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SOCOM 2020 - May 2013


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SOCOM 2020 - May 2013

  1. 1. ince 9/11, our operations, ranging fromdirect action raids, to irregular warfare,to peacetime engagement and relationshipbuilding, have significantly contributed tothe accomplishment of U.S. strategic andoperational objectives. Our unique contributionto national security emanates from superb SOFwarriors, who time and time again demonstrateunhesitating dedication to duty, bravery,tenacity, mature judgment, andjudicious use of force.Given the increasingcomplexity and uncertaintyin the global environment,it is imperative USSOCOMbecome more agile, even more flexible,and ready for a broader rangeof contingencies. We shallachieve this throughthe development ofglobally networked,innovative, low-cost,and small footprintapproaches toachieveour nation’s securityobjectives. Success inthe future demandsunprecedented levelsof trust, confidence, andunderstanding – conditionsthat can’t be surged.Effective networks are best created before acrisis. Building networks requires relationshipsand relationships require trust. Building trustrequires time and commitment. Persistentengagement based on mutual trust andunderstanding best positions the force to buildrelationships. SOF must sustain and thenimprove capacity to shape the operationalenvironment while building relationshipsbased on trust and sharing experiences,hardships and knowledge with our partners.Earning their trust hinges on retainingour unique mastery of combating violentextremist networks – a skill set masteredduring the last ten years of conflict. If we dothe fundamental tasks well -SOF is best positioned toprevent conflict or, whenwe have to, fight as anempowered force – fast,unpredictable, relentless,and precise.Moving forward, we must Win our CurrentFights, Expand our Global SOF Network,Preserve our Force and Families, and provideResponsive Resourcing to meet dynamic futurechallenges - USSOCOM must not only continueto pursue terrorists wherever we may find them,we must rebalance the force and tenaciouslyembrace indirect operations in the -“Human Domain,” the totality ofthe physical, cultural, and socialenvironments that influence humanbehavior in a population-centric conflict.INTRODUCTIONSSuccess in the futuredemands unprecedentedlevels of trust, confidence,and understanding –conditions thatcan’t be surged.“”20201United States Special Operations Command 2020
  2. 2. These conflicts require unique capabilities toachieve success. While SOF is designed tocontribute to or support efforts in every domainof warfare, the vast majority of SOF expertiselies in the human domain of competition,conflict, and war. The Human Domain is aboutdeveloping understanding of, and nurturinginfluence among, critical populaces. Operatingin the Human Domain is a core competencyfor SOF and we areuniquely suited for success-ful operations or cam-paigns to win population-centric conflicts. WhileSOF operates today inthe Human Domain, theexpansion of the globalSOF network providesa comparative advantage for our nation andpartners. It is critical to maintain robust andfrequent collaboration with the GeographicCombatant Commanders, interagency, allies,partner nations, coalitions, and our militaryservices to ensure this comparative advantageis realized and sustained.In the end, our success is ultimatelyrooted in how well we take care ofour most precious resource - the SOFwarriors and their families.Critical to long-term success is responsiveresourcing to ensure we maintain readiness, ourtechnological advantages, lethality, and globalagility. Without readiness of the force, no otherobjectives can be accomplished. We emphasizethis in all our guidance and actions.United States Special Operations Command2020 provides strategic direction for SOF toprepare, posture, and operate in dynamic anddiverse environments, often under ambiguouscircumstances. We must think differently, seekgreater understanding of local, regional, andglobal contexts, and strengthen trust throughinteragency and partner cooperation.Strategic GuidanceAddressing the EvolvingOperating EnvironmentRecent Defense Strategic Guidance (DSG)and Chairman’s Direction to the Joint Forcerequire changes to theJoint Force in lightof a dynamic strategiclandscape. The DSG directsthe U.S. Military to builda more agile, flexible,ready and technologicallyadvanced force and-Whenever possible, we will developinnovative, low-cost, and small-footprintapproaches to achieve our securityobjectives, relying on exercises,rotational presence, and advisorycapabilities.Furthermore, the Capstone Concept forJoint Operations (CCJO) poses an operationalchallenge:Our Vision is a globally networkedforce of Special Operations Forces,Interagency, Allies and Partnersable to rapidly and persistentlyaddress regional contingenciesand threats to stability“”20202 United States Special Operations Command 2020
  3. 3. How will the joint forces with constrainedresources protect U.S. national interestsagainst increasingly capable enemiesin an uncertain, complex, rapidlychanging, and increasinglytransparent world whensecurity challengessimultaneously exhibit bothlocal and global dimensions?Present global fiscal circum-stances are compelling the joint force toprioritize a ready and capable force overretaining force structure as it currently exists.Reducing force structure on a global scalerequires increased efficiency, versatility, andinterdependence as well as maximizing partner-ships to address state and non-state actors’threats to security that no single nation canundertake. USSOCOM remains focused oninvestment decisions maximizing current andfuture agility and responsiveness toprovide Geographic Combatant Commanderintrinsically versatile forces to face anunpredictable strategic environment. We willcapitalize on networks and interdependencythat maximizes effectiveness in conflictprevention and evolving Irregular Warfare.The asymmetric capabilities proliferatingthroughout an increasingly connectedglobal worldrequire SOF toleverage gamechanging tech-nologies such ascyber, robotics,nanotechnol-ogy, and ISR to ensure our comparativeadvantage and ability to achieve success despiterapidly evolving future challenges.In addition to technological challenges, theChairman’s Strategic Guidance to the JointForce challenges the Joint Force to evolveto meet future strategic challenges, to “thinkdifferently,” and to adapt to an environmentthat exhibits an accelerating rate of change.SOF’s strength is its ability to understand thestrategic environment and address challengesvia networking with partners and allies.Together, we can prevent future conflict orprovide a rapid response capability to defeatadversary networks. Increased informationtransparency is causing host nation leadersDefense Strategic Guidance (DSG)In executing the ten primarymissions of the armed forces, theDSG directs the joint force to:• offer versatility acrossthe range of missions• make investment decisionsthat maximize agility andresponsiveness• maintain ready and capableforces over retainingexisting force structure• capitalize on networksand interdependency tomaximize effectivenessin deterrence andevolving warfare“”20203United States Special Operations Command 2020
  4. 4. to respond to sensitivities of U.S. presence.Guaranteed access across the globe requiressm a l l e r, i n te rd e p e n d e n t , i n n o va t i v e,decentralized, networked, adaptive, versatileand affordable SOF units.USSOCOM’s Support of DefenseStrategic GuidanceExecution of the DSG and Chairman’sStrategic Direction requires that we achieveour end state of globally networked SpecialOperations Forces, Interagency, Allies andPartners capable of rapidly or persistentlyaddressing regional contingencies and threatsto stability.We will provide unwavering support tothe Global Combatant Commanders’wherever our national interests areat stake. We will remain a pre-eminentCounterterrorism force and wewill continually improve our indirectoperations in the human domain. Ourefforts are aligned along four prioritylines of operation:Win the Current FightThe imperative to winning the current fightis first and foremost our commitment toAfghanistan, a significant international effort.This effort is linked back through boththe Joint Staff and Defense Departmentobjectives to the National Security Strategy(NSS). We have achieved unity of effort in thiscampaign and gained efficiencies by aligningall U.S. and coalition SOF under a single SOFcommand. This command is responsible forincreasing collaboration among SOF entitiesand providing the synergy necessary toachieve optimal effects on the battlefield. Asconventional forces continue to drawdown inAfghanistan, SOF is posturing to shoulder aheavier operational, command and control rolewith interagency and partner nations. SOFsexpertise as advisors and trainers becomesincreasingly more important in developing thecapability and capacity of the AfghanistanNational Security Force to provide sustainablesecurity, transparency, justice, and opportunityfor the Afghan people.Chairman’s Strategic Directionto the Joint ForceThe Joint Force of 2020 will:• be smaller, interdependent,and integrated• capitalize on emerging jointoperations as SOF, Cyber,robotics, and ISR as centralto joint operations• leverage gamechanging capabilities toenhance smaller welltrained and equipped force“”Chairman’s Strategic Directionto the Joint Force• Transition Securityresponsibility to the AfghanNational Security Force• Sustain persistent actionagainst al-Qa’ida and otherviolent extremists“”20204 United States Special Operations Command 2020
  5. 5. We are also pursuing violent extremistsacross the globe wherever we may find them.For the foreseeable future, the United Stateswill deal with various manifestations of inflamedviolent extremism, transnational criminalorganizations and other threat networks –especially those pursuing weapons of massdestruction. In order to conduct sustainedoperations around the globe, our SpecialOperations Forces must adapt to theever-changing environment. SOF’s missions,conducted daily in approximately eightycountries around the world and acrossterrestrial and maritime seams, are buildingenduring relationships through training withpartner forces and assisting like-mindednations as they address the underlying causesof extremism. These cumulative sustainedefforts, when teamed with our service andinteragency partners, keep the pressure onviolent extremist organizations, reduce theircapacity to conduct attacks, especially WMD,and protect our national interests.Expand the Global SOF NetworkAs we transition into a period of potentiallyconstrained resources, it is more critical thanever to prevent or deter hostilities before theyturn into major regional conflicts. Maintainingsecurity and supporting our allies and partnersis a vital interest outlined in the NSS and is bestrealized by conflict prevention. In support ofAmbassadors and GCCs, aligned with ourinteragency partners, SOF will provide smallunit, forward-based persistent presence closelyintegrated with our partners to protect ourinterests and provide rapid response. We simplycannot surge trust at the time of crisis.Another key element of our global SOFnetwork requires enhancing the capabilities ofour Theater Special Operations Commands(TSOCs). Over a multi-year deliberate process,supported by detailed analysis and war gaming,we will properly empower the TSOCs to increasecapacity and capabilities of SOF support to theGCCs. Likewise, we are enhancing ourpresence in the National Capital Region (NCR) toresponsibly support decision making with ourinteragency partners. Strengthening our TSOCsChairman’s Strategic Directionto the Joint Force• Expand interagency andinternational cooperation• Promote multilateral securityapproaches• Pioneer new ways to combineand employ emergentcapabilities such asSpecial Forces• Coordinating military powerwith the diplomacy anddevelopment efforts of ourgovernment and those of ourallies and partners• It means a regionally posturedbut globally networked andflexible force that can bescaled and scoped to demand“”20205United States Special Operations Command 2020
  6. 6. and interagency interaction facilitates ourdevelopment of Regional SOF CoordinationCenters (RSCCs). These multilateral coordinationforums established in key locationsaround the world are to promote multinationalcollaboration, education and trainingopportunities with Partner Nation SOF. RSCCsshall facilitate long-termrelationships andburden-sharing toachieve mutualsecurity objectives.Preserve theForceand FamiliesA SOF Universal Truth is that“people are more important than hardware.”To ensure readiness, USSOCOM must ensure ourSOF warriors and their families are properlycared for by reducing the stress they facefrom the lack of predictability and demandingoperational tempos exacerbated by significanttime spent away from home. Increased difficultyalso occurs as forces reconnect and reintegrateinto family activities. We will provide responsivecounseling, medical, psychological, andrehabilitative care to institutionalize theresiliency of our SOF warriors and their families.Everyone in the fight has been significantlychanged by the fight. Providing the treatmentour troops need and eliminating the stigmaassociated with asking for help is a top priorityfor all SOCOM leaders. For our families, we areimplementing family programs identified asbest practices and aggressively institutionaliz-ing education for our Chaplains and MentalHealth professionals to emphasize family andlife initiatives. In addition to increasing the pre-dictability of service member deployments,SOCOM will redouble our efforts to reach outto families with initiatives like our social mediapage and more deliberate Command Communi-cations. We all (including loved ones) seek to behealthy in mind and body. We are committed tosustaining our force and families and will notbreak faith with our SOF family.Responsive ResourcingUSSOCOM has an obligation to appropriatelytrain, educate, and equip the warriors fromwhom we ask so much. We recognize theDepartment of Defense’s challenging fiscalenvironment. We are committed to ourdisciplined resourcing process to ensure successas USSOCOM’s missions, responsibilities, andcapabilities continue to adapt to the current andprojected fiscal landscape. We will continueto reduce and divest investments inChairman’s Strategic Directionto the Joint Force• Our profession is our people• Keep faith with ourmilitary family• Strengthen the force andenhance resiliency• Reduce the stigma andreduce barriers to seekingmental health services“”20206 United States Special Operations Command 2020
  7. 7. underperforming programs and activities,manage cost-growth in acquisition programs,and implement requirements of the combatantcommand review, Executive Order mandates,and DOD auditability guidance.As we implement our priority initiatives,we will ensure resourcing processes reflect thepriorities of our strategic guidance. The total FY2013 USSOCOM budget request is 1.7% of theoverall proposed DoD budget. When combinedwith the Service-provided capabilities necessaryto enable our operations, we still represent lessthan 4% of the DoD total budget. Whilemaintaining cost effectiveness, we will remainwithin our programmed manpower growth.This growth is essential for maintaining theagile global SOF engagements that underpinthe Defense Strategic Guidance. Additionally,USSOCOMs ability to execute rapid acquisitionof its materiel and service programs is essentialto meet the high demand to deliver and field20207United States Special Operations Command 2020
  8. 8. critical materiel requirements and newtechnologies. USSOCOM’s ability to maintainthe competitive advantage on the battlefielddepends on our ability to out-think and out-pacethe enemy in speed, technology, equipment,and maneuverability. SOF capabilities aredirectly related to investments we makethrough our procurement budget.Where We Will Be in 2020The Global SOF Enterprise will become aglobally networked force of Special OperationsForces, Services, Interagency, Allies and Partnersable to rapidly and persistently address regionalcontingencies and threats to stability.The SOF Operator will remain the strategiccornerstone of the Global SOF Enterprise.This expert warrior is regionally grounded,well-educated, diplomatically astute, anda master of the SOF tradecraft. As theintegrating factor at the most fundamentallevel of operations and activities, the innovative,tenacious, and networked SOF Operatoris hand-selected, rigorously trained, anddeliberately educated throughout theircareer to increase their strategic vision -enabling them to better shape the environmentand exploit emerging opportunities. The SOFOperator adapts to new challenges and rapidlyresponds to global crises leveraging the GlobalSOF networks created by their excellence in thehuman domain. The SOF operator understandsand practices the principles of MissionCommand and decentralized operations. Theycultivate a bias for action in their subordinates,develop mutual trust and understanding, andexercise moral nerve and restraint.Defense Strategic Guidance requires andSOCOM 2020 directs the SOF Enterprise torenew and strengthen global SOF partnershipsto refine the United States’ leadership in the21st century. In an age of economic constraintand a politically enflamed global landscape, theSOF Enterprise of 2020 employs agile, flexible,low-visibility and highly adaptable capabilitiesagainst insurgency, countering WMD, terrorism,and nexus with transnational crime. The SOFEnterprise of 2020 shall project power, promotestability, and prevent conflict.20208 United States Special Operations Command 2020Chairman’s Strategic Directionto the Joint Force• Be affordable in everyway possible• ...we will need to be evenmore joint - advancinginterdependence andintegrating new build a Joint Force thatpreserves options forour Nation“”