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000 cit company_overview_eng_20111219


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Published in: Business, Technology
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000 cit company_overview_eng_20111219

  1. 1. Company Overview
  2. 2. C o m p a n y O v erviewI n dex• International Presence 3• Group Structure 3• Group Data 4• Group Markets 4• About Us 5• Mission & Vision 5• Our Values 6• The Italian Scene 6• Offering 7 • SecUrITy Solutions & Services 8 • enTerPrISe Solutions & Services 9 • cOMMUnIcATIOn Web & Media Services 10 • cAMPUS educational 11• Professionals 12• referenc es 12• r eferences – Projects 13• L ocations & c ontacts 15 2
  3. 3. C o m p a n y O v erviewInternational Presence Group StructurecrOSSOVer GrOUP is an enterprise reality thatcreated an operative company: crOSSOVer europe,with which is opening its own horizons to a EuropeanContest and, in perspective, to the EMEA AREA.To reach this target, crOSSOVer europe plannedto set up an enterprises network in several European crOSSOVer GrOUPcountries. The Holding that controls the Group Companies and is the owner of the crOSSOVer GrOUP Brand. crOSSOVer europe The company that coordinates the internalization of crOSSOVer GrOUP Holding 3
  4. 4. C o m p a n y O v erviewG r oup Data Group MarketsreSOUrceS distribution per Business Area crOSSOVer GrOUP operates on the Market supplying consultancies, solutions, services and education to a range of Customers that can be resumed in the following sectors: • Insurance • Health care • Bank – credit Institutions • Services • Industry • TLc – Telecommunication • Public Administration • consumer PUBLIc BAnKreVenUe distribution per Offering Channel ADMInISTrATIOn creDIT InSITUTeS 12% 4% InSUrAnce 3% cOnSUMer 20% TeLecOMUnIcAZIOnI 7% InDUSTry 16% SerVIceS HeALT cAre 36% 2% 4
  5. 5. C o m p a n y O v erviewA b out Us Vision & Mission Our ValuescrOSSOVer Italy takes strength from the crOSSOVer Italy vision is to give a contribute to The company values are as constituent elements ofintegration of competencies and professionalism international market dynamics keeping as centre DNA, which can be considered as basic elements,brought by professionals with relevant experiences the Research and the High–Tech innovation. chained together in millions of different combinations,that guarantee a high degree of specialization and give rise to a cell and then to a living being.innovation to the Customer. The crOSSOVer Italy Mission is to integrate all the offering lines (research, consultancy, products, In this sense, crOSSOVer Italy values reflect theMarket evolution requires in fact a continuous higher solutions, education and communication) coming name of the Group because they represent anadded value competence. from the different operative company realities, in indissoluble plot which is typical of the concept of order to give (supply) to customers the best solution “crossover”.This awareness is the basis of crOSSOVer Italy, continuously paying attention to costs and innovative set of reality that has the intent of These are our Values:providing comprehensive solutions designed on the crOSSOVer Italy intends to be present in theneeds of the customer. strategic area of any customer, supplying project • Interdisciplinary solutions offered both in a traditional way and in • Methodology SaaS way (Software as a Service) and on cloud computing platform. This in the following sectors: • respect for professionalism • creativity • Security and Privacy • Design • enterprise Management (Data, Document, Hr, erP) • communication • education and Social Learning • Technological Innovation • Web & Media Marketing, communication • Open minded • Software, Infrastructure Management and cloud • Integration Services • customer relationship Management and Social crM 5
  6. 6. C o m p a n y O v erviewT h e Italian Scenario crOSSOVer KM area focused on Enterprise Knowledge crOSSOVer Mc has a Management and on Content Data consolidated experience in Management (BPM, ERP, CRM Planning, Design, Development and BPI) and Maintenance of Application Solutions. In particular, he gained expertise in Project Management, Analysis and Modeling of Data and Processes. crOSSOVer Koiné is strictly oriented to educational and cultural activities of the Group, in particular to Training of Human Resources, to Business and Institutional Communication and editorial aspects. BLUe SOUL is geared exclusively to Hi-Tech Research and Advanced Planning and Development, often in partnership with universities, research centers, national and international technological laboratories. 6
  7. 7. C o m p a n y O v erviewO f feringcrOSSOVer Italy collects in its internal consultancies,solutions, services and educational paths whichconstitute the following OFFerInG channels. SECURITY SOLUTIONS & SERVICES ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS & SERVICES COMMUNICATION WEB & MEDIA SERVICES 7
  8. 8. C o m p a n y O v erviewS ecurity Solution & Servic e s SECURITY SOLUTIONS & SERVICES crOSSOVer Italy proposes SecUrITy SOLUTIOn & SerVIceS with a large and complete variety of SECURITY Services, Projects, Solutions and Training Courses on Security. SOLUTIONS & SERVICES The complete consultant approach makes crOSSOVer Italy vendors independent, always doing the adapter choices to reality and to Customer specific requirements.crOSSOVer crOSSOVer crOSSOVer crOSSOVer crOSSOVerSecurity IcT Security Security Securityconsulting Security compliance clearance Training• Strategic Security Roadmap • Security Plans • Policies, Procedures • NOS • Information Security Training• Security Organization, Roles • Security Product & Services & Standards Compliance • EAD and Awareness Programs & Responsibilities Selection • Law & Regulatory • COMSEC • Feedback Collection and• Data Classification • Outsourcer Assessment Compliance • Security Certifications Evaluations Metrics• Policies, Procedures, • Incident Management • Standard (27001, PCI-DSS, Guidelines, Standards • Proactive Security Services BS25999, DPS…)• Risk Analysis (Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Test, Ethical Hacking) • Post Incident Security Services (Forensic Analisys) & Legal Support SECURITY Campus 8
  9. 9. C o m p a n y O v erview ENTERPRISEe n terprise Solutions & Ser v i c e s SOLUTIONS & SERVICES enTerPrISe SOLUTIOnS & SerVIceS is the line of supply that includes structured approaches, ENTERPRISE reusable designs, products, services and solutions that crOSSOVer Italy offers to its partners with the aim of improving the ability to intervene in business SOLUTIONS & SERVICES management at all levels, in areas of Knowledge and Document Management, Business Intelligence, ERP, CRM, HR Management.crOSSOVer crOSSOVer crOSSOVer crOSSOVer crOSSOVerProject Web Social erP BPMManagement Solutions networking Solutions & DM 9
  10. 10. C o m p a n y O v erviewc ommunic ation Web & Me d i a S e r v i c e s cOMMUnIcATIOn MeDIA & WeB SerVIceS is dedicated to offer the sphere of Corporate and COMMUNICATION Institutional Communications. This sector is closely interrelated to new media (web, WEB & MEDIA SERVICES mobile), with particular attention to user experience, design and content management and, increasingly, to the training through links with the Creative Campus.crOSSOVer crOSSOVercorporate Web Design &communication cMS VIFestivaldi Musica e Arte Sacra Internazionale Concerto inaugurale con i Wiener Philharmoniker e il Coro dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia Roma, 11 ottobre 2007 VIFestivalMusica e Arte Sacra di Internazionale INVITO Roma, 10 -13 ottobre 2007 Fondazione Pro Musica e Arte Sacra BENEFATTORE Via Paolo VI, 29 - 00193 Roma VIFestivali Internazionale d Musica e Arte Sacra Basilica di San Pietro in Vaticano L’ Cardinale Arciprete 10 ottobre 2007, ore 17 della Basilica Papale di San Paolo fuori le Mura Santa Messa dedicata a Sua Santità Benedetto XVI W. Seifen, Missa Solemnis „Tu es Petrus“ per coro, orchestra e organo e il Presidente Generale Symphonisches Orchester der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin della Fondazione Pro Musica e Arte Sacra Humboldts Studentische Philharmonie Humboldts Philharmonischer Chor sono lieti di invitare la S.V. al Organista Wolfgang Seifen Direttore Constantin Alex Concerto inaugurale SETTORE ROSSO Basilica di San Paolo fuori le Mura del VI Festival Internazionale 11 ottobre 2007, ore 21 di Musica e Arte Sacra Concerto inaugurale G. Verdi, Messa da Requiem Basilica di San Paolo fuori le Mura, Wiener Philharmoniker Coro dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia Piazzale San Paolo 1, Roma Direttore Daniele Gatti Giovedì 11 ottobre 2007 ore 21 Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore con i Wiener Philharmoniker 12 ottobre 2007, ore 21 e il Coro dell’Accademia Nazionale Nova Metamorfosi - Musica Sacra a Milano nel primo Seicento di Santa Cecilia Le Poème Harmonique Direttore Vincent Dumestre diretti da Daniele Gatti Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano nella Messa da Requiem di Giuseppe Verdi 13 ottobre 2007, ore 21 Johann Sebastian Bach, Messa in si minore BWV 232 Solisti: Fiorenza Cedolins, Dolora Zajick, The Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra and Choir Fabio Sartori e Ferruccio Furlanetto Direttore Ton Koopman Si prega di confermare la partecipazione entro e non oltre il 1 ottobre al numero 06-688 99 532 oppure via e-mail Si accede all’ingresso riservato in P.le San Paolo, lato destro del portico, direttamente con questo invito. La Basilica apre alle ore 20. È gradito l’abito scur ettato. 10
  11. 11. C o m p a n y O v erviewc ampus e ducational The eDUcATIOnAL campus offering is articulated into: • a consultancy component specialized in the design of training; • a technological component as a platform for learning “CROSSOVER Learning System”; • a training component divided into five thematic campus from which some spin-off were generated.crOSSOVer crOSSOVer crOSSOVer crOSSOVereducational University Spin-off e-Learningconsulting BUSINESS Campus CREATIVE Campus HUMAN RESOURCES Campus SECURITY Campus TECHNOLOGY Campus 11
  12. 12. C o m p a n y O v erviewP r ofessionals re f e r e n c e sThe principal typologies of professionals in thecompany are as follows: • Project Manager • Service Manager • Process consultant • Data and Process Analysts • Software Architect • Developers • Specialized System engineers • Formers • communication experts • Security consultants 12
  13. 13. C o m p a n y O v erviewr e ferences – Projects Application Services Maintenance, evolutive Management Networks System of TLC and Utilities Evolutive Services Application Maintenance for the management system of Defense Typological Tables Training Course: Security and Protection of Classified Information •Applications Services of Analysis and Development for the management system of Defense Typological Tables •Training Services on Microsoft technologies for the Summit Combined Joint Operations Command (IOC) of Defence •Specialized services for the RESIA VMware platform (Air Force) Consulting services aimed at clearance of Preventive Security (NOSP) 13
  14. 14. C o m p a n y O v erviewr e ferences – Projects Analysis of Professional Services, Development and On-Site Support. Project Management for the government of start-up processes, planning, monitoring and control, execution and closure of projects life-cycle. Design and implementation of a Workflow System and Document Management •Training Course: Security and Protection of Classified Information •Training Course: Certification of Product Safety and Information Systems and Communications •Consultancy services for the preparation of the Programmatic Security Document • Specialized services for the execution of a Vulnerability Assessment Training and set up of multimedia classrooms outsourced at customer sites 14
  15. 15. C o m p a n y O v erviewL o cations & contacts rOMA HeADQUArTerS Viale SS. Pietro e Paolo n. 21 00144 rOMA - Italy Tel. +39 - 3 Fax +39 BArI OFFIceS Piazza Aldo Moro, 37 70122 BArI - Italy Tel. +39 - 8 Fax +39 15
  16. 16. w - ww w . c r o s s o v e r w e b . e uc o