Album artwork study on differnt genres


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Album artwork study on differnt genres

  1. 1. Album artwork study TOM BUTTERWORTH
  2. 2. Radiohead: In Rainbows The album cover has various bright colours and a huge explosion in the background making it easy to spot on the shelves this also makes a huge statement, the words are misspelt having grammatical errors, this could mean everything is different no two things are the same. The back of the cover has words spaced across the whole cover, the words are either bunched or stretched making them quite hard to read, the colours are extremely bright . Everything on the album is disorientating the colours are meant to be uplifting, to present happiness which moulds with the title (in rainbows), but the back of the cover is dark this could show happiness but with the fear paranoia. This was the first album by the band that people could buy for however much they felt it deserved, for the people who pre-ordered it came with stickers and casing to cover the cd is you burnt or replicated this. "its very colourful—Ive finally embraced colour! Its a rainbow but it is very toxic, its more like the sort of one youd see in a puddle." Stanley Donwood
  3. 3. Radiohead: Kid AKid A by Radio head is an iconic album for its artwork, made by Donwood and Tchock is amountain with a distortion of the picture towards the bottom and symbolizes It was a reflectionof the war in Kosovo in winter 1999.Some of the artwork was seen to take a more explicitly political stancethan the albums lyrics Donwood was affected by a photograph in The Guardian, saying the war felt like it was happening in his own street The red swimming pool on the spine of the CD case and on the disc represents what Donwood termed "a symbol of looming danger and shattered expectations"
  4. 4. Radiohead: hail to the Thief The album artwork is in the style of a road map, with words and phrases in place of buildings. Many of the phrases relate to the album itself or reference lyrics. the artwork is in collaboration with Tchock the artist that the band have collaborated with before Donwood cited the landscape of Los Angeles, where most of the album was recorded, as the primary inspiration on the album cover which is, in fact, a painting called "Pacific Coast". Donwood said other "maps" in the art refer to the street plans of cities such as London, Grozny, and Baghdad. The coloured map shows the corruption of a town the coloured key shows and states key words associated with the places, e.g.. Orange, corruption, pain, money snatchers.
  5. 5. Kylie: ultimate kylie The idea of the artwork is simplistic, this shows that just a picture of kylie can be a statement, most people would recognize who this person is just glancing at the cover. With minimal writing on the top this shows the impact that this picture would show.