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Stereo Mike - Techno-artistic Autonomy [Darker Music Talks April 2015]

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Stereo Mike - Techno-artistic Autonomy [Darker Music Talks April 2015]

  1. 1. Techno-artistic autonomy
  2. 2. Techno-artistic autonomy Exploring workflow and independence through the lens of a self-producing artist in today’s music landscape Stereo Mike℠
  3. 3. From Musician To Producer And The Story In Between My journey and why it could be useful to you B
  4. 4. From Technophobe To Apple Distinguished Professional Or…
  5. 5. How To Win An MTV Award As A Self-producing Artist Or… J
  6. 6. Why Technology? ♪ Technology as artistic tool Sound as expression”
  7. 7. Why Technology? ♪ Defining the  techno-artistic 
  8. 8. Why Technology? : Technology as dissemination
  9. 9. Why Technology? : Technology as dissemination ✚ engagement
  10. 10. The Timeline of Recorded Sound A quick history of studio technology 
  11. 11. A Quick History Of Studio Technology ⏏ Access to studios (professional sound) was one of the filters The laptop as studio Demo-cracy and mediocracy
  12. 12. A personal vs. technological timeline Growing up in a changing landscape <
  13. 13. Growing Up In A Changing Landscape +: The internet The laptop as ‘label’ Major label dinosaurs
  14. 14. Growing Up In A Changing Landscape (: Artist contracts and 360° deals Producer independence Rick’s anti-logue
  15. 15. Growing Up In A Changing Landscape $ Defining your (online) presence and visual identity Radio playlists and internet radio
  16. 16. Pros and Cons Challenges and opportunities DC
  17. 17. Challenges and opportunities DC Pros and Cons (open discussion) Too much freedom / too much noise Make your own noise (a universal anecdote)
  18. 18. During, not After E-stablishing your brand ™
  19. 19. E-stablishing your brand ™ Maximizing engagement Live & Virtual Dissemination Content & the price of free
  20. 20. Learning your Craft The importance of education &
  21. 21. The importance of education & Learning your craft Technology as instrument Antidote to isolation / knowledge exchange
  22. 22. A summary Successful navigation F
  23. 23. Successful navigation F No template A flexible DIY philosophy Techno-artistic Autonomy
  24. 24. More questions? Find me on Twitter H @StereoMikePro