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Survey results


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Survey results

  1. 1. Survey resultsThis chart shows the us the Type of websites participents viewed to bemost impotant,showing how the most popular websites were cancer research and and drugs, these reultshelp us because it gave us an oppouttunity to chose a website that would be most popularwith our target audience. Resulting in us chosing drugs.This Pie chart shows the results of general website population. Having covered alll areasthat charities use, showing that most populartypes of charitable websites was child careand world care. We used these results to target our audience and make sure we could usethe correct conventionTomas Noad and Connor Barclay
  2. 2. Survey resultswe used this question to help choose what the main colour would be on our website,asking the audience which is their favorite colour, results showing that blue and red werethe main colours people chose as their favorites.Like other questions, we used this question to help us chose which type of website todesign, asking them to order webistes in prder of what they would visit. We used theseresults to help use deside what type of website to design, the results showing that cancerresearch, RSPCA, and FRANK were the most viewed from our participents.Tomas Noad and Connor Barclay