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Website research            Darrick wood                 The colours used on the            Coopers technology college   w...
Website research             Darrick wood             Coopers technology college             Brighton college             ...
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Website research


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Website research

  1. 1. Website research Darrick wood The colours used on the Coopers technology college website, correspond Brighton college with their school Hillside high school uniform, using the brown and yellow as the main colours, also using types of editing to make the website look a bit more modern and stylish, this was done by using the grey colour as a special effect.The shapes that wereused, were used becausethey made the text andheadings stand out, theyused a big white scare tomake the main part of thewebsite stand out andgive it an easy look aboutit. Like the Darrick wood website, coopers use the main colours of their uniform as their main website colour.What the website uses This website is a lotthat many others don’t, more clotted and busyis that it has a very big, as the others; it makesmain image, this is used it a lot harder to followto show you the but uses a lot of linksfriendship and linking to other pages.friendliness that theschool offers, it bringsattention to the website,showing how happy andcheerful the school canmake all of its students. Tomas Noad
  2. 2. Website research Darrick wood Coopers technology college Brighton college Hillside high school Brighton college is a highly rated school, their This website is website shows very nicely set this by using an out, being set out image of the in a very easy to school, because follow, format, of its impressive using many big looks, it will bring images and many people headings so you coming to visit are not mislead and will bring lots by links, the main of attractions. links are mad very big to stand out, these being the main links that may be the most popular for viewers so they are not going far to search for the link they require. This website has a bit of everything, it uses somethingLike Brighton college and from all the other websites, itCoopers technology college, uses the same colour asd thethis website uses images of school uniform as its mainthe pupils and their school, website colour, it follows theshowing how a student at same website lay out astheir school looks and how all derrick wood by using the linkspupils that go will be in a to main parts of the schoolfriendly environment, the use down the side of the websiteof the school image, shows in bold colours so that theythe importance of the school stand out.and how impressive theschool looks so, gives animpression of importancebefore reading anything. Tomas Noad