Analytics Discussion Handout


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This is a handout that coincides with the talk about Google Analytics.

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Analytics Discussion Handout

  1. 1. Google Analytics Tutorial & Guide
  2. 2. +02+ Contents The Story Behind Analytics Setting Goals Basic Analytic Components Traffic Visitors Bounce Rate Pageviews Overview Pop Quiz Tips and Tricks Get your FREE Analysis | Digital Marketing | 6 E Bay Street, Suite 100 /// Jacksonville, Florida 32202| Analytics
  3. 3. +03+The Story Behind Analytics Before you begin with analytics, the most important thing to help you understand them is the “story” behind the numbers. Analytics can mean anything and it is your duty to explain why people are doing things on your website. These are general assumptions that you make. Keep in mind that assumptions are all you can make and that no matter what the assumption is, you’re already doing well because you are looking at the analytics – most websites do not look at their analytics. Below you will be given typical assumptions based on trends of analytics. It is always best to look at several different functions and round off the “story” from your assumptions from each piece of the analytic puzzle i.e look at visitors vs. bounce rate vs. traffic. Here are a few examples: You notice in November that more new people are going to your website but are leaving very, very quickly. You notice that everyone is leaving from the about page. You go on the website and notice a 404 error on the page. Your assumption is that people are leaving because they have received that error. Functions used: Visitors vs. bounce rate There are a lot of new people coming in from referral websites (Facebook, Twitter, Merchant Circle, etc.). All of the visitors from these sites stay for over 3 minutes and visit every page. Your emails are also increasing. Your assumption is that people from referral sites are more valuable and you want to put more effort into them. Functions used: Visitors vs. bounce rate vs. traffic sources Last one is on you: It’s the end of the year and you see that new visits are down 20% in the last month. What has been going wrong? Assumption on the back page. O 904.354.2600 ///
  4. 4. +04+ KPI’s for Website Analytics Google analytics has plenty of functions to find out who is on your website and what they are doing. The following information will cover the most important functions of your Google Analytics and how to both read and report them. The following functions will be discussed: + Traffic + Visitors + Bounce Rate + Pages | Digital Marketing | 6 E Bay Street, Suite 100 /// Jacksonville, Florida 32202| Analytics
  5. 5. +05+Traffic Traffic is how people are finding your website. Traffic is broken down into 3 categories: Organic Search This is when someone types in the company name into the search bar or types in a product or service into the bar that is a focused keyword. Direct Traffic This is when the user types www.[websitename].com. Referral Traffic This happens when someone finds your link on another website like Twitter or, etc. Typical Assumptions: Low organic search – need to work harder on search engine optimization and brand awareness. High direct traffic – Brand awareness up or employees looking periodically at website. High Referral Traffic – efforts outside the website are good and can be ramped up or left alone for the time being. O 904.354.2600 ///
  6. 6. +06+ Visitors This shows who is coming to the website. There are 2 types of visitors: New Visitors: This person has never been to the website. Returning Visitors: This person has returned to the website. Typical Assumptions: A lot of new visitors – Boost in search engine ranking, well-written article, advent of social media to the marketing mix, etc. A lot of returning visitors – The website is good and people want to come back. The visitor comes back for further | Digital Marketing | 6 E Bay Street, Suite 100 /// Jacksonville, Florida 32202| Analytics
  7. 7. +07+Bounce Rate Bounce rate means: Who is leaving at what percent? Bounce rate can be applied to any traffic or visitor group type. The bounce rate at the time of this report is 66.15%. This is an average bounce rate for this particular type of site (although it shoud be lower). If the bounce rate gets lower, things are great. If they get higher, cross-reference the rate with what pages people are leaving. Typical Assumptions: Bounce rate gets lower – Everything is running even more smoothly than before. Bounce rate gets higher – Where is the problem? Reference with visitors and pages viewed. O 904.354.2600 ///
  8. 8. +08+ Pages Viewed The Top Content shows who goes on what page at what percent (based on New vs. Returning visitors). This is a good place to find the most popular pages and see who is visiting them. Typical Assumptions: A small percentage is going to the about us page – not all users care about learning more about the company. People are not going to the contact page – the users are not interested in contacting the company. People are staying on the homepage for a long time – the page is not easily | Digital Marketing | 6 E Bay Street, Suite 100 /// Jacksonville, Florida 32202| Analytics
  9. 9. +09+Overview The basics of analytics. + Tell the story + Make changes to underperforming pages + Keep the data easy to explain + Have confidence making assumptions Assumption for First Page Question Answer: Due to vacation and end-of-year, traffic to the website has decreased. O 904.354.2600 ///
  10. 10. +010+ Pop Quiz What is the most important keyword people are using to get to the Homepage? Are these good visitors? Why? Variables Hint: New Visits Bounce Rate Time on | Digital Marketing | SEO | Analytics
  11. 11. +011+Pop Quiz What is the best time of month to promote the website? How can you promote the website on these weeks?
  12. 12. +012+ Pop Quiz Where can you increase traffic? How can you increase your traffic through this method? | Digital Marketing | SEO | Analytics
  13. 13. +013+Tips & Tricks To print the analytics, choose to export the page as a .pdf and save it to a folder. Print the page from the .pdf for best results. Don’t be afraid to explore and push buttons when you are comfortable with Google Analytics, you may find new information that is valuable to the company. Set easy and reachable goals such as: Increase referral traffic by 10% (by signing up to directories) or increase search traffic (by increasing SEO on the website). Consider pay per click advertising to bring more people to your website. The analytics will tell you if the small budget is working or not (there is a possibility to get thousands of monthly impressions and several new followers for $10 a day)._______________________________________________________________________ Don’t hesitate to contact Mind Jar Media with further questions or concerns regarding your Analytics. 352-678-1147.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Notes_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ tommy@mindjarmedia.com______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  14. 14. +014+ mindjarmedia.comFree Analysis Contact Tommy Hobin at Mind Jar Media after this presentation and receive a FREE Google Analytics set-up and evaluation. Get information on: Who is coming to your website What geographical locations are they located in Traffic data What online source are they coming from A plan to fix any problems or lead more people into your website What marketing outlets will you need to use to get more people to your | Digital Marketing | SEO |
  15. 15. Thank You