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Album cover analysis


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Album cover analysis

  1. 1. The Streets album cover This album cover uses a recognisable place that you find on most streets. The name of the album is in very small text so the cover is dependant on the photograph to give the information about the album. The fact the photograph is of a bus stop on a street gives theThe colours are very dark. The only source of suggestion that the genre oflight is from a street lamp. This keeps the gritty music to expect would bestreet look going. garage / underground rap music.
  2. 2. The King Blues album coverThis cover is of an advertisingboard on the side of a road thathas a letter from the band, toGordon Brown on it that istelling him what a bad job atrunning the country he is doing.It also has the band membersstanding in front of it.To me this suggests that the bandobviously have a message to putacross and have very strongpolitical views. This gives theimpression they are a indie/punkband.
  3. 3. Here is the album cover forExamples debut album.This is very light hearted and giveshim like a super hero persona.The fact he has water pistols insteadof guns it is almost making a joke ofthe stereo type that is associatedwith his genre of music.