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Leading change laitio


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Change within Helsinki´s Youth Department presented by Director Tommi Laitio at Aalto Executive Education 2.3.2016.

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Leading change laitio

  1. 1. Leading Change: Helsinki Youth Department Tommi Laitio Director of Youth Affairs 2.3.2016 MBA, AaltoEE
  2. 2. Helsinki Youth Department • Mission: Make the entire city a great place to be a teenager. • Methods: Youth clubs, skate parks, leisure activities, street art, squatters, democratic participation • 1,4 million contacts / year, 2000 hobby groups • 400 employees, 60 venues • Annual spending 31 million euros
  3. 3. During my first year I visited all our venues. Four main findings and reactions to them.
  4. 4. 1. We do amazing work but people did not know about it. Solution: New narrative
  5. 5. 2. We needed a bigger frame for our work. Solution: From running services to improving a city.
  6. 6. 3. There was no crisis. Solution: First culture and operations, then structure.
  7. 7. 4. People want to work with us and want us to succeed. Solution: identify change ambassadors
  8. 8. Change process 2012–2013 Listening, Building trust in new management, Symbolic wins 2013–2014 Participatory design, PR, Strategy 2015 Reorganisation, Recruiting 2016 Behaviour change on staff-level 2014: Staff workshop 2013: President of the Republic visits a youth club
  9. 9. Staff Participation 353 employees spent a day interviewing teenagers 10 Open Staff Forums 10 Planning Groups 5 Staff Events 50 Team Discussions 2 Events for Managers Appr. 100 Personal Hearings All material in intranet
  10. 10. Strategy 1. Youth work is local and needs to be planned based on every neighbourhood´s needs. This means more power to young people. 2. The role of the professional is to help young people and other organisations to do good things for young people. 3. Empathic skills are the new urban skills. Organisation 1. From function-based to an area-based organisation. 2. Matrix organisation for development. 3. Recruiting new top management. 4. All managers change units. 5. Youth workers get to change their unit if desired. 6. Planning staff : from experts to service designers.
  11. 11. What has changed? • Helsinki´s leading department in job satisfaction • More contacts to young people • More and better visibility • Bigger budget • Exemplary implementation of city strategy
  12. 12. Examples: From running the city's youth services to making Helsinki a nice place to be a teenager. New and stronger partnerships with arts institutions, police etc Participatory budgeting with 6700 participants Annual report on the state of young people Summer job voucher for all 15- year-olds (appr. 5500 teenagers) 2,2m € donation for migrant work Joint building projects like an event venue in a gasbell
  13. 13. Day 62 of the new organisation 1. Day-to-day operations running smoothly. 2. New management works well as a team. Combination of insiders and outsiders works well. 3. Managers under a lot of stress. But there is a desire to make this work. 4. As managers changed units, different practices became visible. The issue is not fixed in a day. 5. Should have invested more in change management for planning staff. 6. We have built very high expectations for the change. Now it is time to deliver.
  14. 14. Lessons 1. The frame you choose defines the resources you have. (department vs. Helsinki) 2. Find pockets of existing good practice. (visits to youth clubs regularly, social media) 3. People see the big picture if you think they will. (workshops, seminars, working groups, communications) 4. Allow some people to do more. (ask for volunteers) 5. Be frank but empathic. (invest in a fair process) 6. Make pain and anxiety visible. (online barometer for mapping flow) 7. Invest in management. (change management training)
  15. 15. Tommi Laitio Director of Youth Affairs City of Helsinki, Youth Department Hietaniemenkatu 9B PL 5000, 00099 City of Helsinki tommi.laitio (a) twitter: tommilaitio