Proactive Emergency Planning: Case Studies in Adaptation


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Proactive Emergency Planning
AACSB Conference 2007

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Proactive Emergency Planning: Case Studies in Adaptation

  1. 1. Pro-active Emergency Planning:Pro-active Emergency Planning: Case Studies in AdaptationCase Studies in Adaptation Tom GeraceTom Gerace December 14, 2007December 14, 2007
  2. 2. AgendaAgenda Emergency planningEmergency planning Hurricane KatrinaHurricane Katrina Importance of adapting any plan to realityImportance of adapting any plan to reality Lessons learned and plan revisionsLessons learned and plan revisions
  3. 3. BackgroundBackground Tulane UniversityTulane University Freeman School of BusinessFreeman School of Business
  4. 4. BackgroundBackground Freeman School of BusinessFreeman School of Business – 2 buildings on Tulane’s main campus2 buildings on Tulane’s main campus – Houston campusHouston campus
  5. 5. Emergency PlanningEmergency Planning IT emergency planIT emergency plan School-wide emergency planSchool-wide emergency plan
  6. 6. The “norm”The “norm” Several hurricane scares each seasonSeveral hurricane scares each season – June 1 through November 30June 1 through November 30 The drillThe drill
  7. 7. August 29, 2005August 29, 2005 Hurricane KatrinaHurricane Katrina
  8. 8. ImpactImpact The city and the campus were fine post-The city and the campus were fine post- stormstorm Then the levees brokeThen the levees broke – Worst man-made disaster in U.S. historyWorst man-made disaster in U.S. history
  9. 9. Major issuesMajor issues We could not return to New OrleansWe could not return to New Orleans Staff, faculty, and students spread outStaff, faculty, and students spread out across the countryacross the country Communications were impactedCommunications were impacted – PhonePhone – E-mailE-mail – Web siteWeb site How to continue operations?How to continue operations?
  10. 10. Houston programsHouston programs Houston programs continued operationsHouston programs continued operations Houston campus instrumental in ourHouston campus instrumental in our business continuitybusiness continuity
  11. 11. AdaptationAdaptation
  12. 12. Major technology issuesMajor technology issues Web siteWeb site – Information disseminationInformation dissemination Restoring e-mail communicationsRestoring e-mail communications Restore and distribute data from backupsRestore and distribute data from backups Researcher access to subscriptionResearcher access to subscription databasesdatabases
  13. 13. The work of getting back to workThe work of getting back to work The human considerationsThe human considerations The workThe work – One example: Office of UndergraduateOne example: Office of Undergraduate EducationEducation – Rebuilding classroomsRebuilding classrooms
  14. 14. Lessons learnedLessons learned Emergency plan revisedEmergency plan revised – Improved communicationImproved communication – Expand business continuityExpand business continuity
  15. 15. Emergency planningEmergency planning Collect and update alternate contactCollect and update alternate contact information for all constituentsinformation for all constituents Formalize call-tree for post-event check-inFormalize call-tree for post-event check-in Business continuityBusiness continuity – Base of operationsBase of operations
  16. 16. Emergency planningEmergency planning Technology continuity checksTechnology continuity checks – Backup web server off-siteBackup web server off-site Quick DNS change if neededQuick DNS change if needed Off-site spinning backupsOff-site spinning backups – Key databases and dataKey databases and data Review tape backup proceduresReview tape backup procedures – Revise for diversity of restore proceduresRevise for diversity of restore procedures
  17. 17. ConclusionConclusion The most difficult step is getting startedThe most difficult step is getting started – The next most difficult step is keeping theThe next most difficult step is keeping the plan currentplan current Doing nothing is not an option.Doing nothing is not an option.