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10 insights from Pausefest 2018


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Here are some of the thoughts that resonated at Pausefest 2018.

Published in: Technology
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10 insights from Pausefest 2018

  1. 1. PAUSE FEST >TOP 10 Insights< By Tommy McCubbin 2018
  2. 2. The Blockchain is maturing from a concept that simply powered Bitcoin, into something that has potential to shape how we live. 
 The Blockchain thrives when there are transactions of any kind that require transparency, trust and absolute security. We heard from Horizon State Founder Jamie Skella, who is building on the Blockchain to power a better Democracy. Security, transparency and trust all haunt the current voting system, and when his vision is realised will make voting and campaigns a much cheaper, easier and authentic process.. Another promising application was with Australian Startup, Power Ledger, a peer-to-peer marketplace for renewable energy. The household batteries that our solar panels charge have the ability to store more than we use, so we can trade and sell that back to the grid. The Blockchain is a perfect way to host these transactions, without requiring the heavy and expensive hand of a third party supplier. 1 “Now Australia doesn’t have to play catch up [in tech] with America. We are all equal if we get on the blockchain train. It is the next internet. It is the authentication layer the internet has always lacked.” Mike Butcher
 Editor-In-Chief, Tech Crunch Seeing Blockchain’s potential beyond Bitcoin T
  3. 3. How we interact with computing now doesn’t require a screen. We can ask Siri anything, we can hop out of an Uber without tapping a card, and we can have our eyes scanned at Airports. 
 Cecelia Ambros gave us an insight in her Amazon’s ambition to become part of our households. As voice is fast becoming the new way we converse with machines, and Amazon is driving a rapid innovation in its Alexa and Echo products. Amazon’s ambition to integrate into our home is set to give a whole new way to shop. 
 For example, If we run out of toothpaste, our AI Assistant can listen to us calling from the bathroom, and make the order for us. This poses a question for brands, ‘now an AI chooses for us, where does our brand get a chance to promote itself?’. The marketplace for buying ‘words’, ‘statements’ and ‘phrases’ is bring a whole new dimension to the AdWords media model Google has pioneered. 2 “Now a brand can buy the phrase ‘How do I remove a stain?’ And a brand such as Tide Washing powder can buy it, and offer their product and the solution.” Sam Hodgson
 Founder, Fruitpunch Projects Conversations 
 with computers Creative Chaos Cecilia Ambros – Head of Design Research, Amazon H
  4. 4. How many times have we read articles saying ‘Everyone’s job will be replaced by AI in the year 20… blah, blah, blah’?. That is true to an extent, but the key message left out is there will be a whole new world of industries and careers for us to exploit. We should enthusiastically delegate the mundane tasks of our jobs to machines, opening up our time and head space to tackle, the bigger more complex problems facing us tomorrow. One technology that has become best practice very quickly are chat bots, which are mastering fielding and directing incoming customer calls. Not only is the language and tone of the bots sounding more human, they can instantly translate any language and understand mood and stress level. So let the robots take the call, and get on with thinking of moonshots! 3 “AI is already helping many professions be smarter and more creative. Ultimately it's about enhancing the human experience.” John Smith IBM Fellow, AI Tech, IBM Research Automate the boring tasks, and get creative H
  5. 5. The first Industrial Revolution was fuelled by steam, and then the second was petroleum. Now, the third is powered by data. This is the dawn of a whole new way of living. According to some, we have experience the ’The Internet of Broken Things’ - but now the network is maturing, and the hundreds of billions of sensors around the world are connecting, and sharing valuable data, fuelling our species next major transformation. As sensors can be placed in virtually anything, we are seeing them move beyond gimmicky trials to invisible hardware that is saving lives. Microsoft’s Rita Arrigo discussed how aged care is one field being transformed. People with Dementia in care can now wear socks with sensors that trigger proximity alerts and activate door locks when they wander off, saving lives, and allowing staff to direct their attention to other people in need. 4The dawn of 
 the 3rd Industrial Revolution Inspired by Rita Arrigo, Chief Digital Advisor, Microsoft T
  6. 6. What is real anymore? Not the news. Not our friend’s lives on Instagram. Not the brands who donate back to charity while manufacturing tonnes of clothing in third-world warehouses. A panel made up of the different worlds of Agency Creatives, Brand Owners, Influencers and Publishers discussed how important (and rare) authenticity is. Myki Slonim from Vice Australia told the story of ’The Shed Of Dulwich’, where a guy in London created a fake restaurant on Trip Advisor and hyped it to the #1 restaurant in London. What this really proved: humans have always bought into hype, but the internet has made that phenomenon global and instantaneous. Check out the documentary here ( 1904858163161557/). For a brand to not only survive, but thrive, it needs to have a purpose that is declared and honoured from the inside out. 5Authenticity is 
 a rare commodity “People aren’t buying products - they’re buying people. The brands of tomorrow are going offline and offering experiences and services.” Sarah Owens Senior Editor, Digital Media & Marketing, WGSN W
  7. 7. Some businesses have legacy processes and models that are decades old, from a time when tomorrow was predictable and steady, and the shape of business was vertical. Now entire industries can be flipped in a couple of years, with rapid innovation being the only survival method. Grant Petty of BlackMagic Design, a producer of film equipment, hosted How The Ideology Of Business Destroys Creativity. When his company discovers a problem, their company culture runs at it. He defines a problem as an opportunity for change, not a threat to his team or his business. Amazon’s Ambros supports a similar approach of more creative thinking in a corporate environment. Her company’s culture avoids linear thinking that focusses on a specific ‘drop dead’ outcome, but instead looks to make constant progress toward a moveable target. 6Creativity is the only way to grow “Creativity is not a talent, strength or process to go through. It’s something a bit bigger than that. It’s a state of mind.” Cecilia Ambros Head of Design Research, Amazon “Of course [problem solving and creativity] are more important, but if you can’t code make sure your best friend or business partner can code,” Ben Brophy Co-founder, Upwire S
  8. 8. Facebook continues to dominate the media landscape with over 70% of us getting our daily news from the platform. Although Zuckerberg is adamant his company is NOT a media company, and merely a tech company, the global influence of the social network and its algorithms is undeniable. Michael Short, Chief Editorial Director of The Age says, “if it looks like beer, smells like beer, and tastes like beer… it’s probably beer”, and Facebook by definition is absolutely a media company. As soon as it is declared a media company, certain sanctions will be in place and regulation will strip back the leverage of their algorithms. 
 Tommy McCubbin hosted a live show of his award winning podcast, Future Sandwich. The panel discussed The Future of News, covering topics ranging from; how technology cannot solve #fakenews, how the Blockchain may be the revenue creation platform media companies desperately need, and what all this means for the profession of a journalist. 7Facebook is a media company, not a tech company “This year we will start to see regulation applied to some of the tech giants and their algorithms. They have too much influence and are having global impact” Tommy McCubbin
 Founder, Future Sandwich Podcast F
  9. 9. Artificial Intelligence was a hot topic across the festival, but some examples showed how it is moving beyond code, and becoming a creative thinker, and potentially even our a lover. IBM’s John Smith spoke about how he used AI to scour 100 horror movie trailers, and devised the ingredients that go into making the scariest possible version of the 2016 Morgan Trailer. Now for editors, they have a preselected library of the most compelling frames to work from. The only risk, if we all follow this him sheet, trailer will start feeling like more the same. It was also debated that as AI becomes more sophisticated, it has the potential to charm us into a romance. If Pixar can make us feel something for a desk lamp, then I am sure anything is possible as we ride the exponential growth curve of Artificial Emotional Intelligence. 8AI is growing up, and it is scary and sexy “If you think about filmmaking - 99% of the work is actually very mundane. It’s going through hundreds of hours of video in some cases to arrive at the core pieces to use. So there’s still a very good reason to use technology as an assistant here, rather than replace the human in the loop.” John Smith IBM Fellow, AI Tech, IBM Research A
  10. 10. VR hasn’t fulfilled the expectations of becoming the mass adopted platform it was once hyped to be. The technology is at an outstanding level, but it has only been adopted by a few niche areas. The growth is predominantly in Gaming and Porn with an estimated 20 million units being shipped even with a recent drop in prices. Liminal VR was a startup on show, which focuses on shifting the mood and wellbeing of people undergoing a stressful experience, such as surgery or rehabilitation. Their tech is based on immersive colours and sound that have proven to lower the heart rate, and increase the distraction from the reality outside the goggles. The practical use cases for Augmented Reality are stacking up, with education applications and technology becoming more ubiquitous thanks to the things such as Apple’s ARKit. 9AR’s potential 
 is eclipsing that 
 of VR “In a world where the average person spends upwards of 3 hours a day watching TV and 40 minutes on Facebook, it’s hard to find anybody who even uses VR weekly.” Nic Hodges Founder, Blonde3 V
  11. 11. The build up to a movie release can span up to 12 months of teasers and trailers. Netflix are challenging that model by launching the promotion and the content series at the same time. If you see the trailer, you can instantly watch the show. No waiting for months to go to the movies. It poses an interesting question; do we need the build up? Is instant access more important than hype? The movies and shows are being pumped out faster as the technology reaches an unprecedented level of creative control. Vince Baertsoen from The Mill can now visualise VFX in a frame as his crew shoots the film. This allows better creative decisions to made faster, giving us better stories and more of them. Bring it on. 10 ‘Before you used to shoot your plates and do VFX later, now we can everything on set in real time.” Vince Baertsoen Group CGI Director, The Mill T Hollywood is 
 starting to move 
 in realtime
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