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The power of social media uwo


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The power of social media uwo

  1. Social Media<br />The Power of the Tool!<br />
  2. Where it all started…<br />
  3. Social Media is Worldwide<br />
  4. Global Response??<br />
  5. So What is Social Media?<br />Social media is content created bypeople using highly accessible and scalable publishing technologies.<br />
  6. Say What??<br />A category of sites that is based on user participation and user-generated content. They include social networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, social bookmarking sites like, social news sites like Digg or Reddit, and other sites that are centered on user<br />
  7. Social Media WOW – Where to Start?<br />
  8. So What is Social Media?<br />
  9. What is Twitter?<br /><ul><li>Twitter is a social network comprised of short updates, or tweets
  10. You post tweets for your followers to read
  11. Your followers post tweets for you to read
  12. Platform for the web or your mobile device</li></li></ul><li>– A Network about Everything<br />So, what’s your social network about?<br />Nothing?<br />Nothing.<br />Nothing.<br />Everybody’s doing something - we’ll do nothing.<br />
  13. How to Engage in SM?<br />• Connect to your Audience<br />• Ask Questions that Invite Discussion<br />• Be transparent<br />Be yourself<br />Don’t pretend<br />• Know your followers; keep in touch with them…<br />• Highlight content generated by your followers<br />
  14. The Conversation is key<br />Remember Social Media is a 2 WAY Conversation<br />BUT - It’s not IM It’s not Texting  This is KEY!!<br />
  15. MeaningfulConversation<br />People may not respond immediately<br />People can not see your facial expressions<br />Social Media in many ways is like e-mail and can be abused<br />THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT<br />
  16. 2-WAY Conversation<br />
  17. The Power of Social Media<br />Who remembers this picture?<br />Flight 1549<br />Hudson River<br />Twitter had the Scoop 1st<br />NOT CNN, FOXMSNBC -MajorsNO ONE!!!<br />Janis Krums who Twittered it from his iPhone, and posted via TwitPic.<br />
  18. Case Study 2<br />Fort Hood Shooting<br />
  19. Where Did People Get Info?<br />Real Time Information<br />
  20. Social Media Backlash - Gap<br />
  21. Mercedes-Benz Tweet Race<br />
  22. and the Winner Is…<br />
  23. All Fun and Games?<br />
  24. Be Careful!!<br />
  25. Watch what you post<br /><ul><li>70% of hiring managers have rejected applicants due to Online information*</li></ul>*Microsoft Study<br />
  26. Where do I start?<br />
  27. Start with a Website<br />
  28. Start with Videos<br />
  29. Start with a Blog<br />
  30. Start with a Twitter<br />
  31. Build Your Spot in Social Media<br />Just Do it<br />Start Slow<br />Be Yourself<br />
  32. Just Do It<br /><ul><li>People think Social Media is Hard
  33. Remember the “Social” In Social media
  34. Who has used a guest book?</li></ul>THAT’S SOCIAL MEDIA<br />
  35. It really isn’t about me…<br />
  36. It’s all about YOU!<br />
  37. THANK YOU!!<br />TOM CLIFFORD<br /><br />@tommytrc<br />HIRE ME!!!!<br />