Oracle Peoplesoft on AWS: A quick introduction


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How to run Oracle Peoplesoft on AWS.

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  • Thanks Tom for this great article. I do have a question regarding Oracle licensing. As far as I know, Oracle licensing is based on the number of processors/cores of the box. Once in cloud, how is licensing handled? Thanks for your help!. Alex
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  • Highlights:Woman & Minority ownedDLZP Group is a founding member of the PeopleSoft Test Drive program in support of an AWS initiative to make Oracle software easy to deploy and use via the Cloud. Through the program, customers can evaluate a private and customized PeopleSoft environment running on the Amazon Web Services Cloud, all provisioned in minutes with step-by-step instructions for using and evaluating the environment.
  • DLZP Group’s unique delivery approach is subscription-based. This allows you to customize the services YOU need, which saves money and time. All of our implementation services include a subscription to our interactive website AND consulting hours – either onsite, remote or a combination of both. Our innovative, interactive website provides you with access to our consultants’ expertise through videos and step-by-step guides. This online resource delivers the information in an easy-to-use format that enables the client to handle tasks in-house, which decreases costs. Team approach – Instead of one consultant assigned to your project, we work with a team of specialists. Therefore, the project coordinator has a wealth of experts on-hand to assign to specific tasks as needed throughout the engagement. Because we have a team of experts available, we can greatly cut down on the lead time for small-to-medium sized projects.
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  • Oracle Peoplesoft on AWS: A quick introduction

    1. 1. Consulting reinvented. Let’s achieve great things together.
    2. 2. About Us • • • • • Established May 1, 2011 Former PeopleSoft/Oracle Employees Based in Richmond, Texas Woman & Minority-Owned Business Founding Member of PeopleSoft on AWS Test Drive Initiative
    3. 3. PeopleSoft On AWS Agenda • Provide Overview of PeopleSoft Architecture on AWS • Use Cases for AWS • Moving to AWS Project Overview and Lessons Learned • Test Drive Lab
    4. 4. PeopleSoft Architecture on Amazon
    5. 5. PeopleSoft Architecture on Amazon Highly available and scalable PeopleSoft implementation can be complex and expensive. Dense peak periods and wild swings in traffic patterns result in low utilization rates of expensive hardware. Amazon Web Services provides the reliable, scalable, secure, and high-performance infrastructure required for Oracle PeopleSoft while enabling an elastic, scale out and scale down infrastructure to match IT costs in real time as customer traffic fluctuates Sample Architecture • High-Memory Extra Large Instance Database Server • m1.large Application Servers • m1.small Web Servers • m1.medium File and Batch Servers
    6. 6. PeopleSoft Architecture on Amazon The user's DNS requests are served by Amazon Route 53, a highly available Domain Name System (DNS) service. Network traffic is routed to infrastructure running in Amazon Web Services. HTTP requests are first handled by Elastic Load Balancing, which automatically distributes incoming application traffic across multiple Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances across Availability Zones (AZs). It enables even greater fault tolerance in your applications, seamlessly providing the amount of load balancing capacity needed in response to incoming application traffic.
    7. 7. PeopleSoft Architecture on Amazon Oracle Web, application and database servers are deployed on Amazon EC2 instances. These are Amazon Machine Image (AMI) using Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.3 and Oracle PeopleSoft Amazon Spot Instances or Auto Scaling can be used to support batch processing. Web and application servers are deployed in an Auto Scaling group. Auto Scaling automatically adjusts your capacity according to conditions you define. This ensures that the number of Amazon EC2 instances increases seamlessly during demand spikes. Oracle Database 11g is run on RDS Instances and replicated using Oracle Data Guard. Oracle database backups and the batch flat files for integration with the corporate data center are stored on Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), a highly durable storage infrastructure designed for mission-critical and primary storage.
    8. 8. PeopleSoft Architecture on Amazon Availability zones (AZs) are distinct geographic locations that are engineered to insulate against failures in other AZs. Multiple AZs are combined into a region. Here, the entire web application is deployed in two different AZs for high availability.
    9. 9. Customer use cases for Oracle on AWS There are thousands of customers running tens of thousands of EC2 instances with Oracle Software for Enterprise computing in AWS. This includes…. Production Instances of Enterprise Applications and Databases Development and Test Instances for Enterprise and custom applications Database Backup to Amazon S3 using RMAN+OSB. Data Archival to Amazon Glacier. Read-only replica of Production for reporting and BI/DW feed Training, POC, Sandbox, Patch Testing and debugging instances Disaster Recovery Site on AWS
    10. 10. Project Overview Approach to Moving to AWS • Setup VPC • Create Foundational infrastructure (Web, App, Proc, DB Servers) • Copy Database Into AWS • Complete Configuration • Test Environment and Application • Test Move to Production (2 Iterations Min) • Move to Production Total Time to Deploy – 6-12 Weeks
    11. 11. Migration Challenges Challenges of Migrating to the AWS Cloud • Migration of Large Databases (Timing) • Customizations • Connection to On-Premise Resources (i.e. LDAP, File Servers) • Availability of Testing Team
    12. 12. AWS Benefits Benefits of Amazon Web Services • Environments can be provisioned on demand • Reduce time to implementation • Reduces complexity of technical environment • Provides for ability to experiment with different scenarios with minimal impact to your internal infrastructure • Disk Space is available on demand as you grow • Disaster Recovery is built into the infrastructure • Standardized Infrastructure • Scale up or Down based on Business needs.
    13. 13. PeopleSoft Test Drive Lab Test Drive Lab • Provides 5 hours of PeopleSoft Running on AWS for FREE. • Guided walkthroughs for HCM, FSCM • Environment used includes the following elements  M1 Medium AWS Instance  Microsoft Server Data Center Edition  MS SQL Server 2008  PeopleSoft 9.1 Feature Pack 2 • Provisioned in minutes
    14. 14. Test Drive Demo PeopleSoft Test Drive
    15. 15. PeopleSoft Demo on Demand Demo on Demand • Provides access to PeopleSoft Demo / System Environments. • Includes PeopleSoft FSCM, HCM, ELM. • Environments used include the following elements  M1 Medium AWS Instance (Can be scaled up/down based on needs)  Microsoft Server Data Center Edition  MS SQL Server 2008  PeopleSoft 9.1 Feature Pack 2 • Quarterly Updates to Tools & Patches and Fixes will be available so that customers can pick the release they want. • Can be leveraged for Individual Development Efforts or Ad-Hoc Project Needs • To be launched in Early November for Oracle Customers
    16. 16. PeopleSoft Proof of Concept PeopleSoft on AWS Proof of Concept Service • Create a Replica of your on-site environment in the AWS Cloud • Environment will be setup using YOUR Infrastructure Elements  AWS Instance type (Start small and scale up based on performance/user needs)  OS’s (Unix, Linux, Microsoft)  Databases Supported (Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server)  Supports PeopleSoft FSCM, HCM, ELM, EPM, Portal • Allows your team to experiment with the AWS Cloud and validate assumptions and feasibility.
    17. 17. Our Approach • Subscription-based • Interactive website access • Team of experts • Short lead time
    18. 18. WHY CHOOSE DLZP Group? • Reduce implementation and support costs • Support when / as needed • Experienced consultants • Business model designed to ramp up / down based on changing customer requirements • Flexible and adaptable • Innovative Approach to Management and Deployment of Technology
    19. 19. Questions?
    20. 20. The DLZP Difference. 281-912-DLZP