Process in developing Teknopolitan


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Process in developing Teknopolitan

  1. 1. Tommy MPPKDT-BPPT 2 March 2012
  2. 2. Definition• The terminology used to refer to parks is very varied: science parks, technology parks, research parks, technopoles, innopoles, etc Castells (1994) uses generic term ‘Technopolis’ to cover all deliberate attempts to plan and promote activity related to industry and technological innovation within a concentrated area.• Kang defined science parks as organizational entities that sell or lease spatially contiguous land or buildings to businesses or other organizations whose principal activities are research and development of new products or processes (Kang, 2004)
  3. 3. Definition The terms used to describe science parks or technopoles or Teknopolitan indiscriminately refer to the urbanization or reordering of sites to:• Locate universities and/or research centers• Install companies working in new technology sectors• Facilitate technology transfer among all the institutions located on them
  4. 4. UKSPA s definition A science park is a business support and technology transfer initiative that:• Encourages and supports the start-up and incubation of innovation-led, high growth, knowledge-based businesses.• Has formal and operational links with centers of knowledge creation such as universities, higher education institutes and research organizations.
  5. 5. AURP s definitionThey are master planned property and buildings designed primarily forprivate/ public research and development facilities, high technology and science based companies, and support services.There is:• A contractual, formal or operational relationship with one or more science/research institutions of higher education.• A role in promoting the universitys research and development through industry partnerships, assisting in the growth of new ventures and promoting economic development.• A role in aiding the transfer of technology and business skills between university and industry teams.• A role in promoting technology-led economic development for the community or region.
  6. 6. SPRINT s definitionThe SPRINT program of the European Union (now the Innovationprogram of DGXIII) classified science and technology parks into the sixcategories A Science Park is a real estate initiative in one or more sites that • Is geographically near to one or more institutions of higher education or advanced R&D centers and maintains operative links with these Institutions • Is designed to promote and encourage the setting up and growth of knowledge based companiesScience • Facilitates, through active intervention, exploitation of research carried out in the area and technology transfer from academicPark institutions to companies and organizations installed in the park (or the surrounding area) The main objectives of science parks are research, development and design, conceiving new products and developing them to the marketing stage. The activities conducted by the companies in the science parks often end at the stage of prototype design, while production is located elsewhere.
  7. 7. SPRINT s definition
  8. 8. SPRINT s definition
  9. 9. Objective of STP
  10. 10. Development patterns of STP
  11. 11. Development patterns of STP
  12. 12. STP based on management types
  13. 13. Activities of STP
  14. 14.
  15. 15.
  16. 16. STP: Regional Innovation Platform Industrial
  17. 17. Technopreneurship Road Map withinTeknopolitan R&D centers
  18. 18. PPBT development in Teknopolitan
  19. 19. Process in developing Teknopolitan• Learning opportunities and brain storming sessions are necessary in initiating Teknopolitan development in a certain region/city.• The first meeting is held in a defined region/city and the event is prepared by local govt. with BPPT support, and the second meeting could be held in BPPT, and the event is prepared by BPPT• Holding Seminar, Workshop or Conference might considerably be required
  20. 20. • After having several preliminary meetings for Teknopolitan development, conducting a pre/feasibility study is needed. It is better to request pre/feasibility study being conducted by the expert group who has many experiences in this field.• BPPT provides technical assistance and local Govt. provides required expenses for conducting the feasibility study. 1. Analyzing national S&T and economic Policy 2. Forecasting Global/regional competitive trend in Science and Technology 3. Analyzing/forecasting impact of Teknopolitan development 4. Vision and Mission definition of Teknopolitan 5. Analyzing regional potential 6. Stages of development scenario
  21. 21. 1. Market Viability2. Basic Design3. Business Model Viability4. Management model viability5. Economic and financial forecast incl. risk analysis
  22. 22. Master plan is the definition of its development direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue the defined strategies.1. Land use plan2. Site Plan3. Transportation facilities Plan4. Open space and public area plan5. Education and Research facilities plan6. Other infrastructure plan (electricity, ICT, etc)
  23. 23. Action plan typically includes deciding who is going to do what and by when and in what order for the organization to reach its strategic goals. However, the design and implementation of the action planning depend on the nature and needs of the organization.1. Surveying regional condition2. Selection of industries to Teknopolitan3. Encouraging start-up companies4. Investment attraction5. Expenditure and Revenue analysis6. Policies for supporting services
  24. 24. • After a master plan and an action plan has established, construction of the Teknopolitan begins
  25. 25. 1. Management of Teknopolitan begins when construction is over2. In managing the Teknopolitan , regular or occasional training programs are required.
  26. 26.
  27. 27.