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  1. 1. Media Websites Research The layout of this site is very compact, but still readable, having all the links This website uses good texts and effects on the to other pages in boxes close together, front page, it having colourful front home page, this is a very effective convention using many different colours, this website looks because of the type of website that it appealing to all audiences and looks very easy to is, being a drug website, the images navigate. Having clear titles and images leading and layout used can be stereotypically you to other pages. linked to drug users.The navigation bar is placed at the top The font used is very clear and -for easy access to all the pages, thiswebsite in particular has drop downs, precise, but still being exciting andso if you hover over any of the links, not boring, having text that standsyou will see a drop down to a variety out for audiences.of pages that you may wish to attend.This is a very effective tool as it ismore user friendly and makes it a loteasier to find the information you aresearching for. Tomas Noad
  2. 2. Media Websites Research The layout of this page is very easy and very Unicef is a charity to help people in poverty, neatly laid out, being very easy to follow and they use their own imagery, showing how they view all pages and links on the page. Having help, and their main colour is blue. Blue is a links on the top for the navigation bar, but also colour that is calm and helpful, showing that having secondary links on the right hand side, their charity is willing to do all to help. leading you to other pages that may be of importance to you. Their layout is basic having one main image at the top of the page, with many other images at the bottom, they have a lot of text and information on the front page, they use this to give background information on the website and let customers and viewers know what the website is about.Tomas Noad
  3. 3. Media Websites Research This website uses a very unusual, it uses an animation on the main webpage, this is a very useful and effective affect, it brings the audience together and because of the type of fish that it is (zebra fish), because they are a fish that heal their own hearts, so they link to the type of charity that it is.The British heart foundation uses very patrioticcolours, blue, red and white, all being very calm The overall layout of this homepage is veryrelaxing colours, because of the patriotic colours, it unique, having the animation as theseems more appealing for all views, I feel that this is centrepiece, but having links at both the topa very effective idea that I might use as well. and the bottom, being very clear which links lead to what pages, using a bold clear font. The images used are also very important as they help show viewers in more detail what they are intending do, having a link with a picture over it, showing in advance some basic information about what that page and the charity offer. Tomas Noad
  4. 4. Media Websites Research Help for heroes is a very good example of They use a lot of Images in their website, a patriotic website, it uses a variety of using images of the soldiers at work, colours, all being the colours of the showing them being carried off, signalling United Kingdom, Blue, Red and White. the type of help we will be giving. Help for heroes uses a range text This website layout filled with information, being and images, using a good balance, very full on straight away, but still keeping the not using too much one media text, homepage looking tidy, having information about using these is good because they what they do with big clear links, but also offering give us a clear view and ideas about a chance to help and donate from the first page. what the charity is about without clicking on any links.Tomas Noad
  5. 5. Media Websites Research Frank stay away from using images, but make up for it by using fonts and patterns around the page, still having clear views and what they page is. The navigation bar is still placed at the top of the page butOn this page of the Frank website, you can see a also offers other links at the bottom of thevariety of colours with faded edges, giving a page, letting you be aware that there iscolourful and effective look to the page, also being also further information you might want toappropriate for the type of website that Frank is. be aware of. This page on Frank doesn’t have much information but links to other pages, this is effective because it suggests the pages you will be going to will have lots if information in and would not all fit on a normal web page, I think that this is a very effective way of laying out a page and I might use something similar.Tomas Noad
  6. 6. Media Websites Research Unicef still followed on with their navigation bar being at the top, keeping consistency so viewers can always deviate from their page, but also giving a latest bar at the side for This page of the unicef website is further useful information. Hey use similar to the homepage, using photography on this page, showing what mainly the colour blue and white, they do and the kind of actions they tae giving a warm and safe feel about it. outside of the website. This page is simply laid out, just as We can also see further links on the the homepage, it has headings and right hand side, leading you to other side bars on it, giving many other important pages that they will want options to transfer to other pages. you to visit while on their website..Tomas Noad
  7. 7. Media Websites Research This donation page is very easy to follow; I think that this is a very good page with very easy instructions to The use of photography helps portray to the make a donation, giving information viewers what kind of people are involved in the needed about the donation. website and what kind of people are helped, this is done to help the viewers see what kind of contribution they will be making if they donate. Also on this page, they have other links on the page linking to other forms and donations that can be made.Tomas Noad
  8. 8. Media Websites Research His page is very well laid out, having bars to help show This help for heroes page, is about information and links, being very clear and bold fonts fundraising, it has many images and with smaller writing so you can still be aware of the information showing how they can task ahead of you. The colours are a big thing on this raise money for their charities, this page, sticking with their colour blue but using darker is effective because it lets viewers shades and lighter shades to make certain sections know how they can get involved such as the Titles and the links stand out. with the charity.They have kept their navigation This page also has many otherbar at the top but doing this options, not just about looking forhave made the title different as fundraisers, but also how youwell, making it longer and stand yourself can start up a fundraiser,out more, having a slogan to raising money yourself for the helphelp get their point across to for heroes charity.viewers. Tomas Noad