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Modeling Module Overview


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Modeling Module Overview

  1. 1. PUBLISHE RG O R M OD E S UL E SERI MODELING MODULE PUBLISHE Automate & accelerate organizational change RG O R The optional OrgPublisher Modeling Module, available as an addition to OrgPublisher, is the next step for organizations seeking a cost-effective, easy-to-use, web-based, visual tool to simplify and expedite day-to-day HR organizational management as well as reorganizations, mergers and other transitions. M OD E S UL E SERI Even more power ful than the base OrgPlan™ module in OrgPublisher, the Modeling Module enables users to enforce business rules while facilitating group collaboration and change control in support of planning initiatives. In addition, with the Module, all data from underlying models can be easily expor ted to facilitate system updates. And while offering a much more granular change repor ting capability than the base OrgPublisher suite, it also retains the ease-of-use features that made OrgPublisher the leading org char ting solution: it implements rapidly, is easy to learn and provides a secure environment. With OrgPublisher and the Modeling Module, you can simply and quickly model various organizational change scenarios. It allows you to get the information you need to make vital decisions, including headcount changes, salar y impacts, diversity ramifications and other vital information – all displayed in easy-to-understand formats. Powerful software, multiple business benefits When you put OrgPublisher and the Modeling Module to work for your organization, you get: An affordable org modeling tool compared with other high cost alternatives Increased productivity Fewer data entry errors Org Modeling Drag-and-Drop Allows visual modeling of the organization where Significantly reduced time and resource requirements due users can easily add, remove, and move (via drag- to automation and-drop) entire business units or departments or individual boxes, positions and people in the A self-ser vice mode that gives managers change capabilities, org char t. resulting in increased HR productivity and a faster-moving organization Minimal IT resource requirements and rapid deployment due to Aquire’s web-based system
  2. 2. Solution Overview The Modeling Module includes: A visual interface employing an org chart paradigm, which simplifies Org Modeling Dashboard View organizational changes for common transactions Provides power ful what-if analysis comparing the current state of the organization to the The ability to enforce business rules to restrict unauthorized activity planned state. Key metrics such as headcount, open positions, diversity and salar y costs are Collaborative capabilities allowing groups to share organizational automatically calculated and displayed in a management activities familiar org char t paradigm. The simplicity of automatic change reports that can be used to analyze before and after organization changes The power to create data-extract files containing all change data for processing Power ful search capabilities that provide immediate data access and analysis Automated analytics for additional insights A simple, easy approach that minimizes training and Org Modeling Change Report enhances productivity This interactive repor t summarizes and highlights the impact of planned changes. An org chart tree Granular security with numerous access control options view coupled with before and after columns makes this report easy to understand. Powerful navigation A web-based architecture that streamlines software distribution and filters allows users to focus on impact to and maintenance specific business units and departments. Optional for SAP ® users: an SAP module can be included to automate the entry of organizational changes back into SAP HR North American Office Aquire United Kingdom, Ireland and Africa Aquire Europe and Middle East 5215 N. O’Connor Blvd. Enterprise House BCB Bachstrasse 1 Suite 300 5 Roundwood Lane CH-9606 Bütschwil, Ir ving, TX 75039 USA Harpenden Sankt Gallen Phone: +1 214.574.5020 Hertfordshire Switzerland/Schweiz/Suisse Fax: +1 214.574.5014 AL5 3BW TEL: 043 5004165 Toll-free: +1 888.674.2427 United Kingdom TEL (outside Switzerland): +41 43 500 4165 TEL: 0845 371 7085 TEL (outside the UK): +44 1582 463489 08-AQU-136 / 12.15