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#Pp7 T90400 F0117 29

  1. 1. 4F Sunday, January 17, 2010 MY WEEK: AWARDS SEASON The Daytona Beach News-Journal The Daytona Beach News-Journal MY WEEK: TELEVISION Sunday, January 17, 2010 29F MY CHOICES FOR TV CROSSWORD “13 Going on 30” (2004) An charming stranger. (2:30) troubled nurse. (2:00) LMN uncool girl magically be- MY65 Sun. 11:30 a.m., fX Thu. 6 a.m. comes a successful adult. Tue. 11 a.m. “What She Knew” (2006) A (2:00) fX Sat. 3:30 p.m. “The Uninvited” (2009) A teen is accused of murdering “Thrill of the Kill” (2006) A ghost warns a young woman her newborn. (2:00) LIFE- novelist helps a woman in- about her father’s fiancee. TIME Sat. 1 p.m. Answer on page 13 vestigate her sister’s death. (1:30) HBO Mon. 10:30 a.m., “When He Didn’t Come Home” (2:00) ABC Sat. 3 p.m. “Ties That Bind” (2006) A Wed. 12:30 p.m., 11:15 p.m., Sat. 2:30 p.m. (1998) A woman desperately looks for her missing 26- 1 2 3 * 4 5 6 7 8 9 * young couple rent their “Unstable” (2009) A new- year-old son. (2:00) LMN Anybody can pick the Oscars but it takes a real man (or Tom Iacuzio guesthouse to a seductive lywed suspects that her Mon. 6 p.m. 10 11 * newspaper) to try to prognosticate the very unpredictable woman. (2:00) LMN Wed. 8 husband is keeping secrets. “When No One Would Listen” Golden Globes. a.m. (2:00) LIFETIME Sun. 5 (1992) A woman tries to 12 13 14 15 Voted on by the Hollywood Foreign Press, the Globes “A Time to Sing” (1968) A p.m. shield her kids from her abu- celebrate the year’s achievements in TV and film and have country singer finds love and “Untamed Heart” (1993) Min- sive husband. (2:00) LMN been a very good precursor to who wins the Oscar in March. The Golden Globes, hosted by Brit comic and creator of success on a rocky road. (1:45) TCM Tue. 11:30 a.m. neapolis waitress falls for quirky busboy. (2:00) WGN-A Wed. 2 p.m. “Where Are My Children?” 16 * 17 ‘‘The Office,’’ Ricky Gervais, airs at 8 tonight on NBC, “Titanic” (1997) Oscar-win- Tue. 8 p.m. (1994) A judge sells a jailed ning account of the doomed mother’s children into adop- 18 19 20 Channel 2. “Urban Cowboy” (1980) A 1912 ocean liner. (4:00) TNT Texas oil worker looks for tion. (2:00) LMN Tue. 10 FANBOY Fri. 8 p.m., Sat. 3:30 p.m. a.m. tom.iacuzio@news-jrnl.com “TMNT” (2007) Animated. love at a popular honky-tonk. (3:00) CMT Sat. 2:30 p.m., “Where the Heart Is” (2000) 21 * * 22 The turtles take on an in- 10:30 p.m. Kind townspeople befriend Best Performance by an Actress In a Met Your Mother’’ Best Performance by an Actor in a dustrialist’s monstrous army. an abandoned teen and her 23 24 Fox Supporting Role in a Series, Mini- William Hurt — ‘‘Damages’’ Television Series — Comedy or Musical (2:00) TOON Sun. 8 p.m. V infant. (2:00) LIFETIME Sat. Series Or Motion Picture Made For John Lithgow — ‘‘Dexter’’ Alec Baldwin — ‘‘30 Rock’’ “To Live For” (1999) A dying “Vertical Limit” (2000) Moun- 7 p.m. ‘‘House’’ star Hugh Television Jeremy Piven — ‘‘Entourage’’ lawyer and her daughter “White Noise” (2005) A man 25 26 27 * Steve Carell — ‘‘The Office’’ tain climbers are trapped Laurie, above, should Jane Adams — ‘‘Hung’’ Who Will Win: No one came close to move to California. (2:00) in an icy cave on K2. (2:15) believes his dead wife is David Duchovny — win Best Performance by an Actor in a Tele- Rose Byrne — ‘‘Damages’’ Jane Lynch — ‘‘Glee’’ John Lithgow as the uber-creep Trinity Killer on Showtime’s ‘‘Californication’’ LMN Wed. 4 p.m. “To Sir, With Love” (1967) An HBO Sun. 1:45 p.m. communicating with him. (2:00) fX Wed. 10 a.m., Thu. 28 * 29 30 * 31 Janet McTeer — ‘‘Into the ‘‘Dexter.’’ Lithgow helped make Thomas Jane — ‘‘Hung’’ idealistic teacher takes on W 8 a.m. vision Series — Dra- Storm’’ this past season the best yet for Matthew Morrison — ‘‘Glee’’ some tough London youths. “Walk the Line” (2005) The “Whose Daughter Is She?” 32 33 34 35 36 ma. It would be great Who Will Win: Alec Baldwin. See (2:00) TCM Mon. 6 p.m. (1995) A woman returns to Chloe Sevigny — ‘‘Big Love’’ the serial killer drama. story of music legends John- (but unlikely) if Anna above ‘‘30 Rock’’ rule. “Too Young to Be a Dad” (2002) reclaim the two children she Who Will Win: Remember how I ny Cash and June Carter Paquin, right with said that the Globes were Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series — Comedy or Musical Best Television Series — Comedy Or A woman helps her son after Cash. (3:30) fX Sat. noon abandoned. (2:00) LMN Wed. 37 38 * 39 unpredictable? I meant every Musical he impregnates a classmate. “Walking Tall” (2004) A sheriff 10 a.m. ‘‘True Blood’’ co-star Toni Collette — ‘‘United States Stephen Moyer, won category but this one. Anyone who has seen Fox’s ‘‘Glee’’ of Tara’’ ‘‘30 Rock’’ ‘‘Entourage’’ (2:00) LIFETIME Sat. 11 a.m. “Too Young to Marry” (2007) and a deputy try to rid their town of thugs. (1:30) TBS “Wide Awake” (2007) A lab researcher suspects sabotage 40 * Courteney Cox — ‘‘Cougar Best Performance by knows there is no way that Jane Town’’ ‘‘Glee’’ A teenage couple decide to Sun. 6:30 p.m. during drug trials. (2:00) marry before attending col- LMN Fri. 8 a.m. an Actress in a Tele- Lynch’s wisecracking Sue Edie Falco — ‘‘Nurse Jackie’’ ‘‘Modern Family’’ lege. (2:00) LMN Wed. noon “Warlock” (1959) A gunfighter The identity of the featured celebrity is found within the answers-in the puzzle. In order to take the Sylvester won’t win. ‘‘The Office’’ and a cowboy join forces to “Without a Paddle: Nature’s Call- vision Series — Dra- Tina Fey — ‘‘30 Rock’’ TV Challenge, unscramble the letters noted with asterisks within the puzzle. “A Trace of Danger” (2010) An wipe out a gang. NR (2:01) ing” (2009) Three young men Best Performance by an Actor In a Lea Michele — ‘‘Glee’’ Who Will Win: Ditto. ma. attorney defends a former AMC Sat. 9:30 a.m. have wild misadventures in Supporting Role in a Series, Mini- Who Will Win: To steal from ‘‘The Best Performance by an Actress in a boyfriend accused of murder. “Washington Story” (1952) A the woods. (2:00) TBS Thu. HBO Series Or Motion Picture Made For Brady Bunch,’’ ‘‘Tina! Tina! Television Series — Drama (2:00) ION Sun. 3 p.m. reporter aims her “poison 8 p.m. ACROSS DOWN Television Tina!’’ The new rule around Glenn Close — ‘‘Damages’’ “The Transporter” (2002) A “A Woman Hunted” (2003) A Michael Emerson — ‘‘Lost’’ awards shows is to never bet January Jones — ‘‘Mad Men’’ mercenary changes his mind- pen” at a young congress- former addict kills a famous 1. “The __ __”; reality series for 1. “Max __ Jason: Still Up” man. (1:30) TCM Wed. 4:30 Neil Patrick Harris — ‘‘How I against ‘‘30 Rock.’’ We won’t. Julianna Margulies — ‘‘The set after meeting a woman. p.m. athlete in self-defense. (2:00) Phil Keoghan 2. Cow’s lament Last year, Alec Baldwin and Good Wife’’ (2:00) ION Sat. 9 p.m. “Watchmen” (2009) A masked LMN Sun. 8 a.m. 10.Role on “Cheers” 3. Word with chair or rest Tina Fey won Golden Globe Anna Paquin — ‘‘True Blood’’ “Treasure Island” (1950) Long “Wrong Turn” (2003) Inbred John Silver wants young Jim vigilante probes the murder cannibals terrorize six strand- 11.“The Day the __ Stood Still”; 4. Initials for Mr. Mostel awards for best actor and Kyra Sedgwick — ‘‘The Closer’’ of a fellow superhero. (2:45) Who Will Win: As much as I would Hawkins’ map. (1:45) TCM HBO Thu. 8 p.m. ed motorists. (2:00) fX Sat. 2008 movie 5. “__ Rider” (1990-94) actress in a television series — Sat. 2:15 p.m. 8 a.m. 6. Pace or canter love to see the award go to “Wayne’s World” (1992) A 12.__ DeLuise comedy or musical. Get ready for Paquin, it will most likely go to “Trouble the Water” (2008) A producer tries to restructure “The Wronged Man” (2010) A 7. So. Pac. or B&O them to repeat this year and for couple document their ordeal paralegal helps a man wrong- 13.Luau dish either Close or Sedgwick a cable access show. (2:00) 8. “__ __ of Two Cities” ‘‘30 Rock’’ to again win as Best pending a backstage coin flip. during Hurricane Katrina. COMEDY Fri. 2 p.m., Sat. fully convicted of rape. (2:00) 14.Coach Parseghian (1:45) HBO Tue. 7:30 a.m. 10 a.m. LMN Sun. 8 p.m., Mon. 8 16.“The __”; series for Robin 9. Actress Julie Television Series — Best Performance by an Actor in a “Troy” (2004) Achilles leads p.m. Comedy or Television Series — Greek forces in the Trojan “Wedding Daze” (2006) A Tunney 13.Gym class, for short Drama War. R: AS, GV, N (2:42) AMC young man, whose fiancee X 15.Fluttering trees Musical. died of fright, begins dating 18.Sault __. Marie Simon Baker — Sat. 8 p.m. again. (2:00) COMEDY Mon. “XXX: State of the Union” 16.“__ in Trees” ‘‘The Mentalist’’ “True Lies” (1994) A man lives (2005) Agent XXX must 20.Notice 3 p.m. 17.Tim Daly’s sis Michael C. Hall — the double life of a spy and “Welcome to Macintosh” (2008) thwart a plot to depose the 21.Actress Madeline ‘‘Dexter’’ a family man. R: AL, AS, V president. (2:00) fX Sat. 10 18.Wry, witty literary device (2:21) AMC Wed. 10:30 p.m. A history of Apple Inc. fea- a.m. 22.Number of seasons for “JAG” Jon Hamm — tures interviews and innova- used to ridicule ‘‘Mad Men’’ “27 Dresses” (2008) A young Y 23.Suffix for graph or favor woman is always a brides- tions. (1:30) CNBC Mon. 5:30 19.“__ __ Burnett Show” Hugh Laurie — ‘‘House p.m. 24.Drescher’s role on “The Nanny” M.D.’’ maid and never a bride. “Yes Man” (2008) A man tries (1967-78) (2:00) HBO Mon. 3 p.m., “Wendy Wu: Homecoming War- to change his life by saying 25.“__ Dreams”; 1981 Cheech & Bill Paxton — ‘‘Big Love’’ rior” (2006) A teen learns yes to everything. (1:45) HBO 21.Alan or Larry Who Will Win: I think it’s Sat. 8:30 a.m., 6 p.m. she is the reincarnation of Chong film 24.“A __ Good Men”; “Two Seconds” (1932) A man Sun. 6 p.m., Tue. 11:15 a.m., going to be a big year for awaiting execution reviews a Chinese warrior. (1:30) 8 p.m. 27.Ending for pay or honor 1992 Tom Cruise movie Hugh Laurie and the the events of his life. (1:15) DISNEY Thu. 8 p.m., Fri. “You Belong to Me” (2008) 28.Actor on “Accidentally on cast of the Fox medical TCM Thu. 11:45 a.m. noon Mysterious and frightening 26.Follow drama, ‘‘House.’’ “What Color Is Love?” (2009) A events plague a woman. Purpose” (2) 29.Get rid of U woman and an athlete fight 32.Trauma ctrs. Best Television Series — (2:00) LMN Sat. 8 p.m. 30.“The Greatest American __”; Drama “Under the Yum Yum Tree” over custody of their son. “Young Frankenstein” (1974) 33.“I’m With __” (1963) An amorous landlord (2:00) LMN Mon. 10 p.m. Dr. Frankenstein’s grandson 1981-83 Robert Culp series ‘‘Big Love’’ 34.“__: A Dog”; 1962 Angela ‘‘Dexter’’ plots to deflower a nubile “What Happens in Vegas” returns to Transylvania. PG: 31.Word in the title of Howie ‘‘House M.D.’’ new tenant. (2:00) TCM Sun. (2008) Two strangers awake AL, AS (1:45) AMC Mon. 10 Cartwright film Mandel’s show 6 p.m. together and find they are a.m. ‘‘Mad Men’’ “Undercover Brother” (2002) married. (1:45) HBO Sun. “You’ve Got Mail” (1998) Two 37.“The __ Limits”; sci-fi series 34.Bruce Willis’ age ‘‘True Blood’’ of past decades Who Will Win: Most people will tell An ultra-cool agent squares 8:15 a.m., 4:15 p.m., Tue. bitter business rivals con- 35.“One Day __ __ Time” you ‘‘Mad Men’’ continues its off against a white villain. 4:15 p.m. duct an online love affair. 39.Actress Hayworth 36.Role on “Roseanne” (2:00) COMEDY Mon. 1 p.m. “What if God Were the Sun?” (2:30) E! Mon. 2 p.m., Tue. award season domination. I’m “Unfaithful” (2002) A house- (2007) A terminally ill 7 a.m., Fri. 3:30 p.m., Sat. 40.Christian Slater’s role on “The 38. Setting for “King of the Hill”: abbr. going upset. No one had a better wife has an affair with a woman changes the life of a noon Forgotten” (2) 39.Rosie’s initials Associated Press file season than that of HBO’s ‘‘Big Love.’’