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Linked in seminar book


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This book goes with the 6 Steps to LinkedIn success presentation.

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Linked in seminar book

  1. 1. 6 Steps to LinkedIn Success
  2. 2. +02+ Contents Why LinkedIn 6 Steps to LinkedIn Success Build a 100% Profile Establish Important Contacts Distribut Thought Leading Information Lead groups and discussions Leverage Your Network Get Results More to LinkedIn Using Slideshare to Build Content LinkedIn Advertising to Sell Yourself Your Score How Do You Rate? | Digital Marketing | 6 E Bay Street, Suite 100 /// Jacksonville, Florida 32202 | Analytics
  3. 3. +03+Why LinkedIn LinkedIn boasts over 100 million users globally and is a publicly traded company. Ticker: LNKD. This business only social media allows every level of business to connect on the same playing field with the same voice. LinkedIn is the fastest growing social media for business where you can distribet information, make contacts and best-of-all, see who has been perusing your profile - are you connected? LinkedIn Statistics: What Do You Use LinkedIn for the Most? O 904.354.2600 ///
  4. 4. +04+ 6 Steps to LinkedIn Success Build a 100% Profile Spy on other profiles Hi-Resoution Picture “Conversational” Personal Summary In-Depth Experience Listed Ask For Recommendations Make Recommendations | Digital Marketing | 6 E Bay Street, Suite 100 /// Jacksonville, Florida 32202 | Analytics
  5. 5. +05+6 Steps to LinkedIn Success Establish Important Contacts Choose Targeted Fields Reach the 500+ Mark Connect With Specific Groups Personalize Your Invitation to ConnectReceived Card General Hot Lead O 904.354.2600 ///
  6. 6. +06+ 6 Steps to LinkedIn Success Distribute Thought Leadership Become A Resource Distribute Information Comment On And Share Information From Users Send Sales Information Sparingly Don’t SPAM Hey buy my stuff, it’s totally great and now it’s 50% off! Here’s a link that doesn’t work!! Did you know that the competition has messed up every order this week. Not us! and for a limited time you can get FREE SHIPPING. Click on this unfunctional link: Have you read the Blog post about our new catalog? You shouldn’t miss this great deal on all of our items on stock!! This misspelled link will take you there CLICK IT!: | Digital Marketing | 6 E Bay Street, Suite 100 /// Jacksonville, Florida 32202 | Analytics
  7. 7. +07+ 6 Steps to LinkedIn Success Lead Groups & Discussions Ask Questions Take & Distribute Polls Answer Questions on LinkedIn Poll Your AudienceHow do you _________________ Statisticsat _________________?DID YOU KNOW?:All discussions put out to groups go into that network’s inbox.That is the potential to reach hundreds or thousands of people -with your message. O 904.354.2600 ///
  8. 8. +08+ 6 Steps to LinkedIn Success Leverage Your Network Get Introduced Through Others Use Upgrades Like InMail InMail InMail is a service offered from LinkedIn for a fee that allows you to directly target a potential client in his or her inbox. With this functionality you get: 100% Open Rate: InMail MUST be opened. Otherwise it sits in there inbox Low Cost: There are several plans to fit budgets if for nothing else but testing No Reply?: Within 7 days, LinkedIn will credit your money back! 30% More Effective Communication: Compared to email, that is about 40% response rate Subject: Conference VIP Speaking Opportunity Mr. Dondrop, We are holding a seminar at the upcoming conference in Las Vegas in 5 months and would like to request that you speak for several breakout sessions. Of course, we are prepared to offer a stippend, all travel accomodation and a negotiable fee for your efforts. I am connected with your assistant Mary Osworth, so if you would rather I conduct further conversations with her about your availability, I will do | Digital Marketing | 6 E Bay Street, Suite 100 /// Jacksonville, Florida 32202 | Analytics
  9. 9. +09+ 6 Steps to LinkedIn Success Measure Your Performance MEASURE Measure Your PerformancePut this kind of information in a spreadsheet and cross-reference your performance withleads and sales based on the numbers and your time spent:.How Many Comments in a MonthHow Many Connections Made Per MonthHow Many Monthly Profile Views O 904.354.2600 ///
  10. 10. +010+ More To LinkedIn Utilizing Apps Market With Ads Utilizing Apps. Applications on LinkedIn are a very valuable tool that will set your profile apart from other people’s in your field. With applications like Slideshare that allows you to spotlight presentations on your profile or LinkedIn events to let your network know when the next Chamber event or conference you are attending is being held - LinkedIn apps launch your profile well-past novice users. LinkedIn PPC Advertising With this amazing targeting tool, reach the decision makers based on their profile information. Would you like to contact the CEO of a multi-million dollar company with ads that only speak to 3 - 4 individuals (your market) AND only pay when you click - LinkedIn allows that. Are You Prepared? Get the right covererage for your Commercial Property from Mark Weyers. >>Learn | Digital Marketing | Training | Analytics
  11. 11. +011+How Do You Rate?Final Score16 - 20 You’re among friends. There is no reason to lie.10 - 15 WOW. You already know the power of LinkedIn! 5-9 Great Start! Taking it to the next level will set you apart from your competition. 0-4 It’s time to get connected.
  12. 12. +012+ Tips & Tricks LinkedIn has to be a daily routine. This social network can increase your leads, sales and most importantly, your personal brand. Utilize the tools _______________________________________________________________________ offered through LinkedIn and be a leader in your industry _______________________________________________________________________ Don’t hesitate to contact Mind Jar Media with further questions or concerns _______________________________________________________________________ regarding LinkedIn Strategy and Training. 352-678-1147. _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Notes _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ | Digital Marketing | Training | Analytics
  13. 13. +013+