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Website brief main website


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Website brief main website

  1. 1. Website brief, Main websiteMy website, I will be working with Connor Barclay, Our website will be a campaignto help people be aware of the effects of drugs, having information and other elementsavailable for viewers. Because of our aim to create a campaign, we will incorporatedonation pages and contact pages, this shows that our website is very user friendlyand will help viewers go through the site and feel wanted when they visit, trying not touse pages to encourage drugs, but to help stop the use of drugs within the communitywe will try and use sounds, images and videos on as many pages as we can, showingdifferent uses of techniques used for the multi medias. Our website will have a mainlogo that we will design myself, using different skills and techniques to make it. Thelogo will be on the main page of the website in full view of the viewers, we will usetext, sound, images and videos that are very easy to follow and see, being easy tonavigate, following steps from page to page, without getting lost. When designing mywebsite I will use many different software’s and also use different ways to make partsof my website, using cameras for images and videos, using my own actors, props,costumes and also locations, making the website personal and realistic. I will have aneasy and simple layout, being easy to follow, I will do this by making sure that thefont isnt to big or to small and the pages are not taken up by images, making thepages look too full. Having planned the website out before design and making sure mywebsite will be as good as possible. My website will consist of these pages. With all ofthis linked together, we are aiming to a target audience from ages 15 – 30, wedecided on this range of ages because we felt that from our survey results and generalknowledge, that these were the ages most effective by drugs and the ages that neededthe most awareness on the topic. • Homepage • Contact Us • Get Help • Your stories • Donation • Media • Get Involved • Share your stories