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Stone+AL-Honeycomb panels


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Stone+AL_Honeycomb panels

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Stone+AL-Honeycomb panels

  1. 1. Grand Hall / Venetian Casino, Hotel / Las Vegas
  2. 2. Venetian / Las Vegas / gardens
  3. 3. garden wall / VenetianCasino Hotel, Las Vegas Please note the wall caps the radius , out-of-plane curves, the miters, etc.this is all real stone, not cast , not poured
  4. 4. Venetian Casino Hotel / Las Vegas / fountain
  5. 5. blue sky over Atherton Villa
  6. 6. Atherton, Villagood line-symmetry inthe stone-joints..withyoung lemons
  7. 7. entry:please note the radiusstone moldings andmarble inlay elementsagain; this is all realstone.. not cast, notpoured...rather, cut buytrue artists... followingthe trade of their fathers
  8. 8. the floor is hand-laidmosaic; the bath-tub iscarved from onesolid marble block
  9. 9. factory "dry-lay" fitting of special pieces
  10. 10. Limestone:cut-to-sizeexterior cladding
  11. 11. 100 year old courthouse damage- repair (new stone capitols ) ...block selection and initial carving layout...
  12. 12. finished basecarving, in the factory...but up-side is down,the final finishing is yet to done in this picture( there are some ridges and flat spots to be smoothed)
  13. 13. final replicated capital ... now in place
  14. 14. Mondavi Performing Arts Center, Davis, CAthe stone selection seems wildly out of range; but this was by the design of the Architect.
  15. 15. Mondavi PAC / west elevation .... the various stone shade variations are by the design ofthe Architect, and to mimic the varied intensity of musical notes....
  16. 16. 409-499 Illinios , San Francisco
  17. 17. 409-499 Illinios, San Francisco / Aerial View
  18. 18. 409-499 Illinios, San Francisco / Plaza
  19. 19. the Anaheim Arena, now Honda Center
  20. 20. Anaheim Arena / main entrance / granite arch
  21. 21. originally named the " duck pond" heres Goofy in hockey gear welcoming fans
  22. 22. Ameristar Casino Hotel: stone counter, stone floor , stone tile at the bath tub walls : We were called in to "rescue" this job when another supplier had serious quality issues...we did... all are happy now..yes, all made money..
  23. 23. Ameristar / Casino Hotel
  24. 24. Intercontinentals flagship, 5 star property in their home base, Atlanta
  25. 25. Intercontinental Hotel( Buckhead ) Atlanta, GAPlease note: Black Granite elements... radius edge at vanity.-top... molding mirror frame behind the granite shower dam, trim, base and floor ....insets
  26. 26. Waldorf-Astoria (Bonnet-creek, Orlando )note the black granite vanity top. This blackis not a normal black... it is blacker thanmost and selected for the Waldorf by theirdesigner....
  27. 27. Waldorf -Astoria Spa floor:...Water-jet cutting for the continuouslychanging curves.. and their requirementof very small joints offered a specialchallenge... floor-panels are backed withhoneycomb
  28. 28. water-jet cutting machinesallow us to do very delicatecutting
  29. 29. Umstead Hotel
  30. 30. Lobby
  31. 31. stone terrace
  32. 32. guest bath
  33. 33. carved limestone: private residence/ San Francisco
  34. 34. You can see in pictures 10,11 and 13that some of our carving in by hand...wealso use modern grinding tools too
  35. 35. Times-Plaza / Shenzhen: We supply granite claddingfor large buildings exteriors too !!
  36. 36. Overseas buildings In the passed 24 months we have been selected to supply 5 large buildings by one particularly powerful client.. They asked for theirprojects to not be specifically mentioned at this time… keeping to theirwishes … and understanding that there are few more ( projects) in the ‘pipeline’ we are appropriately vague . We are very sorry this sounds so mysterious. But we always take our marching orders from our clients and adhere to their wishes… What are you to take from this ? That there are some “big boys” out there who very much like the way they are treated (by us); in fact they rely on us and plan to do more work with us.