopping distances, impairs judgement of speed and distance, reduces the ability to concentrate and affects vision. Even a small amount, well below the legal limit, seriously affects the ability to drive safely.
  9. 9. What are the life of party effects on your mood? You are less embraced You are less coordinated More releaxed You are very loud You are jollier
  10. 10. What are the negative effects on your mood? More likely to argue with people More aggressive More Violent You are depressed (Sad). Slow your words if you are talking
  11. 11. Why heavy drinkers crave Alcohol? It is addictive to people The more you drink the more you want They think that Alcohol cheers them up They build up a tolerance of Alcohol They become physical depends and feel upset if they can’t have a drink of Alcohol.
  12. 12. What symptons would someone have if they are drunk? They might feel very wobbly and fall over They could be a poor power of judgement for example sleep with people that they don’t want to be with. They could loose consciousness and be sick.
  13. 13. What are the dangers of being drunk? You could injure yourself or die You can choke on your vomit Get hang over You could end up doing something that you could regret
  14. 14. What are the longterm effects on your body? Brain Damage Heart Failure Liver get diseased Stomach becomes in flamed Face become red and puffy effecting your skin Trembling, sweating & anxious if you don’t have alcohol
  15. 15. Why is binge drinking so dangerous? • Binge drinking is harmful because of what may happen to you . People who binge on a regular basis are at an even higher risk of something not very nice happening to them . • Since young people sometimes do stupid things when drinking heavily
  16. 16. Binge Drinking Number 2 • with binge drinking Something dangerous could happen to you • Death or injury due to falls, fires, drowning, or a drunk driving crash. • Pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases due to unintended sexual activity. • Being the victim or perpetrator of date rape or other assault. • Death from alcohol poisoning.
  17. 17. Thank You Page Many thanks go to Mrs Jessop Mrs Macarthur Mr Davies James D’Arcy Oliver Eden Edward Davies Cullum Wright Andrew Worsop
  18. 18. A project on Alcohol for ASDAN 2012 Written By TOM OATES With: James D’Arcy Callum Robinson Andrew Worsop Oliver Eden Mr Davies Mrs Jessop Mrs Marcaruth