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What Your Web Developer Never Tells You


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What Your Web Developer Never Tells You

  1. 1. What Your Website Developer Never Tells You Phone: (717) 291-4689
  2. 2. What Page 2 Your Website Developer Never Tells You In this report... Website Problems Website Problems and Gripes 1 and Gripes The Cost of an Unprofessional Website 2 The 6 biggest problems that Education - Knowledge and Experience 2 businesses have with their How To Match The Right Website Provider With Your Business 3 website companies: 6 Ways Companies Effectively Use Their Website 5 5 Keys to a Profitable Website 6 • They don’t return my phone Website Design Mistakes & How to Avoid Them 7 calls 8 Creative Ways to Add Real Content to Your Site. 9 • They don’t make changes to How to Increase Website Sales 11 my site in a timely manner Who Owns Your Web Address and How to Select It? 13 • They are no longer in business 21 Questions That You Should Ask Before Hiring a Web Developer 16 • They never finished my site • They could not make my site function correctly Here’s what you’ll learn… In the next 16 pages you will learn… • My site looks bad • How to avoid problems with your web developer • What your website says about your company Most of these problems stem from a lack of knowledge and • How to choose a web developer with the right balance of education and experience experience on the part of many self-proclaimed web designers. • Innovative ways to use your website as a tool to grow The fact is there are NO your business standards, licenses, tests or • The essential elements all good websites have in common diplomas required to become a web designer. In addition many • How to ensure your website isn't driving customers away web designers are not business • How to use your customers to help you sell your products owners. They are part-time, one- person shops, that often cannot • What your web pages MUST contain if you want visitors to provide the consistent customer become customers service that many businesses • How to avoid problems when selecting and buying your require. domain name Suggestion: Check out The 21 • The questions you need to ask BEFORE you hire a web devel- Questions you should ask before oper hiring a website company (see page 16) to help you evaluate the experience, skills, responsiveness and customer service skills of potential website providers. Phone: (717) 291-4689
  3. 3. Page 3 The Cost of an Education - Knowledge Unprofessional Website and Experience Your website may be the first impression Most website designers/developers don’t that a prospect has about your business. have formal training. Many are self taught. What type of impression would you like to Now, some people benefit from teaching make? Does your website give your themselves valuable skills. They learn to internet visitor the WOW Factor? “WOW, I problem solve and gain valuable should call, email or do business with this experience that they would never learn in company." a classroom. Sometimes, though, self- taught individuals will lack important knowledge to complete your project. If your website … Unfortunately, it’s hard to know before you hire them if they have the knowledge Looks like a Junior High School student and ability to correctly develop your project website without wasting a lot of time and Lacks a Marketing Message money. Lacks Content Suggestion: Ask the web designer/ Has Typos developer about their training. It is Doesn’t Function important to find a person who sees the value in training and education as well as experience. ...Then chances are you are not projecting the WOW Factor to your potential Types of training available customers and it's costing you money in lost sales, lost opportunities, lack of trust A web designer needs strong graphic and more! There's no way to calculate that design skills in order to design cost, but asking yourself what your professional websites. So where do web average customer is worth to your designers acquire these skills? business is a good start! Just how many average customers are you turning away Graphic Art Schools – There are many every day that you let your unprofessional schools that provide training in graphic website speak for your company? design. Training can range from a 6 week continuing education course to a 2 year program emphasizing many areas of graphic design. EZSolution Corp. Phone: (717) 291-4689 Phone: (717) 291-4689
  4. 4. Page 3 Many of graphic art schools also offer How much business will you lose? Are you website programming classes in many paying for their learning curve? programming languages including asp,, php, java and javascript. Suggestion: Ask to see other similar projects that your web developer has completed. Always ask Online Schools – these schools offer for client references. This is probably several different types of classes. the best indicator of their abilities and experience. Tutorials: These are classes that are not led by an instructor. The student reads materials or watches videos. Students take a quizzes or tests after How to Match the Right each section. Some online schools will Website Service Provider provide a certificate showing that the student has passed the course. with your Business Webinars: These are classes Compare Your Business Size to Theirs where you have audio and visual training over the internet. Students have the One way to see if a website designer is opportunity to ask questions either over right for your business is to match up the the phone or by typing a message to the size of their business with the size of your instructor. business. Instructor lead classes: These are self paced classes that allow the One Person Show – This is one person student to interact with the instructor. working full time or part-time (at night or The student has projects that get on weekends) as a website designer. They submitted to the instructor for a grade. are probably working out of their home. This means they have no business infrastructure. When they are busy with Experience other clients, they can’t work on your There is no substitute for experience. You website. They may or may not have any can have formal training on a topic but formal training. They can probably design have no experience. What happens if you brochure type sites with no interaction. have a complex shopping cart or database project and your website firm has never completed this type of project before? You The web designer is often a friend or might get lucky. Short term the project relative of someone in the company might work out. However, what are the needing a website. The work is often long-term implications if you encounter provided at very cheap rates ($25-$45/ problems with your shopping cart in the hour is not uncommon). One disadvantage future? is that they tend to be very unreliable and unable to provide consistent service to their customers. EZSolution Corp. Phone: (717) 291-4689 Phone: (717) 291-4689
  5. 5. Page 4 Website Company – This is a company What Programming Language will with employees. Each employee may be a they Develop In? generalist or have a specific specialty. This one of those questions that you These companies are usually probably don’t care much about. After all, accomplished at small to mid-sized sites, you just want your site to look good and E-Commerce and custom database function well. websites. Their clients are typically small to mid-sized businesses. They also typically offer some level of website Most companies only worry about what marketing and hosting packages. They programming language their site uses can handle most projects in-house but after problems begin to crop up. The may subcontract higher level specialized relationship has deteriorated with their website features. They’re also usually current web developer and now they'd like affordable with rates from $85 to $125/ to look elsewhere. hour. The website projects that these firms typically work on cost from $3,000 to $50,000. Some firms are large enough It is easier to move your site from one to work on projects up to $100,000. firm to another if the first firm has programmed your site in a common programming language like: Large Website Company – These are large full-service web development • Html companies. They may have multiple • Php locations. The staff has many members with the same specialties working in • Asp teams to complete large complex projects. • They work on websites that have no tolerance for down-time. They provide hosting on redundant and mirrored And used common databases like: servers. They offer 24/7 support plans. These firms work on projects from • MySQL $100,000 to Millions. • MSSQL • Access Suggestion: With client references, ask about their company size and the Suggestion: Ask what complexity of their website project. programming language This will give you a good idea if these references represent a situation similar to your business. EZSolution Corp. Phone: (717) 291-4689 Phone: (717) 291-4689
  6. 6. Page 5 Who will do your Work? In many cases their website replaces sale literature that they would have previously The nature of website development makes sent in the mail. it very easy to outsource work to individuals or companies in other towns, 3. Generate Leads states or even other countries. This can One of the most profitable uses for our be good, since you don't have to rely on customers' websites is to generate leads. local talent to service your company. But This is effective if you are promoting your it can be bad when your website company business locally, regionally or nationally. outsources work to unreliable individuals Lead generation is a key component in or companies. Outsourcing to other most business sales plans. countries can also create language barriers that delay projects and create additional problems. 4. Sell Products If you have a product you can sell any Suggestion: Ask your website where, there is no more cost-effective designer who will be doing your work. way to reach your customers. (No Catalog Will you get direct contact with the Printing…. No Mailing Costs) developer or will you never know their name. 5. Customer Communication One of the best ways to increase your bottom line is to keep in touch with your 6 Ways to Use Your existing customers. After all, selling to Website Effectively existing customers is easier and less expensive than finding new customers. 1. Image/Brand Builder Using email to keep in touch with existing Many companies want to use a website to customers is extremely cost effective and build their image or brand. Most of their simple to do. competitors have a website and they need to keep up as well as have the upper- 6. Employee Communication hand in the market. Many businesses have employees who need to access pertinent information such 2. Provide Information as schedules, employee manuals, Along with creating an image, many of insurance documents etc. This our customers use their site to convey documentation can be organized and information to existing and prospective stored online effectively to increase staff customers. efficiency and productivity. Page 6 EZSolution Corp. Phone: (717) 291-4689 Phone: (717) 291-4689
  7. 7. Page 6 5 Keys to a Profitable The site should be designed to avoid excessive scrolling on individual pages. In Website E-commerce site development, navigation often makes the difference between 1. Design turning a profit or losing money. The graphic design of your site is critical! Sharp graphics and good design principles 4. Content will keep your Internet customer interested. Good copy motivates your Articulate your Unique Selling Proposition customer to action. Your website should (USP) and turn your website into a sales be designed for your target audience. The machine. Your website content should be site design should also reflect your overall motivating and accurately reflect your image. The design of the site should be business. The first step is to decide what clean and professional and most you want visitors to know about your importantly visually fit into your overall business. Then develop a site map. With marketing plan. each page of the site you should answer the question… Why should I buy from YOU instead of your competitors, even if it 2. Speed costs me more? ...If you don’t know, then chances are your target market doesn’t In traditional marketing and advertising either! speed is not an issue. But in Web Marketing, speed is as important as design. If your site is slow to appear, 5. Marketing potential customers will switch to view someone else’s site instead of waiting for Your Internet business, in some respects, yours. Make sure that all of your pages is like opening a new location. If your load fast. customers or potential customers don’t know you exist, they will not find you. And if they can't find you, they can't buy 3. Navigation from you. There are many ways to drive customers to your site. Some of these This is a key point that is often include: traditional advertising, search overlooked by even large companies. Your engine marketing, link building, creating site needs to be user friendly and your your own email lists, and sending emails. visitor needs to easily see what categories are available at all times. If your site appears to be a game of hide-and-go- seek, the joke is on you. Your site design should include a menu navigation bar on every page so the visitor can easily access designated pages of the site from his or her current page location. EZSolution Corp. Phone: (717) 291-4689 Phone: (717) 291-4689
  8. 8. Page 7 Website Design Mistakes • Use a simple white or light-colored background for all your web pages. & The text of your pages should always How to avoid them be a dark color, preferably black. A recent survey asked web users to define the most annoying things they deal with 2. Non-Standard Links on consumer websites. We've listed the Another common complaint users had top 5 complaints by web users below. We concerned sites that made it difficult to recommend that you take a look at your decide what to click on. This included site to see if you are guilty of any of sites that use fancy formatting for links these website "sins". Your reward could where a user needed to "mouseover" the be more sales, more newsletter signups link to determine that it was clickable and and more quality leads for your business. links that opened other browser windows causing users to be confused as to where they were on the site. 1. Readability Issues Many website users were annoyed by websites that made content difficult to What You Can Do: read. This includes sites that used fancy, • Use standard underlined text links, unreadable fonts, sites that placed their highlighted in a different color than content in very small print and sites the rest of the text on the site. The whose background color made the text on best color to use for links is the the site difficult to read. standard blue that is most recognized by internet users. What You Can Do: • Don't underline other content on the site that is NOT a link. This may • Build your site using standard text confuse some of your users. fonts including Verdana, Helvetica or Arial. This ensures that all readers will • Use a different color to differentiate be able to read your text regardless of between visited and unvisited links so the computer system they use. If you users can clearly see where they've must include fancy fonts, do so in the been before. form of a graphic or image so they • Don't open links in a new window. This are readable on all computer only serves to confuse the user. platforms. Exceptions to this rule include links to • Use a standard 9-12 point font size. PDF files and thumbnail images that This makes your text easy to read, lead to larger pictures. even when a user's monitor is set to a higher resolution. Page 8 EZSolution Corp. Phone: (717) 291-4689 Phone: (717) 291-4689
  9. 9. Page 8 • Reduce confusion by using descriptive What You Can Do: text to describe the destination of • Cut out unneeded form fields on your your links. Try "Car Parts" instead of web signup forms, contact forms or "Click Here". checkout page. For example, do you really need a salutation? 3. Annoying Flash Content • Don't make form fields mandatory unless the information is really More web users than not complained necessary. Restrict mandatory fields about sites that used bloated Flash to essential information like names, screens and animated introductions, email addresses or phone numbers. finding them annoying and unnecessary. You can always gather additional information from your users later if What You Can Do: you have their contact information. • Use Flash content sparingly and only • Allow flexible input on forms so users when it truly enhances the user's can enter phone numbers or credit experience and doesn't serve as an card information in the format they unwelcome distraction. For example, a like best. Your form processor should product tutorial done in Flash may be be able to eliminate extra spaces, more interactive and serve your dashes or parentheses from form visitors better than a static html page fields after the form has been of simple screen shots. submitted. • Avoid puffed up splash screens and introductions on your website. Use 5. Inadequate Photo Enlargement Flash content after your user is One of the fiercest complaints cited by already interested in what you have to web users, was about sites that prompt offer. the user to click a photo to see a larger image and then fail to fulfill that promise. In some cases, the image was only 4. Cumbersome Web Forms slightly larger than the original. In others One of the more urgent complaints listed the image was exactly the same size. in the survey concerned the unnecessary Clicking images like these waste a user's length of website forms. It's time and may even get them wondering understandable that as a website owner, what they might have done wrong. you'd like to get as much information as possible from your users. Do that with as few form fields as possible. Long forms or forms that demand information to be input in a specific way are often annoying and frustrating to web users. EZSolution Corp. Phone: (717) 291-4689 Phone: (717) 291-4689
  10. 10. Page 9 What You Can Do: 8 Creative Ways to Add • Never display the same photo as a Real Content to Your Site photo enlargement. The extra click is a waste of time for your user. Instead, If you want better search engine if you don't have a larger picture, rankings, you need to add more content simply present the photo as it is to your site. Useful, constantly updated without an enlargement option. content attracts links to your site, gives you more opportunities to be found when a user does a search and keeps visitors on • When you do have a larger photo to your site longer. Yet, with all the talk show the user, offer one that fills up about adding content, content, content, most of the screen on the most nobody ever tells you what great content common screen size (currently 1024 x is. We're going to change that today! Here 768 for most business to consumer are 8 creative ways to add useful content sites). This will allow you to show to your website for better search engine enough detail about the product to rankings. make opening the extra window worth the user's time. 1. Add an information-rich FAQ section So how does your website stack up against the common website mistakes? Is your website Sit down with your staff and come up with annoying your users and causing you to lose a list of frequently asked questions. What sales? Or are you making it as easy as possible questions do users ask when they call? for users to find what they need? Check your What do they most often want to know website for these common errors that may be about your products or services before taking a bite out of your bottom line. they buy? Write thoughtful answers to each of these questions that naturally incorporate the keywords you'd like to be found under and post the FAQ on your website. 2. Compile interesting and original statistics Are there some interesting statistics surrounding your product line or service? If you're an exterminator for example, can you compile some interesting statistics about insect populations in various regions of the country? EZSolution Corp. Phone: (717) 291-4689 Phone: (717) 291-4689
  11. 11. Page 11 People love to read facts and anecdotes For example, if you sell outdoor tables, that are interesting and informative. They show them how they can be used in a may even pass on particularly interesting variety of ways to decorate their backyard information to family and friends. or perform useful chores around the house. 3. Interview an Authority on Your Subject 6. Write Seasonal Content about Your Products or Services Interview a recognized authority in your field of expertise and provide your visitors The holidays are the perfect time to with exclusive content they can't get showcase unique features of your product elsewhere. For example, if your site or service. For example, if you're a focuses on home decorating, find an photographer, write an article about expert that can offer some quick tips to capturing special moments during the help your visitors create a more inviting Christmas season. Give tips on what to environment, using your products or wear, the best poses or the best ways to services. get candid shots during family gatherings. This idea could spawn articles for every major holiday of the year and create a 4. Offer Product Reviews and Useful great source of ongoing, updated content. Comparisons Do you offer several levels of service or 7. Get Users to Send You Pictures and more than one kind of a certain product? Stories about Your Products Create a section on your site where you compare your products and services to Get your visitors involved by asking them one another in order to help your visitors to send you pictures or stories about your make a more informed choice. For products or services. You might even run example, if you sell several software a contest for the zaniest or most creative applications with varying features, show a pictures or stories. In no time at all you'll side by side comparison to show visitors have lots of interesting content that also how they may benefit from upgrading to a provides testimonials to potential buyers! more expensive version. 8. Write Case Studies Showcasing 5. Write Useful Tips for Using Your Solutions to User Problems Products This tip works particularly well if you offer Do you sell products that could be used a service, but could work for products as for more than one purpose? Write some well. Showcase one or more of your useful tips for your visitors on the customers and do a brief interview. different ways your product may be helpful to them. Page 11 EZSolution Corp. Phone: (717) 291-4689 Phone: (717) 291-4689
  12. 12. Page 11 Your goal is to tell a story about the situation If you understand the main reasons the customer was in before they found you almost 98% of the people that come to and then write a specific description about your website don’t make a purchase, you how your product or service solved their can put some systems in place to improve problem or made their life better. your website sales significantly. For example, if you help your customers So why do so many people leave your get out of debt, showcase one of your website without making a purchase? Here customers, tell visitors about the debt are the most common reasons: issues they had in the past and write about the specific steps your customer went through to reduce or eliminate their 1. The website does not make a debt using your service. The idea is to be compelling sales offer that entices the as specific as possible and to keep hype visitor to buy. to an absolute minimum. 2. The visitor is price shopping and is not ready to make a purchase. Obviously, there are many more ways to 3. The visitor is ready to buy, but cannot create great content for your site on an figure out how to make a purchase ongoing basis. Be creative and put yourself from the website. in your visitor's shoes. Brainstorm some ideas and use some of the suggestions above 4. The visitor requires more information to get you started. When you begin putting to make a purchasing decision. up original, quality content that visitors 5. The visitor does not trust the website really want to read your reward will be more and is afraid to give out their personal visitors that stay at your site longer and buy more of what you have to sell! information. The five reasons above are the most common reasons that visitors to your website do not make a purchase. The good news is that most of them can be corrected easily. How to Increase Website Sales While we can’t do much about a visitor who is just price shopping, we can Statistics show that out of 100 shoppers, address the other four reasons and take only 1 or 2 will actually buy something action to improve our websites. Here are from your website. In other words, 98% seven helpful tips to improve your website of the visitors to your website will leave sales right away. your website without making a purchase. While this is bad news for most website owners, it doesn’t have to be. Page 12 EZSolution Corp. Phone: (717) 291-4689 Phone: (717) 291-4689
  13. 13. Page 12 Improving Your Website for Greater You may also want to offer incentives to Sales get potential customers to purchase right now. Coupon codes, free shipping offers and time sensitive offers can all make a 1. Make your website pages about the difference in the urgency your customer CUSTOMER and not about your feels to purchase right now. company. A potential customer is only interested in 4. Stress the benefits of your how your product or service will benefit products and services whenever THEM, not how many awards you’ve possible. received for your stellar offerings. Reserve information about product Instead of focusing on product features, awards, innovations and other company tell the customer what the features of information for your your product will do for them. For example, instead of saying that your About Us page and link to that page from calculators are 3.5 inches in length, tell other pages in your site. If the visitor them how your calculators are small and wants to know more about you, he can compact, and easily slip into a purse or click to that page to find out more. shirt pocket. 2. Provide additional product 5. Ask for the order! information. So many websites make it difficult for the If the customer is likely to have questions customer to figure out how to order the about a particular product, try to product. Make it easy for your customer anticipate those questions in advance and to buy by telling them what you want answer them clearly. You can include them to do. Place Buy Now buttons or extra information like this with each wording next to every single product you specific product, on a separate more sell. If each product has its own separate information page or in a Frequently Asked product page with longer copy, be sure to Questions section of your website. include a Buy Now button or link in several places throughout the sales copy to get customers to buy when they are 3. Tell the customers WHY they ready. should buy from you. Offer a compelling reason why visitors should buy your product right now. Do you have the lowest prices, the best service, or a special product warranty not offered elsewhere? Let the customer know. Page 13 EZSolution Corp. Phone: (717) 291-4689 Phone: (717) 291-4689
  14. 14. Page 13 6. Let your visitors know they can trust you! You may even enlist the help of friends Let customers know you are a real and family to help you get a more company by providing full contact objective view of your website pages. information on every single page of your Correct any mistakes you find, provide website. Also, let customers know that the information your customers need, they can call you if they have a problem make it simple to order and watch your during the checkout process. Provide your website sales increase! phone number in a visible spot on the page to encourage visitors that have trouble making a purchase to call you. In addition, add Verisign, BBB, or credit card logos to your website, so customers see Selecting the Right Web you as a real company that can be Address trusted. Make warranty information and guarantee information readily available as Selecting your web address (domain well. name) is the first step in developing your website. You might even say it's the most important step. Your goal is to select a 7. Make your shipping details clear name that is easy to remember and before the customer places their reflects your business. order. Nothing is more frustrating for a visitor than to have to get through the entire Should my web address be: checkout process to find out how much it will cost to ship the product they want. This is especially true for larger items, If you are able to purchase your business such as refrigerators, TVs etc. You may name, you should absolutely buy it. Most want to include a shipping page which people who are searching for your provides approximate shipping rates for business, will type in the customer’s reference. ‘'. Owning this address allows you to continue the brand So what are you waiting for? Take a look name recognition that you hopefully have at your website right now to see if your already established. If you are starting a site contains all the information new business, you might want to consider customers need to buy your products and what web addresses are available before services. you finalize your business name. Page 14 EZSolution Corp. Phone: (717) 291-4689 Phone: (717) 291-4689
  15. 15. Page 14 What do I do if - We liked that the is already taken? address was short. However, we felt that we would have to explain that pb was short for paintball. You have two options. Option One, you can try to buy the - We liked that address from the current owner. In many we had the entire name in the address. cases, the owner has no desire to sell the However, we were concerned that the pa address. If they do want to sell, they would be confusing and would limit the might ask for thousands of dollars. We scope of business. had a client who wanted to by a 3 letter abbreviation. The seller was asking $30,000 for the address. We had another - We really client who paid $15,000 for a web liked this address. It said exactly what the address. So depending on the selling price business was all about. It was longer than and your budget this might be a solution. we originally wanted. Our biggest concern was that people would misspell the word field. Option Two, Let your creative juices start flowing. Our client Ambush Paintball needed to be creative. He wanted - This is the but that name was address that we selected. We liked that it taken and the owner was not selling. Our said exactly what the business is about. It client came up with many other options promoted the fact that this is a game and including:, therefore is fun. It also made it easy to,, grow the site from an informational site to and an e-commerce site. All 5 of these names were viable options. Should my web address be short? Here is how we came to our final Buy the shortest address possible without decision. making the address hard to remember, read or pronounce. Web addresses can be up to 67 characters long. You should find - We were one with 25 characters or less. concerned that people would forget to type in the dash. In many cases, the web address would be promoted verbally over the phone or the radio. We felt that it would be too challenging to have to explain the dash. Page 15 EZSolution Corp. Phone: (717) 291-4689 Phone: (717) 291-4689
  16. 16. Page 15 Should I use acronyms or initials? However if you are a non-profit organization, I recommend that you Acronyms are great if that is how people purchase the .org as well as the .com. As commonly refer to your business or if it more businesses and organizations buy spells another common word or is easy to web addresses we will see more and more remember. We have a client AIC Auto. His of them using these new extensions. web address is This fits his business because the initials are the name of his business. Should I buy my web address as a plural? If it is complicated like (I In many cases it is a good idea to buy made this up), I would shy away from your web address as singular and as these addresses. plural. It is difficult to get into the mind of your customer and how they will think of your web address. So to cover all your Should my address be a common bases, I would recommend that you buy word? both. This is a difficult question. My answer 7 years ago was yes. Because, at that time Our customer Musser's Markets had this you could buy addresses like very dilemma. He covered all the bases by or Today, these addresses purchasing, are already taken., and Should I buy a web address with dashes? How many web addresses should I As you saw in our example with ambush buy? paintball we ruled it out because the This is a difficult question to answer. I address would be verbally communicated. would recommend that you purchase as If the address is strictly going to be many as make sense for your business. If promoted on the search engines or in you are trying to protect market share or printed media, buying an address with protect a brand you might want to buy as dashes will work just fine. many variations as possible. Should I buy an address with an extension other than .com? There are many other extension such as .net .org .biz .name .us and then all the country codes. Dot Com is still the most widely used. Page 16 EZSolution Corp. Phone: (717) 291-4689 Phone: (717) 291-4689
  17. 17. Page 16 Who owns the web address after I 21 Questions you should buy it? ask before hiring a The easy answer is: website developer You should own your web address. This is absolutely a question that you should ask before letting someone else 1. How long have you been in business? register a web address for you. 2. Who will be performing the work? 3. How many employees do you have? In some cases the company that you hired 4. What education and training do they to register your web address will have? unknowingly or maybe knowingly put their 5. What projects have you completed company as the owner of the address that are similar to mine? instead of yours. This is not a problem to 6. What will my project cost? change if the web company is agreeable 7. Who will own my web address? to change it. If they wont agree to change it or if you can no longer reach them, you 8. How much input do I have in the are in for a battle. Design of the site? 9. What programming language will you use? SPECIAL 10. When I have changes to my site, what is the process? OFFER 11. How long does it normally take to make changes to my site? 12. Can I update my site myself? 13. Where will my site be hosted? Free Website Analysis 14. How reliable is the hosting? & Evaluation 15. What tech support will be provided for email? 16. What website statistics will I receive? CALL (717) 291-4689 17. How do you handle updates to my site? 18. What Type of Search Engine Marketing To Schedule your do you offer? 19. Can you provide references? Appointment 20. What guarantees do you offer? Today! 21. Why should I choose you? Page 17 EZSolution Corp. Phone: (717) 291-4689 Phone: (717) 291-4689