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Blue Skies Restaurant 2.0


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BlueSkies Hospitality Management Systems (HMS) has merged Internet-based technology and time-tested operating principles into a powerful system that delivers innovative customer relationship solutions and low cost anywhere-anytime access into a single, easy to use application: Restaurant 2.0.

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Blue Skies Restaurant 2.0

  1. 1. BlueSkies HMS & Driving Business with Restaurant Management Tools and Public Reservations Portal
  2. 2. Overview: BlueSkies Innovation, Adaptation A new paradigm for Driving Business: – Dining Room Management At an ever increasing rate, the need to personalize the guest's experience and – Guest Reservations exceed their expectations is an integral part to earning new and repeat business. – Guest Database The need for fast, accurate, and informative communication between guest's – Staff Administration changing needs and how an operation is managed is at an all time high. – Staff Scheduling Meeting these demands, when time seems to be never enough, requires tools that – Staff Training take advantage of the latest technology while adhering to the tried and true standards of traditional hospitality management. – Restaurant Marketing – Financial Management BlueSkies Hospitality Management Systems & have merged these two worlds into a system of data-aware modules and innovative customer – Website/PDA Integration relationship management solutions. Each module delivers mission critical – Public Reservation Portal information that allows the user to make informed preparation, staffing, and financial decisions. The new paradigm in hospitality management is about unification. Gone are the days of storing reservations in one place, customer information in another, contracts and confirmations in that file, private events in that stack, staff schedules in a file on this computer, and the staff contact information on yet another computer or some worn our piece of paper, important contact numbers on the stack of business card near the office window, and on and on and on . . . The web-based architecture and modular structure of BlueSkies HMS means that communication between executives, management, staff, and customers is streamlined. The result is minimized risk, happy customers, and a working environment that is available, anytime, anywhere. Now that's a paradigm that builds business.
  3. 3. Solutions: Advantages: •Reservationist • Access System From Any PC or Mac •TableWatch • No Installation Necessary •Scheduler • Web Based Architecture •Administrator • Ideal for Multi-Unit Operations and Highly Mobile Restaurateurs Multi- •By-The-Numbers By- The- • Easily Scalable •EventPlanner • No Need for Special IT Personnel to Administer the System •SnapShot • Access to Data Reporting Services, Marketing Services, and Operational Operational •BluePrint Consultation •BlueSkies Mobile • Consolidate your Systems and Controls into one Streamlined Environment Environment •BlueSkies Reserve • Easily Export Data • Use to Complement an Existing Reservation System. • • Low Cost
  4. 4. Restaurant Website Reservations
  5. 5. Electronic Guest Reservation Management for Single & Multi Unit Restaurants
  6. 6. Local Restaurant Setup & BlueSkies HMS Setup
  7. 7. Employee Scheduling and Roster
  8. 8. Dining Room Management
  9. 9. Financial Budgeting and Scorecard Tool for Restaurant Management & Chefs
  10. 10. Support and Training System for BlueSkies
  11. 11. Overview: Relationships, Rewards With our “ Restaurant First” philosophy, the features at keep us First” – Dining Experience & Ratings in the shadow so that the relationship between the Diner and the Restaurant – ResCash! Dining Rewards may become more personal. Our motivation is not to collect fees, but to fees, showcase the Restaurant’s Brand and deliver business by any means possible. Restaurant’ – Guest Photo Upload – Access all Restaurants in Network Every aspect of makes sure that the customer can get the – Concierge Referral Program information they need from the restaurant to make the most informed dining informed – Dynamic Search Engine choice possible. From instant snapshots of the dining room, to phone numbers, to hours of operation, to alternate reservation time slots, our slots, – Restaurant Listings application design strives to get the diner to the restaurant, even if it means even – Ready to Incorporate Other that the best option is to call the restaurant and book the table over the table Industry’ s Reservation/ phone. Appointment Needs Innovations include: • Built-in Dining-Experience Notes & 4 Star Rating System that feeds directly Built- Dining- into the Restaurant’s Reservation Log and Email Protocol. Restaurant’ • ResCash! Dining Rewards Program: Restaurant chooses amount of ResCash they offer per day, per meal period, to drive business where needed. needed. • Diner can upload their photo to their profile. Image follows Diner’s profile Diner’ throughout the BlueSkies system, include the table when they are sat in the dining room. • Track all Concierge Referrals from in BlueSkies Reservationist
  12. 12. ResPass Personalized Online Reservations Functions: • Reserve Tables at Listings • Reserve Tables at Network Websites Features: • One-Click Reservation Confirm/Cancel One- • Add Personal Special Events & Dates • Add Personal Dining Preferences • Create Unique Restaurant Dining Profiles • Earn ResCash! • Redeem ResCash! with a Single Click. • Dining Experience & Rating System feeds directly into BlueSkies Reservationist for “Night of the Show” comparison. Show” • Upload Photo: Diner’s Image is displayed Diner’ throughout BlueSkies System. • Dashboard includes Restaurant’s Website, Restaurant’ Email, Phone Number, and Fax Number for Quick Reference. • Upgrade to ResPro at Anytime.
  13. 13. ResPro Professional Online Reservations Functions: • Reserve Tables at Listings for other Diners • Reserve Tables at Network Websites for other Diners Features: • All Features of ResPass • Build Personal Dining Profiles for other Diners. • Earn ResCash! for Reservations made on the behalf of others • Reservation Referral Reports are available for Restaurants in BlueSkies Reservationist. • Intuitive Auto-Search quickly locates Auto- existing Diner’s Profiles. Diner’ • Built-in Phone Directory for Quick Access Built- to Important Contacts.
  14. 14. ResCash! Premium Dining Rewards Program Functions: • ResCash! Earned at Restaurant’s Dined at Restaurant’ can be Redeemed for Gift Certificates to the Specific Restaurant. Features: • Accumulate ResCash! Dollars for every Guest in Each Reservation. • Request to Redeem ResCash! from ResPass or ResPro with a single click. • Gift Certificate may be Delivered to Account Holder, Friend or Family Member. • Restaurants decide on their ResCash! Offering. • ResCash! Values can be quickly changed in BlueSkies System at AnyTime. • Gift Certificate approach reinforces Restaurant’s Brand & Customer Loyalty. Restaurant’ • 1 ResCash! Dollar = 1 Gift Certificate Dollar
  15. 15. Restaurant Listings “One Stop ” Restaurant Listing Functions: • Displays essential Restaurant Information. • Search for Table without leaving the listing or going to the Search Engine. Features: • All aspects of the Listing can be updated AnyTime from the BlueSkies System. • Displayed Hours of Operation are the Real-Time Hours of Operation in the Real- BlueSkies System. • Reserve Tables directly from the Listing. Table Search looks at only the displayed restaurant’s current inventory and actual restaurant’ Hours of Operation. • When BlueSkies Modules MenuBuilder & EventPlanner are used, links to the Restaurant’s Menus and Private Dining Restaurant’ Forms are automatically displayed.
  16. 16. The Search Engine Dynamic Search Engine Portal Functions: • Locate a Restaurant with Potential Seating to Reserve a Table. • Put the Diner in contact with their desired Restaurant. Features: • Search for table availability: Options include Dining Region, Price Range, Cuisine, Date, Time, and Party Size. • Results display Restaurant’s ResCash! Restaurant’ offering, phone number, “Tool Tip” Tip” restaurant image, and “ Tool Tip” Tip” restaurant description. • When a time slot is not available, alternate dining times are displayed to drive business in the best possible direction. • If all time slots are unavailable, the phone number is easily accessible so the Restaurant has the opportunity to secure the reservation over the phone.
  17. 17. Built to Grow! A “One Stop” Source for Reservations Across Multiple Industries is built to grow with a culture that’s increasingly dependent on the web to handle its lifestyle needs. Our Reservationist Module will be re-branded for fast and easy-to-install delivery into Golf Resorts, Spas, Salons, Medical Offices, and any other medium where Reservations/Appointments are essential for doing business. Our ResPass & ResPro technology will allow consumers to handle all of their reservation needs from a single interface that is both unified under the brand, yet provides tailored views for each industry’s specific characteristics. When a consumer updates their contact information, all business’ customer databases are immediately updated. Likewise, when a business updates any of their Listing information, all of their customers are immediately up-to-date. The result is win-win relationship at an unprecedented level of communication, brand-reinforcement, and personalized service.
  18. 18. Contact: For a WebEx Demonstration of the BlueSkies System, please contact Adam Christopher at 305-389-4839