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New zealand public information systems


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All you need to know on where to stay, where to eat, what do do, weather, activities, wildlife and crime. A New Zealand tourist essential.

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New zealand public information systems

  1. 1. Home 100% Pure NZ Activities Weather & Climate...the land of the long white cloud... Places to stay Places to eat Health & Safety Crime Culture
  2. 2. Home 100%New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Helen Pure NZClarke, has announced that New ActivitiesZealand is aiming to be the firstcountry to be carbon neutral by2020, with zero net carbon Weatheremissions across all sectors. & Climate To become the first carbon Places to neutral country New Zealand is doing the following things. stay Energy efficient building New Zealand’s Places to design. large power Use of low energy generation eat appliances. companies are Health & Encouraging staff to turn increasingly Safety off lights and equipment targeting when not in use. renewable Crime  More waste recycling. energy sources Introducing and advertising to reduce energy efficient vehicles on greenhouse gas Culture the road. emissions.
  3. 3. Home More Activities...Click on your chosen activity for more information... 100% Paragliding, an Cycling, there are Pure NZ amazing sensation 1000s of exciting of floating and cycle tracks to try Activities flying high above whether you are the beautiful cruising round a landscape is one wine trail or cycling Weather you cannot miss. high in the mountains. & Climate Caving, New Zealand has loads of stunning caves to Kayaking, paddle power is great way Places to explore. Wonder at glorious grottos to to explore New stay rip-roaring rope Zealands beautiful dangling scenic coasts and Places to adventures. Its all rivers eat there. New Zealand, the Whale Watching, Health & perfect skiing New Zealand is a Safety experience. Whether fantastic place to go you are a beginner whale watching. Crime or an expert there Here it’s the only are ski runs place in the world everywhere and you can easily see Culture anywhere. sperm whales.
  4. 4. Home New Zealand has more sun than 100%The North of New most of northern Europe but less Pure NZ than the Mediterranean. SunlightZealand is sub-tropical is spread quite evenly throughout Activitiesand the South is the year so winters tend to betemperate. The hottest sunnier than you would expect.months are December Weather New Zealand & Climateand January and the weather can changecoldest are June to unexpectedly. YouAugust. In summer the should be prepared Places to for sudden changesmaximum temperatures stay in weather especial ifrange between 20 to 30 you were planning Places todegrees Celsius and in to do activities such as hiking or eatwinter the minimum mountain biking.temperature range Health &between -15 to 10 Safetydegrees Celsius. New Zealands weather is provided by Crime More on To veiw todays weather, click here... weather and Culture climate...
  5. 5. Home The North Island of New Zealand is the smaller of the two main islands 100% and has both New Pure NZ Zealands largest city Auckland and New Activities Zealands capital city Wellington. Highlights include Weather geothermal Rotorua, the & Climate Bay of Islands, Lake Taupo and Te Papa Tongarewa Museum. Places to To view further stay information about the North Island click here. Places to eat Health &The South Island is the larger of the two main islands of New Zealand. SafetyChristchurch, known as the Garden City‘ is the largest city in the SouthIsland. CrimeHighlights include Mount Cook, Queenstown, the Southern Hemispherespremiere four season alpine and lake resort, Dunedin, New Zealands oldestcity, the Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers, and the penguin colonies. CultureTo view further information about the South Island click here.
  6. 6. Home 100% Pure NZ Activities Italian: Bella Cucina, WeatherChinese: Sichuan in Ice Cream Parlour: & Climate QueenstownRemuera Restaurant, Kaffee Eis,Auckland Wellington Places to stay Places to eat Steakhouse: Mu Premium Steak House Health & & Bar, Christchurch Safety Indian: Mr India CrimeFrench: Bistro Tandoori More places1284, Rotorua Restaurant, Taupo to eat... Culture
  7. 7. Home More on Health and Safety, 100% click here Pure NZ These are the Activities recommended New Zealand is vaccinations place directly Weather you should & Climate under the hole in the Ozone layer take so is exposed to high amounts of Places to UV radiation. It is stay advised that you More on Paragliding... wear plenty of sun Places to screen and eat protective clothing to avoid Health & getting sunburnt. Safety New Zealand is big on the extreme sports and if that is what you are Crime looking for then it is at your own risk however most of the sites where you do these sport will be high on health Culture and safety so you will be quite safe.DIAL 111 IN EMERGENCIES
  8. 8. Home New Zealand is by no means 100% the safest place statistically, Pure NZ but by taking the normal Activities precautions you are bound to be fine. Weather New Zealand has its fair & Climate More information share of serious crimes. on the New Zealand In 1990, the murder rate Places to police force, click was double that of stay here... England’s. Places to Precautions Burglary is defiantly on eat •Always lock your the increase, in 2003 door. there were 61,000 cases Health & •Keep positions close •Don’t go out into reported. Safety unknown places after There are certainly a few Crime 10pm. no-go areas after dark, •Don’t accept anything as there is a certain from strangers. amount of trouble with CultureDIAL 111 IN EMERGENCIES gangs.
  9. 9. Home Did you know, in the Māori language theNew Zealand has one The Māori influences word Māori means 100%of the most dynamic on the arts make it "normal", "natural" or Pure NZ colourful, vibrant and "ordinary“?and unique culture in Activities unique, defientlythe whole of the something to look outworld. The Māori for. The present Maori population is around 600,000 or 14% of Weatherpeople arrived in New Māori tattoos have the population, and the Maori & ClimateZealand before the been practiced for over live in all parts of New Zealand, but predominately inyear 1300 and have a thousand years. They the North Island where theleft a lasting are used as a form of climate is warmer. Places toimpression on the identification and rank. staylanguage, arts and The traditional Māori welcome is called a Places toeven the accents of ‘Māori’ or ‘te reo’ is powhiri, this involves a eatall New Zealanders. the language of the hongi which is a greeting Maori people in New that involves pressing Health & Zealand. It is similar noses as opposed to a Safety to Tahitian and kiss. Hawaiian. Crime No trip to New Zealand is complete without experiencing the fabulous Culture culture of the Māori people.
  10. 10. Home 100% Click on Pure NZ your Activities interest... Weather & Climate Pebble Beach Motor Inn, Napier Sacred Waters,Hotel DeBrett Taupo Places toAuckland stay More places to stay, just one click away... Places to eat Health & Safety Lockwood Manor Treetops Lodge, Motel, New South Island Crime Rotorua Plymouth Culture Back to places to stay...
  11. 11. Home 100% Click on Pure NZ your Activities interest... WeatherCentrePoint on Colombo, Central Ridge & ClimateChristchurch Bay of Many Coves Boutique Hotel, Resort, Picton Queenstown Places to stay More places to stay, just one click away... Places to eat Health & Safety Pounamu Apartments, North Island Crime Queenstown Cedar Grove Motor Lodge, Nelson Culture Back to places to stay...