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Canon 7D DSLR Camera


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An introductory guide to understanding the buttons and dials found on the Canon 7D.

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Canon 7D DSLR Camera

  1. 1. CAMERA WALKTHROUGH CANON 7D An introductory guide to understanding the buttons and dials found on the Canon 7D. eROI MASTER CLASS
  2. 2. eROI MASTERCLASSSHUTTER BUTTON The Shutter Button is the most important button on the camera. Press this button to snap a picture. This is a two-phase button, meaning you press the button down halfway to initiate the auto-focus. Once you have your image focused, press the button down all the way to snap a picture.
  3. 3. eROI MASTERCLASSMODE DIAL The Mode Dial is where you select your shooting mode. If you want the Camera to automatically adjust all settings, including shutter speed, aperture and ISO, then you should select the automatic shooting mode. Otherwise, if you’d like more creative control you can select manual, aperture-priority or shutter speed-priority.
  4. 4. eROI MASTERCLASSMAIN DIAL The Main Dial is how you cycle through various settings, such as shutter speed or aperture. When shooting in shutter speed-priority or aperture priority mode you can quickly cycle through the range of options with this dial.
  5. 5. eROI MASTERCLASSFORCE FLASH The Force Flash button is handy if you have the flash turned off, but want to initiate the flash for just one photo. Sometimes we turn off the flash on purpose, but we might want to shoot with a flash sparingly. This is a great button to achieve this workflow.
  6. 6. eROI MASTERCLASSLENS RELEASE The Lens Release is the button you press when you want to remove the lens from your camera body. Press this button and twist the lens out from the camera. Be very careful to not allow any dust into the camera body during this process.
  7. 7. eROI MASTERCLASSDEPTH OF FIELD PREVIEW The Depth of Field Preview button allows you to preview the depth of field of your composition. The depth of field of your composition is dependent on the aperture setting. A smaller aperture will likely result in a darker photo with a deeper depth of field. Conversely, a larger aperture will likely result in a brighter photo with a shallower depth of field.
  8. 8. eROI MASTERCLASSONE TOUCH RAW/JPEG The One Touch RAW/JPEG button allows you to shoot just one RAW or one JPG file, depending on your camera’s recording settings. If the current recording quality is JPEG only, you can press this button to also capture a RAW image at the same time. If the current quality is RAW only, press this button to also capture a JPEG image.
  9. 9. eROI MASTERCLASSQUICK CONTROL BUTTON The Quick Control Button pulls up the main customization menu on camera’s back monitor. Here, you can adjust all the key settings on your camera, including aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Navigate and make changes by using the directional controller and quick control dial.
  10. 10. eROI MASTERCLASSMENU BUTTON The Menu Button is where you can access and make changes to the camera’s back-end settings. Typically, you won’t need to make adjustments through the menu button. Access this part of your camera’s settings if you’d like to adjust the beeping noises of your camera or color profile. These are just some examples.
  11. 11. eROI MASTERCLASSPICTURE STYLES BUTTON The Picture Styles Button allows you to adjust the color profile of your images. For example, you set your camera to shoot in black and white or sepia tone, among other options.
  12. 12. eROI MASTERCLASSINFO BUTTON The Info Button can be pressed several times to cycle through various shooting and playback information. You may want to use the Info Button if you wish to know the histogram of a certain picture or perhaps to find a particular photo’s shutter speed or ISO.
  13. 13. eROI MASTERCLASSPLAYBACK BUTTON The Playback Button allows you to view the photos on your camera. You can cycle through the photos with the quick control dial.
  14. 14. eROI MASTERCLASSTRASH BUTTON The Trash Button allows you to delete photos as you view them in playback mode. This can be helpful in cleaning up space on your flash memory card.
  15. 15. eROI MASTERCLASSLIVE VIEW / VIDEO RECORD The Live View / Video Record is a toggle switch with a start/stop button. The toggle has two positions: Live View and Video Record. When in the Live View position, pressing the start/stop button will initiate a live view of your camera’s lens on the camera’s back monitor. When in the Video Record position, pressing the start/stop button will initiate video recording.
  16. 16. eROI MASTERCLASSLCD READOUT The LCD Readout is located on top of you camera and displays useful information about your camera’s settings. The most important information has been highlighted to the right. Shutter Speed Aperture Remaining Shots Battery Life ISOFormat
  17. 17. As an introductory walkthrough of the Canon 7D, not all buttons have been covered in this guide. Furthermore, many buttons and dials discussed have advanced functionality and features that were not explored. To learn more about the Canon 7D, please refer to the following links. OFFICIAL INSTRUCTION MANUAL CANON 7D USER’S GUIDE DVD TUTORIAL SERIES THANK YOU