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Bothered By Noise Booklet


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Bothered By Noise Booklet

  1. 1. Public Translation Protection For translation of this text please call the telephone number below Bu metnin çevirisi için lütfen a a ıda belirtilen telefon numarasını arayın. A¡Vm¡QÉ ¢hoVul Ae¤h¡Vcl SeÉ cu¡ LVl ¢eVQl eðVl ®g¡e Ll¦ez Si qoraalkan lagugu turjumo, fadlan wac lamabarka telefoonka hoos ku qoran. Per perkthimin e ketij teksti mund te telefononi ne numrin e meposhtem. :<y¯6Ôsfzgqã!$ñZ'c3 F , * , , Para la traducción del siguiente texto favor de llamar al número abajo. +ÏÉÏg?Ê_ÒÐËÏg@½eÀÐGжG ÒdÁÏÊËÐOÐË@¶KбÏcÀÐÔÑÁ?hâ }gÏÉÙG Ì Ti e ba fe iwe yi ni ede yin, e pe wa lori ero ibanisoro ti a ko si isale . 020 7527 3258 Produced by: Noise Service Public Protection Division Noise Service Islington Council Bothered by noise? 159 Upper Street London N1 1RE Tel: 020 7527 3258 E-mail: Website: Printed on 100%-recycled paper
  2. 2. Bothered by noise? Types of noise nuisance This booklet has been produced by the Many types of noise can bother people. Islington Council Noise Service and The main problems are caused by noisy explains how the council can help if neighbours, parties, loud music from pubs you are bothered by noise. and clubs, burglar alarms, car alarms, fans and motors, barking dogs, DIY and noise from construction sites. The council can help Bothered by noise? 2-3 if these types of noise are bothering you. What you can do 4 Who to contact for noise complaints 5 However, it is important to remember How the council can help 6 that we can’t take legal action to stop Keeping a record of the noise 7 Noise diary 8-9 all noise, as the law does not give an Other ways of dealing with noise 10 absolute right to peace and quiet. Who else can help? 11-13 Is there a bigger problem? 14 How loud is that noise? 15 2 3
  3. 3. What you can do Who to contact for noise complaints The first thing you can do is to Islington Noise Service speak with whoever is causing the Daytime Noise Service Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm noise. They may not realise that Telephone: 020 7527 3258 they are causing a problem and Night time Noise Patrol may be happy to reduce or stop Sunday to Thursday, 8pm to 2am Friday and Saturday, 10pm to 4am the noise. Telephone: 020 7527 3229 Address: Noise Service If talking to the person concerned Public Protection Division does not help, or you feel that you Islington Council 159 Upper Street are unable to approach them, you London N1 1RE can contact the council who will E-mail: investigate your complaint. Website: 4 5
  4. 4. How the council can help Keeping a record of the noise A council officer will need to a legal notice requiring them Your record of the noise the normal volume, or it may visit your property to listen to to stop making the noise or problem will help the council keep you awake at night. the noise. They will decide reduce it to an acceptable level. deal with your complaint. Please write as much detail whether it is loud enough to If the person concerned does There is a sample Noise Diary as you can. take legal action. They will not comply with the legal in the centre pages of this Do this each time you hear the have to take into account the notice, they are committing leaflet. Tear it out and keep it noise. After two to three weeks, type of noise, how loud it is, an offence. This needs to be in the room where you most sign and date the form and how often it occurs and the witnessed by a noise officer often hear the noise. send it to: Noise Service, times that it occurs. who may then decide to When you next hear the noise, Islington Council, 159 Upper They may decide more prosecute when enough fill in the date and time it Street, London N1 1RE. information is needed about evidence has been gathered. started, the type of noise and You can also keep the diary how often the noise occurs If the case is successful the how it affected you. The type on-line. To download an and may ask you to record this maximum fine is £20,000. of the noise could be music, electronic diary please visit: in a diary. See the next page. Officers also have the power a barking dog, DIY repairs, a In some cases, the noise may to confiscate any equipment fan or slamming doors. Environment/Noise. Sometimes be of short duration so that the that is producing the noise, If you can identify the type of the diary may be used in court noise officers will not arrive in although this usually happens music, or whether it is a buzz as part of our evidence. It’s time to investigate it. In these as a last resort. or a rumbling noise, please therefore very important that circumstances, the officers will If the person making the noise write this down. The noise may it is filled in as accurately study your diary and decide lives in a council property, the affect you by preventing you as possible. when would be the best time tenancy management adviser from watching television at to try to witness the noise. is informed, and in extreme If the noise officer decides cases the tenant could risk that the noise is a statutory being evicted. nuisance, the person making the noise will be contacted and asked to reduce the noise level. If no attempt is made to comply, the officers can serve 6 7
  5. 5. Noise Diary Tear this page out and use it to record details of your noise complaint. You can photocopy it if you need more space. Your details Where the noise is coming from Name Name (if known) Address Address Telephone (Day) Telephone (Home) Date Time noise Time noise Type of noise How did the started ended noise affect you? (Example) Loud music – 24/11/2006 11pm 12.30am sounds like Kept me awake Coldplay Signed Date Send this form to: Noise Service, Islington Council, 159 Upper Street, London N1 1RE.
  6. 6. Other ways of dealing Who else can help? with noise Safer Neighbourhood The police can also give us Mediation Police Teams information about any other Safer Neighbourhood Police relevant police involvement Sometimes noise problems can be resolved by (e.g. whether their colleagues talking to the person who is causing the noise Teams are ward-based police who have local knowledge about have responded to a 999 call). problem (e.g. a neighbour). You may not want to If you wish to contact the do this directly, in which case you could think people and problems in the area. The police do not have Safer Neighbourhood Police about using the council’s mediation service. Team in your area, please powers to deal with noise Mediators will discuss your noise problems with coming from a premise, but the contact the Noise Service you, helping decide what action is best to take, council noise officers can share on 0207 527 3258. including asking your neighbour to meet with evidence and information with you. If your neighbour agrees, the mediator will them and between us we will arrange a meeting and try to reach a satisfactory decide what action is needed agreement between everybody. to solve the problem. Mediation does not prevent the council taking other more formal action but in some cases it may be a quicker and more effective way of solving the noise problem. If you would like to receive further information on mediation, please contact the Noise Service on 0207 527 3258. Taking your own action Some noises will occur only occasionally and it Licensing Team may not be possible for a noise officer to witness them. If this happens, you have the right to take Where noise is coming from licensed premises, your own action through the Magistrates’ Court noise officers will investigate the noise problem. under Section 82 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. This is quite a simple procedure but They will also refer the matter to Islington’s does incur costs. Licensing Team to check that the premises Islington can advise you how to do this. For a are being properly run. You can also contact copy of a detailed information sheet, please the Licensing Team directly on 0207 527 3031 contact the Noise Service on 0207 527 3258. or 3803. 10 11
  7. 7. Housing associations and Homes for Islington (HFI) Partners for Islington (PFI) Noise complaints games, chatting loudly outside landlords Tenancy management advisers homes and music being play and tenancy officers will also be in open spaces. If you are a tenant living within a housing involved in dealing with noise Each HFI Area Housing Office association or Partners for Islington property, complaints. They can try to also has an anti-social behaviour then your housing association or council landlord witness noise problems and officer, who you can ask to is in the best position to influence the behaviour will interview people causing speak with. of other tenants. In extreme cases, your landlord problems. They may refer cases Your tenancy management may evict tenants if their behaviour continues to to mediation. adviser or anti-social behaviour be unacceptable. The Noise Service can assist If they cannot solve the problem, officer should be the first point housing association and council landlords by they may refer the case to the of contact for these types of collecting evidence of noise contravention, which Noise Service to try and resolve complaints. They may then they can present in court. the issue. The Noise Service has decide to refer the complaint Many housing associations also have their regular panel meetings with HFI to the Noise Service. own anti-social behaviour officers who can to discuss difficult cases and Homes for Islington contact Islington’s Noise Service for advice agree future actions. Housing Offices: and information on your complaint. If you are Noise and anti-social behaviour Boleyn Road 020 7527 8380 unsure who to contact, we can help identify the Central Street 020 7527 6250 best person to speak to and refer your case to Common causes of anti-social Holland Walk 020 7527 7480 them. Please contact the Noise Service on noise include driving mopeds Lyon Street 020 7527 6880 0207 527 3258. up and down streets, ball Isledon Road 020 7527 6580 Upper Street 020 7527 5300 12 13
  8. 8. Is there a bigger problem? How loud is that noise? Noise and harassment Noise is measured in decibels (dBA). This table shows the relative decibel levels of some common noises. These are Noise complaints can sometimes be not absolute levels, but give an indication of the relative ranking part of a larger campaign of annoying of everyday sounds. and upsetting incidents. If you feel that the noise is only part of a wider Decibels Example problem, then it may be worth talking to other agencies that may be able 140 plane take off to take action. 130 pneumatic drill If you feel you are being harassed because of race, gender, sexuality, 120 hammer on nail disability, culture, religion or age then 110 car horn you should report this to the council noise officer you are dealing with. 100 electric drill If you are a council or housing 90 shouting association tenant, we will refer the 85 handsaw matter to your housing manager to investigate further. We can also provide 80 vacuum cleaner information on other agencies that 70 washing machine can help you. 60 normal conversation If you own a home or live in 50 rainfall privately rented housing, we will refer the matter to your local Safer 40 refrigerator Neighbourhood Police Team and 30 bedroom at night give you details of other agencies that may be able to help. 20 broadcasting studio 10 leaves rustling 0 silence 14 15