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Lip balm wedding favors

This listing is for 25 lip balm wedding favors with a star wars inspired yoda label - the label can be personalized with your choice of flavor and message. listing/269307875

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Lip balm wedding favors

  2. 2. These colorful and great smelling lip balms are sure to be appreciated over more ordinary wedding favors of handkerchiefs or paper flowers. Best of all, these lip balms won’t cost you a fortune when purchased from the online store named: To Me, With Love… which is featured on Etsy.
  3. 3. Though these lip balms look professionally put together with sharp looking labels and tamper proof sealing, each one is lovingly handmade! You will love the wonderful colors of the lip balms and the wide variety of beautiful designs.
  4. 4. When you purchase lip balm wedding favors from To Me, With Love…, you will save time and money as their products are reasonably priced and a much cheaper option than getting the materials required to make these favors yourself.
  5. 5. These lip balm favors are not just for weddings, but would also be wonderful additions to graduation parties, baby showers or birthdays. Every order can be uniquely customized to your preference in label design, flavour color, and personal message.
  6. 6. Your order will be lovingly made and get delivered straight to your doorstep. To Me, With Love…provides excellent handmade quality at extremely affordable prices. With these unique favors your guests will all walk away with something they can enjoy.
  7. 7. Contact Us If you want to get more information about us then, visit at elegant?ref=featured_listings_row
  8. 8. Thank You…!!