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Media product presentation


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Media product presentation

  1. 1. By Tom Bell<br />My film is an action film about a man attempting to get a job, although his shady past hinders him along the way. The genre is action but the theme is similar to that of a British gangster film, such as Guy Richie’s Snatch.<br />
  2. 2. Forms and Conventions<br />The genre of the film is action and I followed the conventions of the genre quite well: using quick paced shots, action sequences and music with a repetitive catchy beat.<br />The opening sequence does not follow any of the conventional theories such as Todorov, Levi Strauss or Proppas it is a montage sequence.<br />I did not use any establishing shots or slow paced shots as I attempted to make the opening sequence as attention grabbing as possible and fit the conventions of an action film. <br />I used predominantly non diagetic sound as the sequence is a montage with music, although i did add some diagetic conversation at the end, as well as a voice over.<br />
  3. 3. Social Groups<br />The protagonist (Max) is a teenager which means that the target audience can relate to him, although he is a criminal. It is not evident within the opening sequence but throughout the film Max is presented to us as a criminal who is repentant and is now striving to start a new life, but struggling throughout. Because of this the audience build a relationship with the character without feeling bad. We are all looking to be forgiven for past mistakes and so the protagonist is a visual manifestation of this. <br />Although Max is a teenager he is not represented as an average man of his age and so he is more fictional than relatable. He is not likely to be an on screen surrogate of many of the target audience, but offers a new perspective on the social group.<br />It could be dangerous to glamorise crime within the opening sequence as i do not disagree this film does, but if the film were to be produced in full the storyline would show audiences that this is not a good way to behave as a teenager, and that the consequences can be bad.<br />The film would be given a 15 certificate as it is inappropriate for young audiences and they would not understand much of the content.<br />
  4. 4. Distribution<br />I would probably select a company such as ‘Polygram Filmed Entertainment’ to distribute my film as they have put their name to films of similar themes such as ‘Trainspotting’ and ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.’ I would aim to get it distributed vie cinema firstly as opposed to an instant DVD release. This would generate more income as well as more popularity and press for the film. On the budget that the opening sequence was filmed on this would not be a possibility.<br />
  5. 5. Target Audience<br />The audience that this film is aimed towards are teenagers between the age of 15 – 19 as that is the age range of most of the characters. <br />The target audience is made clear within the film by the use of violence which shows that it is not suitable for young children, and also the use of slang and low brow themes, not suited to older audiences. <br />
  6. 6. Attracting the Audience<br />I attempted to attract the audiences attention with my opening sequence by being as vague as possible about the direction of the story line. I used editing heavily and assured that my shots were fast and effective. I used catchy music that the audience will respond to, and offered a break from the action towards the end so that the audience can see that a story will develop. I put in one final ‘token’ punch as a cliché action convention so that the audience will be left on a cliff-hanger in terms of the repercussions of the violence, and also to keep them watching. I also addressed the audience directly using a voice over at the beginning of the montage, so as to help them build a relationship with the protagonist.<br />
  7. 7. Technology<br />I learned about many different types of technology while creating this film. First of all were the two cameras I used to film the piece; a Sony VX2100 and a Sony Handy cam.<br />I had never used DV tapes before and so had to acquaint myself with issues such as rewinding and playback so as not to lose important footage etc.<br />I used mainly Apple’s ‘Final Cut Express’ to edit the film but also used a bit of premier pro, which I was new to and so had to learn how to use it confidently.<br />Importing video was another aspect which I had trouble with, but when I had learned which cables I required etc I became capable of importing video.<br />
  8. 8. Knowledge Progression<br />I believe that I have learned a lot through the process of filming the opening sequence.<br />During my preliminary task our group struggled with editing and now I feel confident editing on a few programmes, something which I was new to. <br />I have learned a large ammount of film and media related terminology.<br />I have learned an array of angles and shots as well as other filming techniques<br />
  9. 9. The End.<br />Thank You for Watching<br />Questions?...<br />