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Cinema In 2020



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Cinema In 2020

  1. 1. CINEMA IN 2020 TOMMI RISSANEN 20.02 2010
  2. 2. TOMMI RISSANEN Digital and Social Media Consultant at Digital Media Finland Social media, emerging technologies and digital ecosystems explorer
  3. 3. A P P Technology R Interaction O Experience A C H
  5. 5. DECADE HALLMARKS 1970 - 2001 Space Odyssey 1980 - Star Wars trilogy 1990 - Jurassic Park,Terminator 2 2000 - Shrek, Matrix 2010 - Avatar
  6. 6. 2020 Immersive movie experience with the best picture and sound Smaller theaters with on- demand movies for the long tail of movies and back catalogue
  10. 10. 2020 Global interaction in live events Instant feedback and communication with own communities Being social
  11. 11. EXPERIENCE
  12. 12. 2020 Movie theater as an event platform Global premieres with unique live content Sharing experiences
  13. 13. 2020?
  14. 14. 2020? Immersive experience Instant feedback Event platform Global interaction Cinema on demand Unique live content Social experience
  15. 15. TOMMI RISSANEN +358401645364 TOMMI@RISSANEN.FI @rissanen

Editor's Notes

  • Creating a “Counsultancy in the digital age”
    - eating own medicine
    - transparent, open
    - giving away as much information as possible
  • Some rights reserved _blank [AT] null66913
  • Some rights reserved ♥Denise A. Wells♥
  • Star wars original trilogy - star ships, thx sounds
    Jurassic park and T2 - computer generated imagenery
    Shrek and others of the genre - feature film computer animation, animation for both children and adults, Matrix bullet-time visual effects
    Avatar - 3D

    Getting closer all the time to provide more realistic visualization of fantasy elements
    - Not huge change, story is still the most important
  • Theaters must provide an advanced experience compared to homes and that is harder all the time - 360 degrees

    Digital distribution makes it possible to provide niche audiences the opportunity to see back catalogue movies in limited on-demand bases
    - maybe the sizes of the theaters will fall and audiences are provided more choice
  • Telephone great at 1on1
    press, still and moving images and sound (recorded media), broadcast great at delivering same content to large audiences
    - Internet provides many-to-many communication including all media types
    - People are getting used to that - how can movie theaters respond to this
  • - Live events require spectacles - real time becomes the big opportunity to interact with the global community

    - Online communities are with us all the time - the feedback and interaction with it is instantaneous
    - People require immediacy and real time content - delayed system is unsustainable
  • Going to movies is an event and an experience. It is a social event - and Internet technologies will not take away the people’s need for social interaction and experiences
  • The theaters are places to meet people and get experiences - movie related fan-happenings, theme events etc
    Global community, directors, actors etc. part of the live event
    Sharing makes experiences deeper
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