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Personal Carbon Rationing


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While climate change races up the political agenda, governments are failing to offer bold solutions to the looming threat of global warming. Meanwhile, economists and environmentalists have begun to consolidate around the concept of personal carbon rationing, a simple framework which shares the right to pollute among the global population and uses market forces to promote low-carbon living.

This presentation outlines the arguments for and against carbon rationing, examines the alternative economic proposals and imagines the changes we would have to make in order to live within our rations.

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Personal Carbon Rationing

  1. 1. personal carbon rationing a practical approach to climate change The Wychwood Network Lectures
  2. 2. the scientist, the politician and the economist
  3. 3. scepticism is nutty: 600 scientists 113 governments 928 papers
  4. 4. lord rees, president of the royal society
  5. 5. positive feedback southern ocean permafrost albedo
  6. 6. in our lifetimes: floods drought food deficit mass migrations
  7. 7. alice’s lifetime: 95% of all life
  8. 8. peak oil
  9. 9. peak oil scenarios
  10. 10. what about china?
  11. 11. my son lives in sydney
  12. 12. what can i do?
  13. 13. contraction and convergence
  14. 14. three steps: 1. agree a level 2. share it out 3. trade any surplus
  15. 15. GLOBAL CO2 quot;CONTRACTIONquot; for 450 ppmv with 6 Region linear quot;CONVERGENCEquot; to Equal Per Capita by 2030 and population projections frozen from 2030 rce: GCI 6 tonnes carbon per capita USA Per Capita 4 OECD minus USA Per Capita Annex 1 (non-OECD) Per Capita 2 CHINA Per Capita INDIA Per Capita Rest of World Per Capita 0 Gigatonnes Carbon Gross Rest of World 8 INDIA CHINA Annex 1 (non-OECD) 4 OECD minus USA UNITED STATES 1860 2000 2140
  16. 16. alternatives: taxation kyoto kyoto2
  17. 17. case study: two adults two children two cars rural semi
  18. 18. case study: heating electricity commuting holidays
  19. 19. tomorrow:
  20. 20. sources: george monbiot mayer hillman mark lynas roger levett robert henson
  21. 21. personal carbon rationing a practical approach to climate change The Wychwood Network Lectures