Succession Module Overview


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Succession Module Overview

  1. 1. DU LE S PUBLISHE RG O R M The Aquire SucceSSion Module: OD E S UL E SERI Ensure the future leadership of your organization Reduce the time & resources required to build and maintain succession plans The optional, Web-based Aquire Succession Module, available as a power ful addition to enhance OrgPublisher 9, is an easy-to-use visual tool that will enable your organization to easily and collaboratively assess and improve retention risk, readiness, bench strength, employee potential, successor ratings, position requirements, talent gaps, adverse impact and other key succession challenges. Providing simple and easy steps to collaboratively build, maintain and distribute visually oriented succession plans, the Succession Module adds robust features, enhanced security, and collaboration beyond the capabilities of OrgPublisher 9 Premier. These capabilities include establishing targets with dashboard view; on-the-fly updating of information as users drag-and-drop through 9-box matrices; enhanced employee search and filter view; the ability to enforce business rules (for example, cap potential pay increases); secure, collaborative planning; enhanced talent analytics and much more. The Succession Module is ideal for organizations seeking a centralized, simple-to-use system of record to capture, analyze and track talent management and succession data. It implements quickly, is easy to learn, and provides a secure environment for making faster, more informed decisions. You get: 9-box matrices that update on the fly – Evaluate your organizations’ leadership and talent pool by viewing employee per formance vs. potential data to track high-potential employees and help those who need it 9-Box Analysis Side-by-side profile views – Easily compare employee information to Quickly view and adjust employee assess key similarities and differences groups in a 9-Box Matrix (per formance vs. potential). Dashboard view for establishing succession plan goals and evaluating any gaps A succession planning modeler – Visually drag-and-drop successors to analyze scenarios and identify gaps Centralized, collaborative data access Enhanced security Powerful search features and summaries to simplify analysis Seamless integration with OrgPublisher The ability to easily export plans and associated data to Adobe® PDF®, Microsoft® PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, etc.
  2. 2. Measurable business benefits: Offering collaborative succession plan creation and maintenance functionality, the OrgPublisher Succession module will enable your organization to: Collaboratively Plan – Multiple users can easily collaborate on succession initiatives and work on the same plan Enable simple and secure group collaboration for faster, better decisions Capture and store plans and changes centrally – Use this module as the Quickly view talent metrics including bench system of record or as a repository for further processing strength & risk assessments using OrgPublisher's automated analytics. Eliminate the need to manually compile multiple succession plans into a single spreadsheet or document Refresh operational data within the plan – As plans are being developed, the day-to-day changes of terminations, promotions, changes in performance reviews, etc. can be refreshed within the plan Enforce Business Rules – Your company can establish rules which need to be followed while executing a plan, so user actions are properly restricted, or attention can be called to a threshold or action Easily leverage best practice approach with more than 80 predefined succession planning data fields to choose from Identify bench strength and bench strength gaps and view summaries of positions in need of successors Forecast gaps based on flight risk, aging workforce Get quick, simple access to employee and performance data such as ranking, readiness, high potentials, years of service, flight risk, etc. Identify the best matches between position requirements and employee metrics and qualifications Assess adverse impact for succession plans Automate the creation of analytics for tracking overall planning initiative performance and efficiency Extend the solution – the extensible architecture allows workflow or further customization as workflow can be added to the scope of work to allow changes in data to execute other processes or to route information to someone for approval, etc. North American Office Aquire United Kingdom, Ireland and Africa Aquire Europe and Middle East 5215 N. O’Connor Blvd. Enterprise House BCB Bachstrasse 1 Suite 300 5 Roundwood Lane CH-9606 Bütschwil, Ir ving, TX 75039 USA Harpenden Sankt Gallen Phone: +1 214.574.5020 Hertfordshire Switzerland/Schweiz/Suisse Fax: +1 214.574.5014 AL5 3BW TEL: 043 5004165 Toll-free: +1 888.674.2427 United Kingdom TEL (outside Switzerland): +41 43 500 4165 TEL: 0845 371 7085 TEL (outside the UK): +44 1582 463489 08-AQU-135 / 1.26