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Different parts of a house


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Different parts of a house

  1. 1. Different Parts of a House
  2. 2. A house is a building that is use as shade from the sun and from bad weather like rain. It is also use to have privacy. Most newly started family build or buy their own house to start a new life. Some people hire a small construction company when they plan to build their own house. If you want to buy a pre-purchased house and you want to make sure that the house that you will buy has no defect, you should hire a building inspector. In that way, you will know what are the parts of the house that you need to renovate or fix. If you don’t do an inspection into a house that you will buy, the possible thing that will happen is you will surely spend money on the renovation in the
  3. 3. Here are the Different Parts of a House
  4. 4. Bed rooms Bedroom is a room wherein people take a rest or sleep. It is also use to have privacy. The size of your house depends on how many bedrooms you will build. It depends on the numbers of your family members. For example, you have three children, it’s up to you if you want to build three bedrooms or just build a single but wide bedroom for all your three children. Parents usually share in room. If you only build a single bedroom for your three children and the room is not spacious or wide, the possible thing that will happen is your children will not feel comfortable and can’t move freely. If you only have a single child and you are planning to have
  5. 5. Living Room Living room is a room that is usually used for entertainment. You can see a coach, television and lots of furniture. It is also use as place for family bonding; it can also be use if you have a house party especially if your living room is very wide. The size of your living room also depends on the number of family members. This is also a place to relax. If you want your living room to look more wide, don’t place lots of furniture and paint the walls using a light color. If you paint the walls with a dark color, your living room will look small. You should also build two or three windows in your living room so that the wind can enter freely and you will have
  6. 6. Bathroom Bathroom is one of the most important parts of the house. It is the room that is often used every day. People cannot live without a bathroom. People clean their whole body or wash their body using bathroom. It is also the where people brush their teeth and dispose waste in their body. If you have a job and your children are going to school, you should build two or more bathroom. In that way, you can save time and your family doesn’t need to wait for each other to finished using bathroom. If you only have one bathroom and you are going to work and your children are going to school at the same time, the possible thing that will happen is you will be late in your
  7. 7. Kitchen This is the most important room in the house. The kitchen is use to cook food to eat for your family. Most houses have their kitchen and dining room together. It is also a room where family eats together. In the kitchen, you should have a table and some chairs. Every mother loves to cook food for her family, so if you want to make your wife happy, you should build a wide or spacious kitchen. A normal kitchen has a refrigerator, a cabinet for plates and a sink. You should also build an exosfan to remove the heat from the kitchen when cooking.
  8. 8. Garage If you are planning to buy a car in the future, you should build a garage. Do you want to park your car all night in front of your house? There is a possibility that your car will be stolen by bad guys? It is advisable to build a garage for your car to make it secure. You can also put the stuffs that you don’t use in the garage to have a much wider space in your house. You should also put a strong door in your garage to prevent burglars on stealing your belongings.
  9. 9. Swimming Pool Not all houses has swimming pool, if you have enough budget and you think it will be useful, so build one. A swimming pool is also useful; it can be use for party. For example, you are having a family reunion; you can use your house as place for the party. In that way, your relatives won’t feel bored; they can swim and have fun. Your family can also save money if you are planning to out on summer. If your kids want to learn how to swim, they can use it to practice.
  10. 10. Deck If you have a wide space or property, you can also build a deck in your house. It can be use as place for gathering or party. You can also build a garden in your own deck. Remember to put fence on your deck to protect people from accident like falling, especially for small kids. You can also build a pergola to have protection from rain and heat from the sun. It is also a good place to have breakfast or to have meal.
  11. 11. When you build your own house, you should also choose the right location where to build your house. If you don’t have enough money to spend for the construction, don’t be discouraged because you can still have the house that you desire. You can renovate your house when you earn enough money. When you build your own house, don’t buy cheap materials just to save money. If you want to have an inspection, renovation or construction on your house, I recommend Macro building solutions because they provide a good service.