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Microsoft Ignite Recap


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New Jersey SharePoint / Office 365 User Group Presents the Microsoft Ignite Recap by Thomas Daly. This session will present some of the most prevalent information from the full week conference and boils it down into 1.5 hour presentation. Lot's of great information, links to blogs, videos, slides and more!

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Microsoft Ignite Recap

  1. 1. MicroSoft Ignite Recap New Jersey SharePoint / Office 365 User Group
  2. 2. Purpose  There an enormous amount of announcements, slides, videos and content that has come out of the conference.  Our goal is to deliver a weeks worth of information in 1.5 hours  The slides are jam packed with links for more information  We will cover topics such as Office 365, Azure, SharePoint, OneDrive, Skype, Yammer, InfoPath plus additional information and resources
  3. 3. About Me  SharePoint Consultant  Developer  Branding  Focused on the UI side of things  Community Involvement  Speaker  NJ SharePoint User Group  SharePoint Saturday NYC Organizer  SharePoint Saturday NJ Organizer  My SharePoint Blog
  4. 4. Office 365 & SharePoint  and-collaboration-in-office-365/  A significant update to the OneDrive browser experience, so that you can find, access, share and collaborate on all your files in Office 365.  OneDrive sync preview for SharePoint Online document libraries and folders shared with you.  Team news to keep your team up to date and informed of what matters.  People cards in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business that intelligently surface content and details from your colleagues’ profiles.  New integration with Microsoft Flow, PowerApps and Yammer.  Preview of the SharePoint mobile apps for Windows 10 Mobile and Android.  Enhancements for developers including new sites and lists APIs in Microsoft Graph.  New security controls including site classification and conditional access based on location and device.  Feature Pack 1 for SharePoint Server 2016.  Expanded FastTrack services and tools to support hybrid configurations and migration.
  5. 5. Mobile Enhancements  intranet-with-team-news-apps-for-android-and-windows-and-more/  Team news for SharePoint Online modern team sites (announced today).  SharePoint mobile apps for Android and Windows 10 Mobile (in preview today).  Learn more about SharePoint mobile app for Android and the SharePoint mobile app for Windows 10 Mobile.  News roll-up tab within the SharePoint mobile app for iOS (announced today).  Create a modern team site and an associated Office 365 group from the SharePoint home (announced today).  every group in Office 365 Groups gets the full power of a SharePoint Online team site.  New people experiences within SharePoint Online team sites, document libraries and lists, and OneDrive for Business (rolling out now).  Read more about upcoming updates to people experiences throughout Office 365.
  6. 6. SharePoint Framework (SPFx)  The SharePoint Framework, now in public preview, allows developers to extend SharePoint and build mobile-ready web parts, pages and applications using modern and open frameworks.  Webhooks help developers stay up to date with changes in lists and document libraries.  Microsoft Graph enables access to SharePoint sites and lists from any device or service.  Over the coming months, we will work to expand the SharePoint Framework into app and team site extensibility scenarios, and improve SharePoint add-in capabilities.  and-connected-platform/
  7. 7. Security, privacy and compliance  sharepoint-and-onedrive/  Conditional access policies that govern access to files based on endpoint location (available today).  With new location-based conditional access policies in SharePoint Online, you can limit access to specific corporate networks or locations.  Granular conditional access policies based on the managed state of a device (available by end of year).  You can either grant full access, prevent all access or allow restricted access from unmanaged devices.  The new restricted access policy allows a user to view a file in their browser but does not allow them to download, print or sync.  New Office 365 datacenter locations in Germany and Canada, extending our industry leadership in the number of distinct global regions to meet your compliance needs (available today in Canada and by end of year in Germany).  Customer-controlled SharePoint and OneDrive encryption keys (available by end of year).  You can use customer-managed “master keys” to encrypt/decrypt the individual encryption keys used to encrypt each file.  You can also decide to change or revoke access to these keys to guarantee that Microsoft has no way to access encrypted files.  Site classification that guides users to understand the value and sensitivity of information and can be extended to apply classification-specific security configuration (available by end of year).  The site classification is a property that can be accessed programmatically, so you can script reporting or the application of additional security policies.  The site classification appears in the header of the site and group pages and serves as a reminder to users that your organization has guidance regarding the use and sharing of information on the site.  Unified auditing across site collections in Office 365 and on-premises SharePoint Server 2016 with Feature Pack 1 (available in November 2016).  SharePoint unified auditing combines data from the cloud and on-premises for complete audit reporting in one unified console in the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center
  8. 8. SharePoint Server 2016 Feature Pack 1  sharepoint-server-2016-cloud-born-and-future-proof/  Logging of administrative actions performed in Central Administration and with Windows PowerShell.  Enhancements to MinRole to support small environments.  A new OneDrive for Business user experience.  Custom tiles in the SharePoint app launcher.  Unified auditing across site collections on-premises and in Office 365.  Unified taxonomy across on-premises and Office 365.  OneDrive API 2.0.
  9. 9. Expanding FastTrack services  Today, we’re announcing the expansion of Microsoft FastTrack, with services to migrate from SharePoint Server 2013 to Office 365, and for hybrid configuration  In addition, file migration services from network files shares, Google Drive and Box are available as a no cost benefit for customers with 150+ eligible seats.  In addition, we are also releasing a free migration assessment tool for SharePoint Server 2013, empowering our customers to start their own migration planning or do so with the help of Microsoft FastTrack. To learn more about FastTrack and the related announcements made at Ignite today, visit
  10. 10. Microsoft StaffHub  Microsoft StaffHub is a new app that makes it easy for managers to create teams, manage shift schedules and provide relevant information to their workers.  For deskless workers, all their schedule information, important communications, announcements and content are just a few taps away on their mobile devices.  Read more about Microsoft StaffHub.  Availability: Microsoft StaffHub is now available in public preview for the web, iOS and Android, for Office 365 Enterprise K1, E1, E3 and E5 customers.
  11. 11. Productivity  Tap in Word and Outlook - Find and use relevant content from within your organization without leaving the document or email you’re editing.  QuickStarter in PowerPoint and Sway - Powered by the Bing Knowledge Graph, QuickStarter in Sway and PowerPoint provides carefully curated outlines for any topic, including recommendations on information to include, categories to consider and associated images  Designer in PowerPoint now can recommend professional design options for bulleted process lists.  Turn data into Maps in Excel—Now you can transform geographic data into professional visualizations with just a few steps, using the new Maps chart type in Excel.  Microsoft MyAnalytics—Create better work habits with the help of Microsoft MyAnalytics (formerly Delve Analytics).
  12. 12. Azure  Cloud innovations empowering IT for business transformation - Jason Zander CVP, Microsoft Azure Team  Azure Networking announcements for Ignite 2016 - Yousef Khalidi CVP, Azure Networking  Public preview of Azure Monitor – new service making inbuilt monitoring available to all Azure users  Azure Networking announcements – Public preview of Accelerated Networking for high throughput and reduce network latency  General availability of Virtual Network Peering (VNet Peering) – VNet Peering connects Virtual Networks (VNets) in the same region, enabling direct full mesh connectivity. High bandwidth / low latency.  Azure now supports Native IPv6 network connectivity  Higher Availability - Our new Active-Active Virtual Private Network (VPN) Gateway for the High-Performance VPN gateway SKU is recommended for production workloads.  General Availability of Azure DNS. you can now host domains in Azure DNS and manage DNS records using the same credentials, APIs, tools  Azure Stack Technical Preview 2 – enabling you to deliver Azure services from your own datacenter.  Announcing Azure Command Line Interface (Azure CLI) 2.0 Preview  Web Application Firewall (WAF) – With the addition of WAF capabilities to the Application Gateway service, we’re significantly enhancing your ability to manage application security.  In General - More Secure, Faster, Higher Performing, More Reliable
  13. 13. Office 365  Office 365 Groups is a group membership service that provides a single identity for teams in Office 365 and equips them with a set of group collaboration assets such as a calendar, a OneNote notebook, a Plan to manage tasks and conversations powered by Outlook or Yammer.  Discover Office 365 Groups—overview, administration and roadmap, presented a comprehensive overview and update on Office 365 Groups.  Recent innovations such as the ability to add external team members, a modern SharePoint team site for every group and the new Outlook Groups iPad app to name a few.  Administration updates to help you manage and govern groups; features presented included data classification and usage guidelines, dynamic membership, audit log and usage reports and the ability to upgrade a distribution group (DL) with one click via the Exchange admin center.  Groups supports both hybrid scenario with on-premises mailbox and multiple domains  Yammer is integrating with Office 365 Groups  Upcoming work on group preservation and deletion policies was announced
  14. 14. OneDrive  Major OneDrive updates at Ignite 2016 include SharePoint Online sync preview  New sync capabilities include: • Ability to sync SharePoint Online document libraries and OneDrive folders shared with you (preview available today). • An “activity center” has been added to the OneDrive sync client to allow you to view synchronization and file activity at a glance (preview available today).  New browser capabilities include: • Rich thumbnails and previews for over 20 new file types (rolling out before the end of 2016). • Ability to access and edit all your files in OneDrive and SharePoint Online from the OneDrive browser client (rolling out before the end of 2016). • Capability to download multiple files as a .zip file (rolling out before the end of 2016).  New mobile capabilities include: • Notifications to your iOS or Android device when someone shares a OneDrive file with you (available today). • Access to SharePoint Online files in the OneDrive app on Android (available today). • Multi-page scan enhancements in the OneDrive app on Android (available today). • Ability to see over time how many people have discovered and viewed your files in OneDrive for iOS (available today).  New IT capabilities include: • Enhancements to integration with Office 2016 (available in First Release). • Simple, flexible OneDrive user management in Office 365 (available in First Release). • Dedicated OneDrive administration console in Office 365 (rolling out before the end of 2016).
  15. 15. Yammer  Yammer integrates with Office 365 groups  Today, we’re pleased to announce that Yammer is integrating with Office 365 Groups, bringing together the power of open collaboration with the productivity tools millions rely on every day.  With this integration, Yammer users can easily turn ideas into action with access to SharePoint sites and document repositories, a shared OneNote notebook, and lightweight task management with Planner.  These new experiences and more will be rolling out in phases over the coming months.  You can now take advantage of the powerful content creation and management capabilities of Office Online and SharePoint from within Yammer.
  16. 16. Skype For Business  New Skype for Business for Mac will be available in October. The new client has been written from the ground up using Swift, the modern Mac programming language  Skype Operations Framework – MS FastTrack program that provides tools and resources, as well as partner support, to organizations looking at using Skype for Business  Next generation Skype Room Systems – Skype Room Systems bring the Skype for Business meeting experience, with rich HD audio and video, to every meeting room.  Skype for Business Advanced Analytics will be in preview by end of 2016 – provide an end-to-end view of the Skype for Business online environment  Skype for Salesforce - surfaces the capabilities of Skype for Business Online directly within Salesforce to give sellers the ability to communicate in real-time with colleagues straight from the Salesforce Lightning Experience.
  17. 17. InfoPath Current Status  There will be no InfoPath 2016, but InfoPath 2013 is filling that role. SharePoint 2016 works with InfoPath 2013, which will be supported until 2026 as if it were part of Office 2016.  Microsoft has recently provided guidance that the successor to InfoPath will be PowerApps, but with caveats: feature parity with InfoPath is not a goal, and InfoPath will still be preferred for some scenarios involving offline work and rich XML documents, for example.  Office 365 will support InfoPath browser forms in SharePoint Online ‘until further notice‘. There were indications that support might end one year after the release of Office 2016, but that date has now passed.  InfoPath browser forms with code do not work on SharePoint Online  InfoPath browser forms do not work on mobile devices when SharePoint Online mobile view is enabled. Summary from - Mobile forms and application blog by formotus
  18. 18. Microsoft provides guidance on PowerApps vs. InfoPath  InfoPath 2013 continues to be supported through 2026.  Continue to use [InfoPath] for XML documents, ECM, offline scenarios.  PowerApps is the successor for forms scenarios, but doesn’t seek feature parity with InfoPath.  In this interview from Ignite, Microsoft Senior Product Manager Chris McNulty says:  “We’ve talked about ‘we want you to get off InfoPath’ but we never gave you a good answer before. We’ve really learned from that. And now we have the answer, and the answer is PowerApps and Flow. They are the successor to the InfoPath / SharePoint Designer model.”  Update: The video for Ignite Session THR3004 became available, in which McNulty says:  “When we talked about deprecating InfoPath two and half years ago, we didn’t give a clear roadmap of what you were supposed to do next. … We’re here today to really make sure people understand that where we are pointed moving forward is to PowerApps and Flow.”  Microsoft guidance is that there is no InfoPath replacement from Microsoft other than PowerApps and Flow. Even so, there’s still this caveat:  “There are some scenarios InfoPath excels at — the offline access, those rich XML document scenarios — you should continue to use.” Summary from - Mobile forms and application blog by formotus
  19. 19. Forms - PowerApps  With Microsoft’s recent announcement of PowerApps, we now have a soon-to- be full featured solution for building custom forms going forward.  PowerApps is a standalone platform that provides us a way to integrate many SaaS offerings including Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Dropbox, OneDrive, Office 365 and many others.  Forms created via PowerApps can be designed for phone, tablet and desktop viewing alike.  This technology is currently in Preview with an aggressive backlog of exciting features coming down the pipe.  PowerApps is currently in Preview mode and is expected to be generally available in Q4 of 2016
  20. 20. Workflows - Flow  Microsoft has addressed this gap with Microsoft Flow.  Flow is the new out-of-the-box workflow platform for SharePoint that's built on top of Azure Logic Apps.  Flow is a browser-based editor for automating simple to complex business processes that interact with many SaaS services, including Office 365 and SharePoint Online.  The capabilities of Flow far outweigh anything we’ve been able to do with SharePoint workflows in the past.  Flow is currently in Preview Mode and is expected to be generally available in Q4 of 2016.  PowerApps and Flow, along with Power BI and Azure Logic Apps, all support connecting to data residing in your on-premises environments using gateways.  PowerApps Data Gateway and Flow Data Gateway integrate with your on-premises data by providing a secure connection without poking any inbound holes in your firewall.  This technology works by installing a Windows service on your SharePoint server which then polls the PowerApps or Flow cloud endpoints and will respond to requests for interacting with your data. Summary from - Ignite 2016 - SharePoint Forms and Workflows by Brad Schlintz
  21. 21. Office 365 Roadmap  Office 365 Roadmap  The Office 365 Roadmap lists updates that are currently planned for applicable subscribers. Updates are at various stages from being in development to rolling-out to customers to being generally available for applicable customers world-wide.
  22. 22. Customer Feedback for Microsoft Office 365  UserVoice -  If you have suggestions for how we can improve any area in Office 365, please share them with us here  This is how you get heard on problems or requests with feature enhancements.  Have ideas to improve SharePoint? Please visit SharePoint UserVoice.  Have ideas to improve Video? Please visit O365 Video UserVoice.  Have ideas to improve OneDrive? Please visit OneDrive UserVoice  Have ideas to improve Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote or Access? Please visit Word UserVoice, PowerPoint UserVoice, Excel UserVoice, OneNote UserVoice or Access UserVoice.  Have ideas to improve Yammer? Please visit Yammer research..
  23. 23. Videos, Slides & Session Recordings  Key Notes  Videos  Microsoft Ignite – Microsoft Tech Community – discussions wrapped around the conference and content.  Video Downloaders  Ignite 2016 Slidedeck and Video downloader – By Michel de Rooij  The Ultimate Script to download Microsoft Ignite Videos AND slides! – By Vlad Catrinescu
  24. 24. MS Ignite 2017  Julia White Announces Microsoft Ignite 2017  Official Website -  September 25–29, 2017  Orlando Florida  Pre-Registration Link -  Gets you first access to hotels