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On HCL’s R&D and Product

Engineering                                                 Engineering services:

The economic downturn has impacted offshoring of R&D services, as with other global industries
Case Studies
HCL Technologies: $5bn | 60000 people | 26 countries

                     Experience – 34 years
Hello, I’m from HCL!. We work behind the scenes, helping our customers to shift paradigms & start revolutions. We use digi...
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HCL Engineering and Research and Development Services Brochure [Email 2010]


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HCL Engineering and Research and Development . Heutzutage stehen viele Unternehmen unter Druck angesichts einer ständigen zunehmenden Konkurrenz und einer Vielzahl vergleichbarer Produkte und Dienstleistungen auf dem Markt. Da ist es besonders wichtig, sich von den Mitbewerbern abzuheben und sich eine eigene Nische zu sichern. Wir bei HCL kennen den hohen Stellenwert von Forschung und Entwicklung (F&E) für das Geschäft unserer Kunden. Deshalb bieten wir ihnen F&E- und Techologiedienstleistungen der Spitzenklasse an. In der Zusammenarbeit mit den Kunden strebt HCL eine nach allen Seiten offene Partnerschaft an. Unsere Kunden profitieren von einzigartigen Produkten, z.B. Concept to Manufacture oder First. Unter Nutzung unserer jahrzehntelangen Erfahrung bei der Verwaltung von Offshore-Projekten und unserer breit gefächerten Sachkenntnis arbeiten wir mit den kundenseitigen Offshore-Entwicklungszentren.

In unserem umfassende Produktportfolio von F&E- und Engineering-Dienstleistungen finden Teilelieferanten, OEMs, ODMs und ISVs in zahlreichen Branchen und Bereichen das für sie geeignete Angebot. Wir sind nachweislich in der Lage, „End-to-End-Lösungen“ sowie kontinuierlich komplexe und kritische Produkte zu liefern.

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HCL Engineering and Research and Development Services Brochure [Email 2010]

  1. 1. On HCL’s R&D and Product Engineering Engineering services: HCL Technologies is ranked as Strong, Positive on Technology, R&D and R&D and Product Engineering services Services From HCL FORRESTER HCL is a Top Choice for embedded systems engineering and product Aiding customers attain Innovation Leadership development work.
  2. 2. The economic downturn has impacted offshoring of R&D services, as with other global industries ? Comprehensive range of R&D and Engineering services to OEMs, ODMs, Component vendors and ISVs, across multiple ? Key drivers of R&D offshoring - flexible capacity, access to local markets, cost competitiveness ? industry segments and domains ? providers and MNC captives - increasing focus on value creation Service 360 degree partnership with global firms ? Engineering supply base in India has expanded but quality remains an issue ? ? propositions - Concept to Manufacture, First 2.0, Unique Insights Vendor strategies Consumer Medical Semicondu- Telecom & VERTICALS Aerospace Auto Electronics Industrial ISV Devices ctor OEMs Servers Networks ? Material model is not able to meet Time & ? the mind set from just product delivery, to Change customer value expectation a more holistic partner approach Most Service Providers are able to optimize only ? ? greater responsibilities and evaluate new Take up a part of the value chain: development, testing business models for growth and validation New delivery models have impacted the total ? Engineering Services New Product Introduction Value Added Services cost of servicing end customers/consumers ? companies aren’t leveraging service Product ASIC Design ? ?Conceptualization Product ?Reengineering Product providers to reduce engineering spend on sunset FPGA Design ? New Product Development ? Independent V&V ? products ? System Design Board & ? Design End User Value Engineering ? ? India as an emerging market is Focus on expected to drive product development activity ? Engineering Mechanical ? Implementation NPI & NPR Frugal Engineering ? and infrastructure SERVICES ? & Device Embedded Manufacturing & Mfg Support ? Active Product Support ? Software ?V&V Product ? Solutions End of Life ? & Platform Software ?Certification Product Challenges customers face What customers expect Engineering Need ecosystem partnerships to provide best-in- ? Solution-centric services ? class user experience Accountability ? Perception disconnect with service providers on ? Capability / domain expertise ? end-to-end engineering capabilities Go-to-Market Capability ? ? being driven by emerging markets, post- Growth Risk sharing engagement models ? recession ENABLERS IPs / Solution Accelerators Flexible Business Models Industry Compliant Standards HCL – Here to help ? years engineering experience; 250+ customers globally Over 30 ? independent global engineering company working with 9 vertical segments Leading More than $15M invested in IP development; More than 53 patents filed; Vast set of solution accelerators, ? reusable components and proprietary frameworks ? models- Impacted more than $200M worth of product portfolio in Global Risk Reward Partnership Business (GRRP) engagements
  3. 3. Case Studies Software Development A leading aircraft manufacturer selected us as its software development partner for its next generation flight program. This is a strategic, multi-year partnership to cover the ? expertise – 3 decades of engineering experience; India’s original technology start-up - developed the first 8-bit Proven lifecycle of the plane, and we are using diverse leading edge microcomputer in 1978 at the same time as Apple; released the world’s first RDBMS in 1983; released a multi-processor technologies to develop its critical flight avionics systems like UNIX-3, in 1989, before Sun and HP the Airborne Collision Avoidance System, Crew Alerting System, Proximity Warning System, Integrated Surveillance A truly global partner - leveraging a network of offices and development centers in 26 countries ? System, etc. Results: A drastic reduction in product Next Gen solutions - Complete portfolio of product engineering services - from concept, designing, prototyping, ? development costs as both the client and the ecosystem vendors depend on HCL for software development. This is a manufacturing, testing, after market support, to re-engineering and developing next-gen solutions risk reward sharing program where HCL is paid as more Customers - 49 of the Global 100 are HCL’s clients; helped customers save more than $180M in engineering costs in the ? past year; filed 53 patents on behalf of our customers Testimonials flights are sold. IPs & Frameworks - Invested more than $15M in IP development, with 23 active projects today ? Slat Flap Control Unit [SFCU] ? models- Impacted more than $200M worth of product portfolio in Global Risk Reward Partnership (GRRP) Business Speed-to-market is such a The card incorporated in the SFCU of the aircrafts of a tier 1 aerospace supplier sometimes failed due to technical engagements critical success factor today, that we reasons, poor analog design, angle measurement circuitry, looked at a variety of ways to and problems in ASIC, which triggered false alarms. We redesigned the SFCU board to address these issues, accelerate development. HCL offered replaced obsolete components, redesigned the controller Industry Focus 5 of the top 10 telecom companies us the right combination of technical ASIC into a FPGA for message transfer between the control 4 of the top 10 storage companies and monitor processor, and developed a tester & diagnostic 5 of the top 10 medical devices companies Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Consumer 6 of the top 10 ISVs expertise, commitment and cost- package for hardware testing of the SLAT/FLAP Controller. Electronics, Industrial Systems, ISVs, Medical 10 of the top 20 aerospace companies Results An end-to-end product engineering service where 5 of the top 10 semiconductor companies Devices, Semiconductor OEMs, Servers & More than a million automobiles with HCL effectiveness that would complement the entire ASIC was redesigned and a new chip was 10 of the top 50 consumer electronic companies Storage, Telecom & Networking designed products and enhance our own engineering incorporated for efficient and flawless performance. The device is currently installed in over 200 business jets. Domain Partnerships & Centers of Comprehensive Unique efforts. Certifications Excellence - Frameworks services across Business Expertise Alliances Software Engineering Services CoE the ecosystem Models One of the world’s leading IT Management Software ?experience 34 years ISO 9001:2000 ? Agere Systems, AMCC, Core Engineering - Chief Technical Officer, Leading companies’ business unit that focused on end-point security PCB Design; Test Codecs (MPEG-4, MP3, Global Risk- ? and gateway security, had a poor market share in the threat – longest in the industry ? CMM LEVEL 5 ARM, AUTOSAR, BEA, Engineering; Wireless Design; JPEG, JPEG 200); Speech Codecs; 1394 ? Product Hardware Reward Networking Software Innovator management software business. We were engaged [through Cadence, CAR, Celestica, Engineering Partnership ? BS 7799 Imaging Stack; uPnP Stack; the Risk Reward model] to take over R&D and support and 13000+ product ? CoWare, Ericsson Developer ? Product Software Output Based ? engineering ? EN 14971 V.42bis; Bluetooth; co-own product management. Our revenues are a function of Alliance Program, ETSI, IBM, Engineering Pricing professionals Protocol Stacks; DSP Indian Institute of Technology, Cores; GUI; iSCSI; SMI Embedded Engineering ? JVs ? the customer’s bookings in the Threat Management Verticalization ? strategy for deeper Intel, ISMI, IXA Developer Innovation Labs – S; OSD; SIP Stack; Mechanical ? Awesome job folks! This was a business. This highly innovative relationship is widely Forum, Mercury Interactive, SONET performance; praised by the analyst community as the new approach for domain understanding & Domains Microsoft, Mindsped NP, Industrial Design; Job Queue; Media Engineering tough one. With the requirements ISVs to develop software. Results: Sustained investment in Player; Value Added leadership ? ISO 13485 Network Processing Forum, Nokia ARTUS Developer’s Analysis & Simulation; Active product support ? changing seemingly daily and support automation and the Internet Security Research Lab. Domain Quality ? Both, the market reactions and financial results, were Systems ? AS 9100 Program, Nokia ProForum, Reliability; EMI/EMC - Re-engineering ? resources extremely tight, you folks positive - the product was ranked 6 stars and rated “best buy” Openvera Catalyst, by Antivirus top 10. Net bookings of the product went up by ? in Investment Domain training and ? 68 – 2001 AAMI SW QUESTRA Windows Environmental Testing & ? solutions End of life really pulled through. We ALL know it 20% in the first full quarter of operation. Compliance to standards hiring SMEs – DFR, FDA, MDD, FAA, Embedded Partnership, Rational, SIAM, Symbian Compliance; On Demand Test New Product Introduction was critical to hit the date on this one DO 178 B & DO 254 Platform Partner, SyncML ?& development Design and you did it. New Generation Endoscopy System Forum, Synposys, VoiceXML NPI implementation ? One of the top ten global medical devices companies was Forum, WAP Forum, WiMAX Manufacturing ? developing a breakthrough and disruptive Endoscopy Forum, XILINX, 3GPP ? Certification Product - Executive V.P. R&D, Leading product. With no experience in system development and manufacturing of electronic devices, they approached us Service Resolution Management and our EMS partner to take ownership of the entire product 250+ global customers Software Provider development program. We were responsible for board design, embedded software and GUI development and played a key role in product requirement definition, system architecture and defining design hand-off to manufacturing. Results: Our involvement from concept development to human trials helped this customer completely focus on its core disruptive product while we co-owned the system development of the device.
  4. 4. HCL Technologies: $5bn | 60000 people | 26 countries Experience – 34 years ? Customers – 250+ globally ? ?13000+ product engineering professionals Team - ? - Aerospace & Defense, Auto, Consumer Electronics, Industrial, ISVs, Medical Verticals Devices, Semiconductor OEMS, Servers, Telecom & Networking ? – Core Engineering, Value Added, New Product Introduction Services ? of Excellence - PCB Design; Test Engineering; Wireless Design; Imaging Centers Innovation Labs - Industrial Design; Analysis & Simulation; Reliability; EMI/EMC - ? Environmental Testing & Compliance; On Demand Test IPs & Frameworks - More than $15M invested in IP development; more than 53 patents ? filed; Vast set of solution accelerators, reusable components and proprietary frameworks
  5. 5. Hello, I’m from HCL!. We work behind the scenes, helping our customers to shift paradigms & start revolutions. We use digital engineering to build superhuman capabilities. We make sure that the rate of progress far exceeds the price. And right now, 60,000 of us bright sparks are busy developing solutions for 500 customers in 26 countries across the world. How can I help you?